The right breakfast for weight loss

Many women and especially young girls prefer not
breakfast. However, this is fundamentally wrong, as breakfast gives
energy all day, uplifting, improves memory and
Attention. The most important thing – the right breakfast will lead
healthy lifestyle and lose weight.

The right breakfast for weight loss


  • What foods and products can be included in the right breakfast?
  • Oatmeal for breakfast
  • Breakfast recipes
  • Top 3 slimming breakfasts (video)

What foods and products can be included in the right breakfast?

The ideal slimming breakfast consists of products that
give a feeling of satiety and, at the same time, are helpful. In such
Food combines a sufficient amount of calories, which
provides motor activity, they are not deposited in the form
fat reserves, and burned throughout the day.

So, include the following foods in your diet:

  • Каши, которые содержат самые сложные
    carbohydrates. The most familiar and simple – buckwheat, oatmeal, barley
    porridge, millet. It’s better to boil them in water, and milk should be added to
    ready porridge. Diet on cereals, is considered the most useful for
  • Белковые блюда – кусок отварной
    chicken or veal. Protein diets, which are described here, often
    recommended by doctors.
  • ATарёное яйцо или омлет. Egg dishes
    so diverse that they can be eaten every day by inventing
    all cooking methods.
  • Творог особенно полезен тем, что
    contains a huge amount of calcium. This substance is necessary
    women of any age. Curd cheese, sweet glazed, to
    The number of useful products do not apply. What else is interesting – man
    can eat curd just enough to muffle the feeling
  • Жиры – это немного растительного
    oils, for example, for dressing salads. Also helpful is a small
    the amount of cream, but not on a sandwich, but in porridge. Even better,
    if it is a small amount of melted butter.
  • Хлеб тоже подходящая пища для
    breakfast, but not buns or muffins. Most useful (but not
    less tasty) is bread made from wholemeal flour, grain, with
    bran. This bread is now a huge amount in any bakery,
    so choosing “yours” is not a problem. Another type of bread is pita bread.
    It can be used as a base for a sandwich or roll,
    combining it with cottage cheese, vegetables.

Drinks for breakfast – it is traditionally tea or coffee. Tea is better
all green of course (there are even fasting days on the green
tea). There are many types of green tea, buy them in specialized
stores, there you really buy tea for health and for
losing weight The same is coffee: according to research of nutritionists, the best
Coffee is a custard drink, not a soluble surrogate. But cocoa and
similar drinks, it is better not to use at all in your diet.

The combination of proteins, complex carbohydrates, and fiber from vegetables
and fruit allows you to save (or improve) the shape and does not give
destroy health by starving diets.

Oatmeal for breakfast

From childhood we all remember that the most popular breakfast is
oatmeal. Indeed, in this very ordinary product so much
all sorts of usefulness that only for their sake is to make such a mess
regular dish on your menu. What does oatmeal give to a person?
especially dieting or just watching your

  • Persistent feeling of satiety until the very dinner;
  • Complex carbohydrates, which are many in this product. They are not
    deposited on the sides in the form of fat reserves, but rather give
    energy and are counted throughout the day.
  • Many different trace elements and vitamins that
    improve the condition of the skin and, especially, hair and nails.
  • The cellulose contained in this porridge acts like a brush –
    helps the intestines to get rid of toxins lingering in it.
  • Using such a product, a person gets not only the feeling
    satiety, but at the same time and ease.

Many recovering people, as well as in the postoperative
period, doctors recommend oatmeal. This is due to the fact that
porridge strengthens the immune system and does not irritate the gastric mucosa.
In more detail about advantage of oatmeal for a pozhdeniya – we will tell here.

You just need to know that these properties do not have
each product called oatmeal. The most useful is
of course, oatmeal consisting of whole oat grains. AT
it really contains the entire set of useful
substances. Such grits are cooked long enough – 30 minutes or
40 (depends on how it was prepared).

Геркулес, который более распространён в питании
– These are peeled, ground flakes. ATремя варки каши из таких
flakes from 5 to 15 minutes. ATозможно, и просто залить хлопья кипятком
or milk / kefir. In such каше витаминов значительно меньше, чем
whole grain, but because of the speed of cooking, such dishes are very
are popular.

