The earlobes are sore – is it worth itzachenie? Why the earlobe can hurt, what doctor to contact andhow is it treated

Пн, 09 май 2016 Автор: врач-хирирг, эндокринолог
Artyom Shimansky

The pain in the earlobe is unexpected and often disturbing for
patient symptom.

Often, discomfort is accompanied by the appearance of seals in the fabric.

Particularly impressionable natures panic, suspecting the beginning
malignant process. Fortunately, cause for concern

Cancers in this area occur, but occur
completely different.

Yet there is no reason for joy: if the earlobes hurt, it’s
speaks of inflammation which may well be caused
infectious agent.

For this reason, in question you need to stick to some average
Positions: do not panic, but do not let the process flow too.
What you need to know about pain in the earlobes?

Earlobes hurt: causes

Almost always the pain in the ducks is due to the inflammatory process.
The question is, what is the origin of this inflammation.
The list of immediate causes is wide:

Атерома. In the people it is called a wen. Such
the name fairly accurately reflects the origin of atheroma. In the area of
Many sebaceous glands are located in the ears; sebum moisturizes
the skin, has a local disinfectant effect. Speed
and the intensity of fat secretion depends on the individual
features of the body, if the secretion produced too much
this can lead to the formation of atheroma. Salo “clogs” the gland.
Atheroma itself is felt as a soft round body in
тканях lobes. It is painless. However, there is always a risk
tissue infection: the secret is an excellent nutrient medium
for bacteria, besides secretions, are found in the structure of atheroma
dead skin, dirt from the environment. At the beginning
infection education painful, touching it
responding with dull pulling or throbbing pain.

The development of atheroma itself can be explained by various
reasons: violation of the rules of hygiene, features of metabolism,
injuries in the field of moths, etc.

Аллергическая реакция. Allergies are prone
everything regardless of gender and age. However, due to the fact that women
more often they wear jewelry, this problem affects them. No matter how
strangely, allergies can develop on metals: under the influence of
sweat, secretion of sebaceous glands, decorations are oxidized. Oxides
affect the skin, causing an immune response. Allergic pain
nature, as a rule, burning, accompanied by redness and
воспалением lobes. Patients also complain of itching and feeling.

Онкологические патологии. Early tumors
Stages do not appear in any way. The only thing the patient can do
обратить внимание — образование в тканях lobes. In the early stages
pains are absent and may be absent even when the tumor
reaches the big sizes. Distinguish a dangerous tumor from a harmless one.
Atheroma can only doctor according to the results of histological
research. Fortunately for the patient, the tumors are wrong

Абсцесс. As a result of the wrong
a pathogen may be carried to the wound piercing
organisms. The body reacts to infection with increased blood supply.
affected area and the active work of leukocytes followed by
formation of an abscess (or abscess). If earlobes hurt –
abscess suspect first.

Воспалительные поражения уха. In some
cases of pain can be reflected. With
inflammation of the ear (otitis) pain is localized in the organ of hearing, but
often radiating to the lobes, creating a false clinical picture.

The earlobe hurts: the accompanying symptomatology

Finding pain in the earlobe, and often
unknown tissue formation, patient worries. First thing
makes the patient – refers to various sites, periodic
publications, to make a diagnosis, but do not.
Diagnosing is the prerogative of the doctor. The patient himself can
only suggest the probable cause of discomfort. You can do it,
if you listen more carefully to your own feelings: painful
sensations rarely occur in isolation. Often we are talking about a number
typical manifestations:

• With атероме боли отсутствуют. Education can reach
huge sizes (up to a centimeter and more in diameter) and
staying “dumb”. If your earlobe hurts, it means inflammation.
atheroma. This inflammatory process is accompanied by numbness.
lobes, dull aching or throbbing pains.

• The abscess of the lobe from the first days is accompanied by intense

• An allergic reaction is even easier: pains burning,
�”Saddishchie”. The bee reddens, its edema is observed. A patient
feels itchy.

