The real story of childbirth. How I gave birth to my threekids

Пн, 11 янв 2016 Автор: Антонина Стеклова

If someone in his youth told me that I would be a mother of three
children, I would never have believed it and just laughed in response.
And now I can’t even imagine how I could live without my loved ones
tomboy The difference between all my children is 2.5 years old. My husband and I
they didn’t try hard, it just happened. As never happens
the same children, so there is no similar childbirth. All three of mine
births were also different and memorable in their own way. Stories about
I want to share them. Perhaps my experience for someone will be

No matter how it seemed at the beginning of early pregnancy, that 9 months is
almost an eternity, but did not have time to look back, as already approached
term of delivery, delivered to me by a doctor. And the closer the conditional came
the date, the more alarming I became: is the “alarming” ready?
suitcase with everything you need for the hospital, are all the necessary
recommendations for her husband to buy things for the baby, in force
arrangements with the doctor who will take delivery … In general, what
closer to the cause, the more nervous experiences and worries. Stop! Need to
calm down. Anyway, no matter how hard you try, something is necessary, yes
you will forget. I did so. No, I did not forget, but calmed down.

I also decided that I really want to participate in shopping for
baby So what if it is bad! I wore almost 9 months, I
I will give birth, and the greatest pleasure is to choose the first clothes
child – will pass me by? No, dudki! And no matter how persuaded
I am a husband and mother, no matter how they said that they will be faithful
follow my instructions, I’m breasts, or rather an impressive belly
stood his ground. What a joy it was to choose tiny ones
booties, undershirts, sliders, caps! Finally a crib
I chose a nursery, but I was not given a stroller to buy, but my husband
I solemnly assured that he would buy exactly this one that I showed him. Even
I took the phone from the seller.

With a sense of deep satisfaction and accomplishment
returned home. But either I walked too much that day, or
baby decided that once everything is already bought, you can and go, but closer to
I spent the night water. Honestly, I panicked. Still
when at the beginning of the pregnancy lay on conservation, with me in the ward
lay a woman with a planned cesarean. So, she suddenly began
fast delivery When her elevator lifted into the generic
department, she shouted: “anesthesia, give me anesthesia!”
anesthesia, when the baby already had a head! Bore in 20 minutes.
When you are in the hospital, it may be good, but when you are at home
maternity hospital should still be reached … In general, the story is firmly stuck in
I was in my head and I was terribly afraid that I would not have time to get there.
I tried to grope all the way (sorry for such details) not
whether the head seemed.

It did not seem. As not shown yet 8 long weary
hours after which the doctor became the old-fashioned way just
squeeze the baby out of me. As it turned out, I happened
the outpouring of water and more than 8 hours of the dry period is dangerous for the baby,
oxygen starvation may occur. I didn’t do anesthesia, so
that the whole range of inexpressible feelings I had to experience in full. AND
when they showed me the long-awaited son, the first was the thought: alive!
And the second: it’s good that everything is finally over! AND плакала, каюсь,
no longer from the joy of birth, but from the feeling of deliverance from
intolerable pain.

In my confused tales of all the horror of the experienced childbirth husband
concluded that I no longer want children. Honestly, I myself
at first thought so. But we both were wrong.

After two and a half years, I had a second pregnancy.
Having learned from bitter experience, I almost immediately, as soon as they put me in
Ancestral room, began to ask me to do an epidural anesthesia.
�“Woman, wait! You still have no contractions, and you already have anesthesia
you demand! ”- the doctor on duty reproached me. In the end, in
due time I was given anesthesia, after warning
about all possible consequences and forcing to sign a consent to
carrying out the procedure. Of course, I was pretty scared: is it a joke,
The effects of epidural anesthesia can be down to
constant headache or even to paralyzed limbs. But
the fear of pain in the first birth was stronger and I, relying on
an anesthesiologist’s qualification, agreed.

Unlike the first births, which I remembered as in a bad dream and
half-drunk, this time, thanks to the same anesthesia,
I was sober and clear in my memory. The pain, of course, was, but
tolerant. AND когда мне показали второго сыночка, я искренне
rejoiced and cried, but already from happiness. True, worry
I had to, when I was told to move from the delivery room to
the couch and I suddenly did not feel my legs. Hands as an invalid
she shifted them and with a sinking heart thought: here they are possible
the effects of anesthesia! But волнения улеглись, когда действие
the anesthesia was over and I began to feel my legs again. And also
after two and a half years, we were back in maternity hospital. I say we
because at the birth, almost to the end (I almost barely kicked him
kicked out of rodzal) was my husband. He is a doctor by profession and himself
once took delivery. On the first birth I was afraid of everything myself
She wanted her lover to be near, but then her husband flatly refused: “I
there I will only get in the way, I will be nervous, tell the doctors that
do”. Now, from the height of my own experience, I firmly believe
that the husbands in the delivery room have nothing to do. The first time is always
scary because you do not know what awaits you and what to do (all
read books and prenatal courses passed somehow unexpectedly
are forgotten at the most inopportune moment). With the second, and even more so with
third birth is not so much scary as exciting. Experience,
all the same, it affects, you become more confident in yourself. AND вот когда
the gestation period was already approaching the 9th month, my dearest
half are willing to personally attend the exciting
the event of the birth of a child (well, who will understand these men !!!) In general, in
while giving birth, I flatly refused to move to the delivery chair,
until my faithful left.

A nurse who helps with childbirth asked me everything:
�“Well, you’re already an experienced mommy, you know what’s what. You do not teach
need to? And then in the next box one already gives birth to the fourth, and shouts at
all branch: I know nothing! Tell me what to do! ”Having done
a clever person, I embarrassedly asked: “You can tell me, nevertheless,
then suddenly I forgot something … “As soon as the long-awaited daughter was born,
I immediately sent for her husband. He did not have time to cut the umbilical cord, but he himself
washed and weighed baby. Butвоиспеченный многодетный папа от
pride and joy right glow! And when the medical staff
began to invite us to come to them for the fourth time, my husband and I
mysteriously smiled and answered in chorus: “We’ll see …”


Nastya 04/30/2016 Lord, why write all this, we each consider it necessary
write utter nonsense as she gave birth to a poor thing, the whole Internet is clogged
delirium, such sick moms, “AHTUNG my coolant was last time
SUCH ??? “and the chicken coop begins, and not to ask the doctor, better in
an Internet to read nonsense, people far from medicine, and the doctors of their poor,
they are only ruining and healing (((((In general, I’m a 6th year student of honey and
you zadolbali litter the internet with your shit for 6 years I’m already instead
нужной МЕДANDЦANDНСКОЙ информации, натыкаюсь на ваши
курятники.БЕСANDТЕЕЕЕ!!!!!(на всякий случай, я сама мама)

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