Есть ещё быстрорастворимые каши, в которых
virtually all nutrients are missing. AT таких продуктах
there remains practically one starch that people who care about
your body and health is not needed at all.

So, for a healthy breakfast, you should choose wholegrain
oatmeal or hercules. Dishes from these Products can be made
set, but when every minute before the workday counts,
You can prepare the following quick breakfasts:

  • Steamed with boiling water Hercules with the addition of nuts, dried fruits,
    fruit, pasta from berries. It is worth refusing sugar, and as
    sweetener use honey.
  • If the choice is on oatmeal, then it is best to cook it in
    Multicooker / double boiler. Having laid products in the evening, in the morning you can
    push one button and get a great porridge.

Breakfast recipes

A selection of recipes for healthy and hearty breakfasts. Some of
they can be cooked in a hurry, and others can be pampered
yourself off.

Cottage cheese with carrots

Medium carrots grate with a small grater and add to
pounded curd. Add some honey. Can be used in
as a paste for spreading on sandwiches.

It is worth noting that 100 grams of 5-13% of cottage cheese with berries also
is the perfect breakfast.

Omelette Roll

Beat two eggs with milk, make an omelet from them in the oven.
ATзять лаваш и завернуть в него готовый омлет. There you can
add fresh vegetables – cucumbers, tomatoes, greens.

Home-made cheesecakes

Mix a pack of cottage cheese with one egg. Add decoys, a little
flour and salt on the tip of a knife. Knead the dough. Make a roller of it
and cut into “sausages”. Roll each sausage curd in flour
and fry in vegetable oil.

Cottage cheese and buckwheat casserole

Cook buckwheat on milk. Mashed curd mix with warm
buckwheat, add egg, a little sugar and salt. ATыложить в форму,
sprinkled with breadcrumbs and bake for about thirty minutes. Serve with
sour cream.

Millet porridge with pumpkin

Millet must be rinsed well with hot water. Pumpkin peel
from the peel and seeds, cut into cubes and scroll well in
blender. Combine millet and pumpkin, add water, some sugar and
salt. Send in the oven for an hour. Hot crumbly porridge
Shift into beautiful pots and add some oil if desired.
Can be served with honey.

Lemon Rice with Mustard Seeds

We adhere to the following recipe:

  1. ATымыть и обсушить рис;
  2. AT глубокую сковороду налить масло, и когда оно нагреется,
    add mustard seeds;
  3. Fry the seeds for a few minutes, stirring until they start.
    to pop;
  4. Add rice and fry for a few more minutes;
  5. Fill all with boiling water, add a little turmeric (a quarter
    a teaspoon) and some salt;
  6. Close the lid and cook for about twenty minutes. AT конце
    pour 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and cook some more

Light flavored rice is ready.

Chicken salad with vegetables

Grate carrots, chop onions into rings.
Combine them and stew in vegetable oil. Boiled Chicken Fillet
finely chopped, add carrot-onion mixture. Add a lot
greens – lettuce, parsley, dill. Sprinkle lemon salad

Chicken fillet in cheese omelette

Boiled chicken fillet cut, cheese grate on a fine grater.
Beat eggs into foam, add a little salt. Heat oven to 200
degrees AT сковородку, смазанную маслом, положить куриное филе,
pour whipped eggs, sprinkle with cheese on top. ATсё запечь в течение
десяти minutes When serving, add a lot of greenery.

Boiled macaroni with different fillings

Durum wheat macaroni perfectly saturate and give
energy. And if so, this is an excellent candidate for a healthy breakfast.
Prepare them simply. ATарить ровно десять минут и, неважно, что
they will remain solid. It should be so.

And then – you can cook for them a gravy of tomatoes. Can
make them a casserole with mushrooms, cheese, vegetables. Just eat with
greens, vegetable oil.

Top 3 slimming breakfasts (video)

Slimming breakfasts from Workout Lab will allow you to
start in the morning with a smile:

If you creatively approach the preparation of breakfast, it turns out
that there are a lot of slimming dishes. They
varied and tasty, they can be constantly changed, depending on
season and mood. And the fact that they help reduce weight and
to achieve harmony – a nice bonus in the fight for slim

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