The main causes of caries. Factors provokingthe occurrence of caries: causes of holes in the teeth

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One of the most common dental pathologies
that occur in patients of any age and social status
is carious damage to tooth enamel. The disease
progresses fairly quickly and in a short time from
stage carious spots may develop complicated caries.
You can prevent this if you know the main causes of caries.

Causes of caries: the basic concept, classification and etiology

Caries is a rather slowly developing pathology,
associated with the primary destruction of enamel that occurs in
the result of a rapid decrease in acidity below
indicator 5. In this case, integrity damage occurs.
tooth surfaces and carious cavities are formed.

Развитие данного diseases провоцирует нарушение
acid-base balance in the oral cavity and dentine
surface dentition. This occurs as a result of glycolysis.
carbohydrates. It is provoked by the livelihoods of microorganisms and
the formation of organic substances exhibiting acid

The development of the source of demineralization contribute to the following
main factors:

• Caries immunity of tooth enamel and hard part of teeth. On
its degree of destruction is influenced by the anatomical structure of the dentition,
fluorine enamel saturation on the teeth, quality hygiene
oral cavity, quantity and quality of saliva, heredity,
general health.

• Cariesogenic bacteria. Oral cavity contains mass
bacteria that do not parasitize in a normal environment. But, in
plaque formation process is involved
acid-forming bacteria of the genus Streptococcus, characterized by
anaerobic fermentation and lactic acid bacteria.

• Fermentable carbohydrates. Fermentation process activity
carbohydrates in the plaque on the teeth depends on their number and
quality. The most active: sucrose, glucose, fructose. Less
activity characterized by: minnit, sorbitol, xylitol.

• Period. As a result of food intake
microorganisms provoke the formation of acids that destroy the teeth.
With prolonged and frequent use of carbohydrates, acidity of saliva
becomes low, saliva does not have time to restore the pH, which
contributes to the emergence of an irreversible process of destruction of dental
enamel The rate of development of carious lesions depends on many
factors and may last as from several months immediately after
teething, and up to 4-5 years.

Causes of caries: the main factors determining predisposition
to pathology

• The development of carious lesions depends on many factors
which in parallel with the main causes stimulate and accelerate
процесс деминерализации зубной enamel In dental practice
highlights the following fundamental points:

• The geographical location of the person. This is due to
climatic conditions, the amount and type of precipitation,
concentration in the ground, air and water of various mineral
substances. Onпример, нормальное количество фтора в питьевой воде
will provide reliable stability of tooth enamel from destruction. But, in
In case of excess the content of this microcell develops.
Flurosis, which is characterized by a change in color and
the manifestation of defects on the teeth.

• Professional defeat. The development of caries are more susceptible
people who work in hazardous industries associated with
the production of acids, alkalis and so on. Another factor on
progression of caries is unstable psychoemotional
a condition that is associated with experiencing stressful situations in
professional activity.

• Age. According to the statistics caries begins
to progress from the age of two to 12 years. In this temporary
interval activity reaches 70%. Coming to 45 years
a significant reduction in the progression of this pathology.

• Gender predisposition. Female sex is more prone
to the formation of carious lesions than male. Explain it
can from the point of view of physiological processes occurring in
the woman’s body during lactation and gestation
fetus. In this period in the female body occurs global
loss of trace elements and vitamins, which even due to
use of vitamin complexes fails evenly
to fill up.

Causes of caries: risk groups

Factors provoking разрушение костной ткани и зубной эмали
are cariogenic, and are classified into general and local. TO
general include:

• Inadequate and unbalanced diet, as well as poor
drinking water quality. The daily menu should include meat and
fermented milk products, meat dishes, fresh vegetables and fruits.
Reduced carbohydrate intake will lower
the likelihood of a favorable environment for development in the oral
pathogenic microbial cavities.

• Onличие хронических патологий в различных системах
human body. If dysfunctions tolerate
endocrine, digestive, cardiovascular or immune
system increases the degree of caries.

• Onследственность. This is the usefulness of the structure of tooth enamel and
dentin, as well as their resistance to the influence of negative media.

• Stress and depression, as well as other
exposure to extreme psychological stress.

In addition to general, there are local factors provoking
the progression of the causes of caries. In modern dentistry
The following categories are defined:

– Dental pathology in the form of plaques, plaque, stones,
which concentrate in themselves many streptococci and
actinomycetes. Contributes to this process non-compliance
personal hygiene.

– Salivary dysfunction. In normal operation
salivary glands, they produce about two liters of saliva per day,
which contributes not only to the neutralization of food residues with
the surface of the dentition, but also the acids produced
microorganisms. When reducing the amount of its production
increases the likelihood of caries.

– Anatomical pathologies in the structure and structure of tooth enamel, and
also the state of loose, fibrous connective tissue, which
fills the cavity of the tooth. В случае ее diseases происходит
dysfunction of substitution dentin, providing
fast recovery of bone tissue. Also an important factor
determining the risk group is the presence of an abnormal bite,
prosthetics of the dentition, bracket systems.

– Poor quality oral hygiene. Leftovers
Food between the teeth and increased acidity in the mouth are the most
favorable environment for the development of cariogenic

Preventive measures causes caries

In order to minimize the chance of development
carious lesions should be systematically performed following
preventive actions:

• Daily in the morning and just before going to bed
to thoroughly clean the teeth.

• After each meal a minimum rinse the mouth
cavity with special dental tools, and ideally
Brushing your teeth with toothpaste is always recommended.

• At the time of brushing your teeth, special attention should be paid to the intervals
between them. To do this, we recommend using dental floss,
irrigators, interdental brush.

• Proper nutrition, which consists of the use of various
food products, including nutrients, vitamins and macro and
trace elements.

• Limit, and ideally generally eliminate from the diet, foods,
содержащие большое количество carbohydrates. Especially dangerous products
Enamel Nutrition Supplies: Sweet Carbonated Drinks, Sweets and

• Once every six months, it is recommended to conduct a professional
brushing your teeth.

• Systematic consultative examinations
dentists every quarter.

• Exclusively prescribed by a doctor to strengthen tooth enamel
You can apply a special sealant and receive medical
drugs to increase the amount of fluoride in the body.

• In case of clinical need for dental
clinics conducted a special procedure for fluoridation of dental
row. Under the influence of fluoride ions restores tooth

Adhering to the basic rules of caries prevention can
avoid the development of this dental pathology. In this
case is minimized the probability of occurrence of causes of caries, which
provoke his education. It is worth remembering that this
the disease is easier to prevent than undergoing treatment,
which besides painful sensation and aesthetic problems,
provides for significant financial costs.

Take care of your teeth and then the smile on your face will be
beautiful and healthy!

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