The secret of the perfect shape for each characterzodiac

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

It’s no news to anyone that the stars
have a huge impact on the life of a person and his fate. They
form its character, affect lifestyle, habits,
appearance and even on health. Are not uncommon
cases when a person wants to lose weight, get a figure
dreams, and for this purpose he tortures his body in every way
painful diets, hard workouts that are not only
they do not help, they also destroy health and psyche.

Why does this happen in most cases? Answer to this
the question is simple: people prefer to follow fashion trends in
areas of weight loss and do not listen to the needs and characteristics
own body. Proved that those tricks, tricks and rules
slimming that is ideal for representatives of the same sign
zodiac, могут оказаться губительными для другого. For this reason
it is important to be able to understand the tips of the stars and lose weight properly under their
sensitive guidance.

A dream figure for Aries

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

Aries are extremely temperamental creations that are used to doing.
all quickly and quickly, including there. Nutritionists and astrologers in
one voice recommend them to eat, slowly, chewing thoroughly
food. They also should not get involved in spicy food. Aries food should
easy to digest. There is little better but often. Aries is great
fit marine diet. All alcoholic beverages must be
under strict prohibition. Aries tend to recover quickly from them.

Aries are not recommended to eat dark meat and abuse
fatty foods. It’s better to focus on vegetables like peas,
beets, radishes, carrots. Cleanse the body and remove excess fats
there will be teas cooked on various herbs (chamomile,
St. John’s wort, mint).

Weight Loss Rules for Taurus

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

Food for representatives of this sign is not just a way
saturating the body with essential nutrients, for them food
– This is one of the most important and vivid pleasures, therefore, Taurus
to lose extra kilograms is especially difficult. Among the bulls
especially often obese people. Experts recommend this
sign to remember about an active lifestyle. Without regular training,
playing sports they do not lose weight. The emphasis is for calves
do exactly on physical activity.

It is necessary to do swimming, jogging in the morning, riding a bike,
also visit the fitness club. Taurus can succumb to weakness and
sometimes indulge yourself with sweets, but it is forbidden to mix carbohydrates
two types (simple and complex). It is best to eat a favorite piece
pie between breakfast and lunch. Their diet should be based on
lean meat in boiled form, vegetables should also be boiled, or
bake. From meat preference better give turkey or

Weight Loss Rules for Twins

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

Gemini – connoisseurs of diversity. To grow thin they should be boring.
Mono-diet is not their ideal option. Twins to lose weight
obliged to exclude from your diet fast food, to which
are not indifferent. Experts advise them to focus on liquid dishes,
in particular, various soups. In the diet should be porridge,
salads, seasoned with olive oil, herbal teas. everyday
twins should eat at least 5 different vegetables, the same
amount of fruit. The diet should include boiled eggs and
cereal products.

How to lose weight Cancers

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

Crayfish should put a fat cross on raw foods and
reduce the amount of seafood in the diet. Fried food
they are also contraindicated. Ideal to cleanse the body and
promote slimming dairy products. Nutritionists do not
recommend them to use beef during the diet, it is worth
substitute steamed chicken. Salt is also needed
reduce. The diet will benefit the cancers only when they
combine it with exercise.

The secret of slimness Lviv

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

Protein food – the most powerful weapon of a lion against excess
kilograms. Lions are very categorical. They под влиянием эмоций могут
dramatically go on a diet and bring yourself to a hungry faint. Most
valuable advice for them is not to starve, but to eat fully while drinking
as much water as possible (simple, clean). Their weight
directly related to the psycho-emotional state, so the lions
you should learn to hold your emotions and relax.
Then there will be no weight problems. You can sign up for a course
massage wraps.

What advise Virgins

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

It is important for virgins to give up sweet foods, without which they would not
can live, also from bakery products. Sweet foods can
replace with healthy, sweet food in moderation (honey,
gummies, sweet fruits, fruit teas). Bread is better
buy bran, not wheat. Pasta should be under
ban. A day is better to start with a glass of warm water, in which
thrown a slice of lemon. This drink will benefit the maiden, will improve
her metabolism.

How to struggle with excess weight Libra

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

Weights often skip sugar in the blood, so the diet should be
well-chosen. No sweet foods. Complex carbohydrates –
the best solution dev. As many vegetables as possible should be in their
diet Morning porridge of vegetables, afternoon soup and baked meat with
vegetables, and in the evening a light salad. It’s better not to eat raw vegetables, but
steam them.

The secret of scorpion slimming

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

Scorpions cannot live without harmful food (fried, smoked
products, sausages, fast food). They need to clean
the body from all that has accumulated under the influence of this
pernicious passion. Никакой баранины, а также свинины в diet
Indulge yourself better seafood or beef liver.
Spicy and fried foods also need to say goodbye. For the night
to fill up is forbidden. All food should be lean. Scorpions is important
increase the number of apples, oranges, lemon in the diet, since
It is these products that will facilitate rapid cleansing and
weight loss

The perfect diet for Sagittarius

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

Sagittarius should not forget about the fasting days. For good
well-being and weight loss they need. Sagittarius should not
lose weight by eliminating meat from the diet. But the meat must be right
cooked, that is, boiled or baked. Strelts product –
white beans and spinach. Salads with these products will go to
favor losing body of the archer. Instead of lemonade and coffee is better.
use tea with berries or lemon water. Before bedtime you can
drink kefir if it is lean.

Diet for Capricorn

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

Capricorn should lose weight in unusual ways. For example,
do Latin dance, spend more time
intimate intimacy, which burns excess fat. You can sign up for
martial arts. Specialists claim that physical
activity combined with proper hormone function is the best
Capricorn slimming remedy.

Tips for slimming Aquarius

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

Aquarians get rid of excess weight well by consuming a lot
the amount of fruit, so the fruit diet is their element. Can eat
fruit in any form, but be careful with citrus. The
the sign does not tolerate them. Aquarius for slimming and maintaining
the body in good shape needs milk, kefir, low-fat cottage cheese,
healthy cheese. All milk should be in the diet every day.
You can also do fitness.

How to help losing weight Pisces

The secret of the perfect shape for each character zodiac

Pisces is important to remove all the liquid that has the tendency
to accumulate. Salt free diet is a great solution. No salt
in foods, as little meat as possible. It is worth refusing fatty
gravy, tasty, but harmful sauces, hot spices. Unloading
the day is best done on Thursday. Mamo animals recommended to replace
marine products.

In fact, losing weight is not as difficult as it seems.
Must be patient, willpower, and listening to advice
Astrologers, boldly go to meet your dream.

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