The newborn daughter of the singer Danko suffers severeailment

Mon Aug 18, 2014

Recently reported a happy event in the family of the singer Danko. Him
wife Natalia gave birth to a daughter Agatu. Now there are sad
details of the birth of a girl who came into being during
cesarean section.

As it turned out, the child’s vital organs did not work
right away Almost a month and a half the girl could not eat
independently, only through a probe. However, this is not the worst.
It turned out that Agatha could not move. In the baby’s brain
Multicystosis was detected, brain edema was diagnosed, everything on the face
signs of cerebral palsy. Now all the means and strength of the parents go to
girl treatment. Danko hopes that over time, thanks
modern medicine, doctors will be able to cure Agatha.

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