The child steals: deviation or norm. whatif the child steals – causes of the problem, the right reactionparents

Пт, 01 дек 2017 Автор: Алёна Рассабина

Child theft is considered a terrible shame for
all family. what делать, если ребёнок ворует?

The parents of the child who committed the theft are reluctant to share this
problem with educators and psychologists. Is it all terrible and
irreversible, and why do children steal other people’s things?

A child steals: a threat to the future or developmental rate

Many parents and educators, upon learning that a child has committed
theft, they immediately label it as criminal
activities. But is child theft alarming?
a bell?

whatбы чётко ответить на этот вопрос, нужно всего лишь вспомнить
– Did you steal as a child? Almost every child
regardless of age, committed theft following
of things:

• Alien toys

• Деньги parents

• Sweets

A large percentage of people have stolen the above things,
however, the perpetrators did not become. Most often, such things are children
steal without malicious intent.

In a very early preschool age, kids do not understand
the difference between “their” and “alien”, therefore, they steal without realizing it.
The period of unconscious theft can go on and on until 6
years old. Конечно, эта граница зависит от добросовестности parents,
as the earlier and more intelligible to the child will explain the concept of someone else’s
property, the faster and better he will learn this rule
of life.

Why does a child steal?

There are quite a few reasons for child theft, because, first of all,
This problem is psychological, that is, its formation is affected
many reasons from the outside.

1. Украденный подарок

One of the reasons for child theft can be quite harmless.
desire – to make a gift. Children, especially in the younger preschool
age, strongly express love for their family, even
unfavorable situation in some of them. Kids often give
various stolen items for adults, but due to age cannot
to realize that gifts must be obtained in another way.

If a child brought a ring stolen from the caregiver, then
should immediately hang on the baby label offender and represent
in bright colors his criminal future. It is enough to explain
to the thief that another’s thing is not a gift.

2.•Сильное желание

It often happens that after visiting a children’s store,
child found stolen toy. This example is by no means
the only one, since children’s “I want” is stronger than anything else in the world.

Yes, children can steal and simply because they really want to
take possession of this or that thing. In such cases, they understand that
commit something illegal and for such an act is not praised, but
cannot restrain themselves.

But what is so complicated about it? It may be worth developing then in
your children willpower? In fact, theft is precisely for this
reason is not subject to correction. People have almost 21 years
the self-control system is not formed, that is, they
physiologically can not regulate the power of their desires.

3.•Символ авторитета

This reason for theft is common among teenagers.
14-19 years old. The fact is that children with low self-esteem who
have difficulty communicating with peers, believe that
any brand item will increase their social status in
peer companies. Brand clothing, appliances and other attributes
many teenagers are not available, so they find the only
The solution to their psychological and material problems is theft.

In this case, you can only correct self-esteem.
teen, resorting to the help of a professional psychologist. AT
Basically, the desire for self-affirmation due to fashionable attributes passes
with age.

4.•ATоровство «за компанию»

Theft by a group of children is most often committed against
trinkets and sweets. Of course, such dirty tricks mostly commit
boys who try to prove to each other their courage and

The fear of punishment in a child in this case is reduced, as scold
there will be not one, but all the participants of the deed. And if he got into
the company of the older guys who are for him
authority, or the parents did not educate the child on
the subject of theft, then the opinion is formed in the brave man: if everything is so
they do, it means it’s normal.

5. Месть

Children can steal to cause an unpleasant sense of loss in
of who they are in conflict. Most commonly subject
Theft becomes a very valuable thing for the “enemy”.

6.•Стрессовая ситуация

Stress is considered a common cause of childhood theft. Child
commits such an act, unconsciously trying to get attention

Also, during stress, children are not able to control their
emotions and desires, as well as an already unformed system
self-control, can not work effectively.

How not to respond to child theft?

Before you consider a competent reaction, you need to pay
attention to the fact that for a child things in different price categories –
are equivalent. That is, if parents can not really lament over
stolen toy, then someone else’s gadget found in your pocket will be
equated to crime. Children do not pay much attention to
the value of the stolen item.

So, examples of “correct” reactions to the theft of a great child
Many, but what errors exist?


Безусловно, такой поступок ребенка может шокировать parents и
they are under the influence of emotions start scolding him, not trying to figure out
origin of the problem. ATзрослые расписывают ребенку криминальное
the future and position its behavior as the end of a good reputation.
AT этой ситуации важно помнить: дети должны быть уверены, что
parents will be on their side, even if they have committed a bad
deed. AT момент ярости нужно остановится и подумать: есть ли
sense of expression of discontent? What you need to achieve: humiliate
child or prevent such events in the future?


ATо время ругани, поражённые совершённым деянием родители склонны
insult the child and focus on his “acquired”
status. Часто дети слышат: «Ты уголовник!», «ATор», «Тебе одна
road to prison. “

Such humiliation of the child is groundless. Of course, stealing is
not the act for which stroked on the head, but not so
scale and exclusively this act to humiliate your


ATажно понимать, что в сравнении, как минимум, нет никакого
meaning. ATсе совершали проступки, особенно в подростковом возрасте.
Comparing a child with himself, peers and children of girlfriends is not
It should, as he can get more and resentment on
parent. ATоровство в таком случае продолжится, но уже, как описано
above for the sake of revenge.

Also, constantly comparing your child with others, you can
lower his self-esteem. Children with low self-esteem do not believe
that they are able to change, which means that the situation with
theft will remain unresolved.

Публичное порицание

Scold the child on witnesses, especially for the shameful offense
categorically it is impossible, since thereby you humiliate his personality and
lower his self-esteem.

Постоянные напоминания

whatбы не вырастить ребенка «преступником», не нужно ему
constantly remind of wrongdoing. Regular talk about the deed
will reduce the level of trust between the child and the parent, and will also
lower his self-esteem.

what делать, если ребенок ворует и как исправить ситуацию?

Causes and errors are understandable, but how to completely eradicate desire
to steal from a child?


It is necessary to explain at a preschool age. Need to give a child
information about the feelings of the person who suffered the loss due to
stealing his valuable stuff.

Also, you need to tell your child about the different ways to get
the desired thing: swap a toy with a friend, ask to buy
parents или написать письмо Деду Морозу.

2. Поддержка

ATажно донести до ребенка, что это просто жизненное испытание и с
Everybody faces difficulties. Can tell
tell him about your bad deed as a child, share your
history of overcoming yourself.

3. Поиск происхождения проблемы

There are many reasons for child theft, but they all share
deficiency. Child может воровать из-за того, что ему не хватает
attention, support. Also, children steal because of low self-esteem and
desires to join the peer company. Parent task: learn
the origin of the problem and eradicate it.


This item means enhanced work on errors.
Child не в состоянии объективно оценивать свое поведение, поэтому
explain and show how to act correctly in one way or another
ситуации — это задача parents. If the child commits theft, then
it is necessary to show him how to influence the situation so that
change it for the better. For example, consider return options.
stolen things, at least secretly, or do something good, to
don’t feel like a bad person.

Child theft is not a sentence or criminal guarantee
of the future. If a child steals, you should only listen to him,
understand what he lacks and in time to correct the situation.

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