The value of the name of Amelia, the nature and fate of hisowners What does the name Amelia mean, what are its origins andstory?

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Parents often wonder what name to say
child, what will this name bring to him, what fate will he prepare?
The correct interpretation of the name will give answers to these

What does the name Amelia mean? What are the origin and history of the name

Meaning of name amelia

Amelia is hardworking. The name has ancient German roots. AT
In other languages, the name is used in the forms Amalia, Emmeline. Planet,
which governs the life of a girl – Uranus. She brings in her
destruction and chaos. Calm fate can not be called Amelia.

The sign of the zodiac that accompanies the girl is Aquarius. He does
her easy on the rise, easy to make decisions. Color that
best suited her – purple. The tree that becomes for
her talisman is aspen. A plant that cure ailments –
barberry. The stone from which you can make a charm – crystal.

The origin and history of the name Amelia

Since the name of Amelia has ancient Germanic roots – the name day
the girl does not notice. At baptism they give her a different name. Short name
used in the form of Leah, Ama, Leah, Amal. AT славянской культуре
The most common name in the form is Amalia.

Meaning of name amelia несколько видоизменялось за всю свою
a story. ATначале оно означало «труд», «работа». Then the name
acquired the form of “hardworking”. Today the name is quite popular in

The nature and fate of Amelia

Amelia is quite complex. It’s easier with her
agree on what to force her to do. She loves to help.
parents likes to work with them. What does the name Amelia mean?
industrious. That is why the girl always and everywhere tries to be
useful, no one not to deny.

Amelia learns everything very quickly, so she doesn’t need extra
tips and tutorials. She tries not to harm others, but
Do not let them into their territory.

It has such positive features.

• honesty;

• openness;

• Justice;

• straightness.

Sometimes her straightness plays a cruel joke. Not always worth it
openly and in the eyes to declare their claims and problems, sometimes
you need to wait for a pause and let the person think about his actions himself.
But Amelia does not stand on ceremony. She quickly solves all questions, sometimes in
damage to yourself.

AT учёбе у девочки всё в порядке. She very quickly remembers
New material, does not need constant reminders. Aspires
assist in teaching your peers and classmates. It is important to her
so that not only was she well, she really cares about
well-being of people around her.

It is worth noting that Amelia just perfectly manages
own time. She easily finds the opportunity to play and
to do things She attends a huge number of circles and sections.
Likes sport. It is he who allows her to always be in good shape,
always be ahead of others.

Amelia laughs very loudly and infectiously. She is surrounded by a huge
number of friends. AT старшем возрасте она легко находит общий язык
with colleagues, which allows her to enjoy authority.

Amelia lives in a fairly active rhythm of life, it is important for her
observe proper nutrition, receive daily loads that
would allow to keep the body tone. She has really good
health that allows you to always be better and faster

Amelia does not like to fuss and hurry. Her hard work envy
many, but few understand that this is a colossal work on themselves.
She will never tell another person that she is tired and cannot
because of this, do your job, help him. She will attach
maximum effort and bring things to the end.

Despite the fact that people to Amelia stretch, she has a rather narrow
circle familiar. There are only time-tested people. And me
grabs her care and affection, but they are faithfully waiting for Amelia
free and give them time.

Often, Amelia places work above her personal life, which leads to
quarrels and misunderstandings with a partner. But Amelia knows that whoever
loves – will wait for her and support in everything. Work girl
can anywhere. She doesn’t like to change her job and
team, it is easier for her to reach heights in one place, rather than change
dozens of works

At work, she constantly evokes the envy of others. They
trying to understand why Amelia is doing so quickly and easily. On
in fact, the secret is simple – Amelia tries and works on herself.
She spends a lot of time working on her personality.
May be addicted to yoga, other energy practices.

Amelia can make a great teacher, coach
mentor. She leads people easily, allowing her to
endear anyone. If Amelia realizes that she is more
there is no place to grow in the workplace – then she can change it.

AT бизнесе Амелии нет равных. She successfully negotiates
successfully concludes contracts and deals, spends a lot of time on
self improvement and business. Loves victory and success, but is ready
work for their sake.

Amelia’s love

The nature and fate of Amelia determine her success with men. She doesn’t
conflicted, always ready to compromise with her husband. Loves him
tries to be the best for him in everything, does not look for flaws in their

Amelia has no conflicts with her husband’s family, she treats everyone
exactly and does not allow nerves. Amelia is not enough sometimes soulful
warmth, but her husband tries to provide it for her. Amelia doesn’t marry
for the first comer. She tries to build relationships, tries to
to be friendly with a person at the beginning, then
translates communication in a romantic way. Amelia doesn’t need
exclusive man, she needs one who would love her.

Due to unnecessary responsibility, Amelia is often too tired and not
has time to rest. That is why her close people should create
for girls full conditions for rest. If she doesn’t have them
– she will not be able to be satisfied with her work and will fall into
depressed. Amelia loves children and becomes wonderful for them.
a mother who not only pampers her children, but also happens to them

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