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�“Eat and lose weight!” – under this motto, the one who gathers
Recently, the popularity of the diet of Elena Malysheva. Its main
principle – non-starvation. There is a need often, but small
in the portions, strictly observing daily caloric content. Main highlight
диеты Елены Малышевой for slimming является десерт, которым
shown pampering yourself daily. Таким образом, меню for slimming
not only healthy, but also tasty.

Diet of Malysheva Elena

Elena Malysheva’s diet is focused on losing weight without harm to
health An important distinguishing feature of this method is
no contraindications. Lightning fast results are also not
wait, the observance of the diet of Elena Malysheva suggests daily
0.5 kg weight reduction. In general, in a month you can achieve excellent
results, losing weight by 10-15 kg.

The essence of the Elena Malysheva diet is simple. Prepared in advance
daily menu for the month, with strict observance of daily
calorie content. Meals are divided into four meals:
breakfast, lunch, dessert and dinner. Breakfast consists mainly of:
hard-boiled eggs, omelettes, cereal cereals,
skim kefir or cottage cheese, bran bread. For lunch and dinner
you can eat soups and broths, fresh vegetables and salads, fish,
poultry and lean meat in boiled or steamed. Well
and for dessert, the diet of Elena Malysheva is allowed to pamper yourself
fruit, dried fruit, souffle, fruit and nut and cereal

The diet of Elena Malysheva helps not only to lose weight, but also
reduce the risk of a number of diseases: stroke, hypertension, heart attack.
You can order ready-made lunch boxes with a daily menu home or on
work, but guided by the basic principles, it is easy to calculate
diet for a month and at home. The main thing is not to forget
arrange weekly unloading day, the menu of which includes
only buckwheat or rice cooked in water without salt. At the slightest
hunger need to drink a glass of purified water without

Principles of nutrition

The diet of Elena Malysheva at home for slimming
предполагает ряд принципов, которым
should be followed to achieve an effective result:

Do not starve yourself! When fasting
the body begins to accumulate fat, even from very tiny
receipts. On the diet of Elena Malysheva should eat often (4
once a day), but in small portions, which helps to reduce
appetite and wellness.

Counting calories! Daily menu
must be strictly calculated in order to avoid calorie-rich
snacking, for example, a bun. Daily caloric in diet Helena
Malysheva should be 1200 kcal, in some cases 800

Carefully chewed food!
You need to chew every slice of food at least 18 times in order
to get a quick saturation as well as ease the work

Вода — главный союзник при похудении!
Water contains 0 kcal, however, helps in the fight with feeling
hunger. In addition, it contributes to the removal of toxins, improves
metabolism and intestinal function.

Substitution of carbohydrates! Simple carbohydrates
(pastries, sweets) are replaced by complex, rich in fiber
(fruit, cereal), which contributes to weight loss.

There is no fat! According to the diet of Elena Malysheva
It is forbidden to use the menu products containing fat (butter
butter, fatty meats, dairy products with high
fat content). It is recommended to minimize salt intake and

For lunch – squirrels! In order to avoid
muscular dystrophy, it is worth to eat for dinner vegetable proteins and
animal origin, such as lean meat or poultry, in
boiled or steamed.

Fasting day! Weekly
It is necessary to carry out 1 fasting day, for example, on rice or
buckwheat, cooked in water without salt. Sharp reduction in daily
calorie helps to lose weight.

Regular physical education! According to diet
Elena Malysheva needs to be moderate
physical activity: walking, jogging,
water aerobics.

Grocery list

Диета for slimming Елены Малышевой — список
approved products:

  • Low-fat varieties of fish, lean meat, poultry (cooked on
    steamed or boiled without skins and salt);
  • Fresh vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach, peppers, carrots, onions,
    radish, and also greens);
  • Salads, seasoned with lemon juice (from beets, carrots,
    белокочанной капусты и т. д.);
  • Fresh fruits (especially kiwi and grapefruit);
  • Dried fruits (allowed to use in pressed
  • Cereals and cereals (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, muesli);
  • Dairy products with low fat content;
  • Hard-boiled eggs, omelets.

Grocery list, запрещенных к употреблению по диете
Elena Malysheva:

  • Sweets, pastries and bakery products from wheat;
  • Fatty meats and fish;
  • Fried, smoked, fatty, spicy;
  • Spices and mayonnaise sauces;
  • Carbonated and alcoholic beverages.

By the way, this list is similar to the nutrition menu. for
slimming в домашних условиях!

Menu for the week

Menu for the week по диете Елены Малышевой for
slimming в домашних условиях (завтрак, обед, десерт,


  • Skim cheese. 2 slices of bran bread. Vegetables;
  • Vegetable soup. Chicken breast. Rice porrige;
  • Fresh fruits;
  • Steamed fish. Rye bread. Kefir.


  • Hard boiled egg. Bread. Low Fat Yogurt;
  • Bouillon. Turkey. Buckwheat;
  • Dried fruits;
  • Meat balls in tomato sauce. Beet Salad.


  • Muesli. Kefir;
  • Chicken soup. Chicken breast. Spinach;
  • Fruit and cereal bar;
  • Carrot Salad. Pollock fillet. Fig.


  • Omelette. Yogurt. Banana;
  • Pike ear Pike. Radish salad;
  • Bar of dried fruits;
  • Buckwheat. Turkey steak. Vitamin salad.


  • Cereals. Grapefruit.
  • Bouillon. Beef medallions. White Cabbage Salad;
  • Fruit and nut mix;
  • Spaghetti. Hake. Spinach, arugula.


  • Skim cheese. Apple, Kiwi;
  • Green borscht Rabbit meat in sauce. A tomato;
  • Fruits;
  • Salmon fillet. Cucumbers, bell pepper, spinach.


  • 2 hard boiled eggs. Kefir;
  • Cream soup. Vegetable stew;
  • Souffle;
  • Chile con carne.

Меню правильного питания на неделю можете изучить у нас на

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