The surrogate mother of the singer’s daughterBeyoncé

Tue, Aug 19, 2014

Вокруг певицы Beyoncé постоянный информационный шум. Thats
it was reported that she herself was spreading rumors of a divorce so that
stir interest in their concert activities, it was said
that he and Jay Z are fine. Now a woman has appeared
claiming to be the mother of the daughter of singer Blue Ivy.

Слухи о том, что ребенка Beyoncé вынашивает суррогатная мать
appeared when the star was in position. Journalists have noted
that her belly is constantly in motion, having an unstable
the size. Now a resident of New York, a certain Tina Sils intends
sue the star couple in court, while curiously, without pushing
no financial requirements.

True, to take seriously the statements of this woman just
impossible, because before she claimed that she endured the child and for
Kim Kardashian, and for Kate Middleton.

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