The possibility of preterm birth depends onchild sex

Sat, Nov 19, 2016

According to research by English scientists, boys are 14% more likely than
girls are born premature and suffer as a result of
a number of often irreversible diseases: cerebral palsy, blindness,
serious visual impairment.

In addition, prematurely born boys are said to have
Professor Joey Lone of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical
medicine, increased risk of developing various kinds of infections: jaundice,
complications of childbirth, congenital pathologies. The reason for this, by
According to the scientist, the boys at the stage
intrauterine development is slower than girls develop
various organs.

In addition, mothers who are pregnant with a boy have thicket
problems with the placenta, preeclampsia develops – extremely
high blood pressure that poses a life-threatening like
mother and child.

Predisposition to preterm labor in women who are pregnant
boys, does not depend on the age of the future mothers. True elderly
mothers are more likely to experience high blood pressure
diabetes, other medical complications.

In vitro fertilization can also impose your
imprint. As a result of IVF, very often
multiple pregnancies themselves increase the risk
preterm delivery.

Worldwide ahead of schedule, more than 15 million are born.
children, 1 million of which does not survive. Of the survivors of 345 thousand
varying degrees of disability.

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