The tailbone hurts – why and what to do? Does itcoccyx pain due to serious illness orwill pass

Пт, 29 апр 2016 Автор: Анна Денисова

An important component of any organism is the spine, it
quite vulnerable and fragile. It is he who takes all the main

Often patients come to the doctor with a common question,
why their coccyx hurts and what to do about it.

Sore tailbone – why?

The feeling of pain in the coccyx is a common situation. Painful
the syndrome is accompanied by different conditions in the coccyx
blood circulation is disturbed, and may eventually occur
neurological disease.

Often pain characterizes many different diseases, and at all
not a consequence of the tailbone injury. That is why, in order
to determine the cause of the pain, you need to go through thorough

Among the common causes of coccyx disease,
highlight the following:

1. The most frequent causes are, of course, injuries. They can
be professional and seasonal. When professional,
injuries occur when working, for example, in athletes. Seasonal
injuries often occur in the winter, for example, when people fall on the ice and
strike the tailbone.

2. Muscle pathology. For example, pinched nerve
fibers in myopathy, in particular, this refers to the coccygeal

3. Pathologies of sigmoid and rectum, hemorrhoids, cracks in
this area, as well as many other diseases of this kind.

4. Cystitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system.

5. Coccygeal cyst.

6. Injuries during childbirth, in particular this refers to omission
crotch and extension of the coccyx.

7. The patient is experiencing frequent stress and overwork.

8. Diseases of the skin. If as a result of such
pathologies, damage to the nerve endings occurs, then sensation
the pain becomes very strong. This may be a fistula in the anus.
areas, bedsores. If no action is taken on time,
then damage to deeper tissues will occur.

9. Idiopathic pains, they arise for no apparent reason.
It happens quite rarely.

Pain in the coccyx can be of a different nature and
localization. So, for example, if the pain is sharp and is only observed in
the moment of rising, this is a consequence of the recently postponed

The tailbone can be sick even during menstruation, but most likely
women have a gynecological or neuralgic disease.
That is why, to examine the patient in such a case,
only gynecologist or neurologist.

Calcium deficiency, genital inflammation – this is another
causes of pain in the tailbone.

Sore tailbone – what to do?

The treatment will be successful only if it is accurate.
the cause of such a painful condition is established. Firstly
you need to visit the proctologist doctor, after a thorough examination, he
may refer a patient (ku) to a gynecologist, a surgeon or a neurologist.
In rare cases, the intervention of a psychotherapist is required.

It is not always possible to immediately determine the cause of the pain.
That is why, until it is clarified, appointed
symptomatic treatment. Cortisone can be injected, or
Introduce drugs such as thioctic acid. Strong
pain can be removed with novocainic blockades.

All patients are prescribed sedatives, as well as
vitamins C and B. With the advice of a doctor, use rectal
candles The doctor will recommend a sedentary lifestyle, and
under the buttocks, you must always put something soft.

Independently take any action is unlikely
whether, since it is necessary to establish the exact cause of this state.

Assistance cannot be provided only to pregnant women, since
they can not take either painkillers or anti-inflammatory
drugs. X-ray examination is also excluded. That is why,
such patients have to endure the pain until the light
do not appear their baby. All you can do is just to put
seat pads.

Sore coccyx: drugs and devices

There are several ways to treat pain.
in the tailbone.


With minor pain, experts prescribe nonsteroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen. Preparations
administered in the form of microclysters or candles.

But in the event of severe pain, it will not be effective. AT
In this case, Novocain blockade is applied, the solution is injected with
using a syringe, around the sore spot.

Manual therapy

Relieve pain in the coccyx can be finger massage of the rectum.
ATсе приемы мануальной терапии должны производиться опытным
specialists. AT результате процедур, будет улучшено кровообращение,
blood stasis is eliminated, muscle spasm is removed, range of motion
coccyx will be restored.

Acupuncture is actively used, due to this
significantly reduce pain.


Of all the methods of physiotherapy, to eliminate pain in the coccyx
apply the following:


• healing mud;

• laser therapy;

• ultrasound treatment;

• Darsonval.


Exercise, do exercises in the morning,
a person with a sick coccyx is not only possible but necessary
required But there are some limitations: fully
eliminated running, jumping, brisk walking, straining and any sharp

Primary gymnastics for the treatment of pain in the tailbone should
include the following:

1. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees, and then spread them.
in different directions. Place your palms on your inner side.
knee joints. Try to bring your knees together, but with your hands
create an obstacle. Repeat the exercise up to 12 times.

2. In the same position, squeeze the ball between your legs. Arms,
Namely palms, put it on your stomach. Squeeze your knees tight
the ball for 5-7 seconds, palms rest in the stomach, in order
so he does not bulge.

3. Lie on your back, straighten your legs, squeeze the ball between your feet.
Start to compress it, do the exercise up to 8 times.

4. Lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees and spread them into
the side. Gently lift the pelvis up and hold it in
this position a few seconds. When doing this
Exercises should strain the gluteal muscles.

Each exercise must be performed carefully, without haste,
between them you need to take a short break. In order to reach
greater efficiency, the exercises should be performed up to two times

Sick cocklet: folk remedies

The tailbone is an almost invisible zone on the human body,
but still it makes itself felt, as it is vulnerable. Even
for minor injuries, serious problems may occur.

The cause of painful sensations can be a long-term trauma, which
may well prove himself even a month later. After identifying
causes of pain, you need to start treatment. Today do not use
only traditional methods, but also traditional medicine. As shows
practice, many such recipes are really effective, and
a positive effect is achieved faster than when taking

Vinegar and honey for coccyx treatment

Pain caused by inflammation can be removed
a solution of vinegar (one part) and honey (two parts). Exact
the number of procedures cannot be named, it all depends on the degree
inflammation. If the pain is moderate, it is enough to spend 5-6
procedures, if strong, then rub the tool need every hour.

AT перерывах между таким лечением, область вокруг копчика
lubricated with vegetable oil. ATместо уксуса, можно взять
medical alcohol.

Йод и мазь ATишневского

Every evening, before you go to bed, smear the coccyx with iodine, then
wear something warm and go to bed. This procedure
performed several times a week. AT это время не рекомендуется

ATместо йода можно использовать мазь ATишневского. ATозьмите мягкую
cloth and apply ointment on it, then attach to the tailbone, and
Cover with cellophane from above. Just a few days in a row
do this procedure in order for the pain to recede.

Geranium leaves

Taking the bath with leaves of geranium can relieve pain. Decoction
saturated with nutrients. To prepare it, take two
spoon the leaves and fill them with a liter of water. Put the mixture on the fire
bring to a boil, reduce the gas and cook for another 5-10 minutes. After
how the remedy is ready, strain it, and
add to bath.

Treatment of pain in the coccyx

Any injury of the coccyx is always long and painful to heal. Not
depending on what caused the condition,
disease or just a bruise, you can use ointments that
снимут боль и поспособствуют скорейшему устранению Problems.

1. Ointment based on mummy. Buy one bag at any pharmacy
mummy and rub it with rose oil. The resulting tool
gently rubbed into the coccyx area.

2. Ointment of resin. ATозьмите еловую смолу в размере 20 грамм, одну
Onion (pre-milled), 15 grams of copper sulphate, 50 grams
olive oil. Stir everything, put on fire, heat up,
let cool a little, then apply to the tailbone. After этого вы
feel a slight burning sensation, but don’t worry,
therapeutic effect due to this only intensify.

With timely treatment, serious
complications, and also eliminate all unpleasant feelings. Sure to
follow all directions of the doctor.

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