• Oncological pathologies of specific symptoms at first
stages do not have. Unlike atheromas, tumors grow faster.

• Otitis is accompanied by throbbing pains in the ear,
hearing loss, discharge from the ear canal (in a number of

Based on the typical symptomatic complex, the patient may
�”By eye” to determine in what’s the reason. However, postponing the visit to
the physician should not, especially should not take independent

The earlobe hurts: diagnostics

Specific diagnosis of pain in the lobe as such
does not exist. The diagnosis is often made by exclusion. What
need to do the patient? First decide on a doctor.
The most sensible approach to the therapist. He will assess the likely source.
problems and refer to a specialist. The decision of this
Problems are handled by two specialists:

• Otolaryngologist.

• Dermatologist (more often).

• Allergist-immunologist.

In exceptional cases, if there are suspicions
tumor process, the patient is sent to an oncologist. Important to have in
mind that referral to an oncologist is not equal to the statement of the fact
tumors. All histological studies (in order to
accuracy diagnose atheroma) are also in the competence
oncologist. This is a common practice.

What do doctors do to accurately determine
source of trouble:

• Collecting anamnesis. The doctor conducts an oral patient interview to
find out the nature of the complaints. This is a necessary step to allow the doctor
get an idea of ​​the probable disease.

• Inspection. Visual assessment allows you to clarify the clinical
the picture. Some visual manifestations make it possible
suspect this or that pathology (as in the case of allergies).

• Palpation. Palpation provides an opportunity to evaluate the pain response,
�”Feel” education. In addition, at the stages of inspection and palpation
The doctor may detect dilatation of the sebaceous gland. This is one of
most reliable diagnostic indicators of atheroma (or

• Conducting histological studies of education. To
get material for histological research being carried out
puncture (puncture). By themselves, education, which can
hurt earlobe heterogeneous. Although atheroma is most common,
we can talk about other benign tumors and tumor-like
formations: lipomas, fibromas, etc. Without histologic
research to distinguish them from each other is impossible.

• Allergic tests.

• Ear inspection.

Histology is rarely used. There is usually enough visual
evaluation and palpation to accurately diagnose.

Earlobe hurts: treatment

The treatment is based on the cause of the disease. Practiced
local use of drugs and surgical treatment.

Drug treatment is carried out by the following groups.

• Anti-inflammatory drugs. Ointment Nise et al. Applied to
affected area to relieve inflammation. Withменяются только в
complex with other drugs.

• Antibacterial drugs. Antibiotics
prescribed for proven infectious lesions.

• Antiseptics. Well-known hydrogen peroxide, iodine,
boric alcohol. Withменяются для местного обеззараживания.

• Antihistamines. They are used to eliminate
consequences of an allergic reaction.

• Ear drops. Different groups of drugs for the treatment of otitis.
Appointed by a specialist.

For removal by an atheroma, abscesses, other tumors and tumor-like
formations have resorted to surgery. It may be
�”Classical” (during which the doctor makes an incision) or
minimally invasive (by puncture). To remove malignant
tumor puncture is not applied because the task is to
complete or maximum excision of pathological tissue.

Earlobes hurt: what not to do

There are a number of actions that are not recommended:

• In no case can not squeeze “Wen” and ulcers.
Atheromas, lipomas and even abscesses are limited to a special capsule.
With физическом воздействии капсула разрывается, содержимое выходит
beyond its limits. Given that the contents are most often purulent, this
will lead to further tissue infection and aggravation

• Do not warm up the place of defeat. High temperature can
привести к усугублению воспалительного process.

• Self-medication is also unacceptable. Even
local use of drugs is fraught with the development of adverse
effects. The exceptions are boric alcohol, hydrogen peroxide,
iodine and “green”.

Thus, if the earlobe hurts, most often it is atheroma or
developing abscess. Both can pass on their own,
but risk is not worth it. With первых же проявлениях боли, жжения, зуда
and so on. It will not be superfluous to consult a doctor. Extrude them into
in no case, it is dangerous and can lead to unpredictable
the consequences.

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