The best way to whiten teeth at homeconditions. How to whiten your teeth at home, technology andtricks

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Having a bright beautiful smile with white teeth is one
from signs of human success.

The lack of plaque and yellowness on the enamel suggests that
human health is good, and it concerns not only
oral cavity, but also the whole body.

What is the best way to whiten teeth at home?

Let’s look at everything in order.

Teeth whitening at home: is it possible?

To whiten your teeth, you must directly act.
on enamel pigmentation. Often for this purpose atomic
oxygen penetrating the surface tissues in contact with
pigment and destroying it.

Determining the best way to whiten teeth at home
conditions, you need to choose the most appropriate way that
will be able to clean the coating without damaging the enamel. Ways like
usually based on two processes: cleansing the crown and
enamel color change. Before determining the best way
teeth whitening at home, you need to understand the nuances
safe process.

The best way to whiten teeth at home условиях:

Apply all sorts of traditional medicine should also
Caution. Professional whitening procedure – work
quite expensive, but unprofessional actions at home
You can seriously damage the enamel, and in order to have it again
recover need a lot of money. Therefore, before you start
the whitening process at home, we recommend to follow the general

Итак, основные нюансы безопасного отбеливания на

1. Bleaching agents that should affect
enamel should not in any case fall on the gums and mucous
oral cavity, as it can to the most unpleasant
effects such as chemical burns and mechanical

2. The frequency of procedures should be strictly followed the instructions.
Doctors often face situations where a person who wants to
quickly whiten your teeth, begins to do the procedure a little more often
what it is. There are even cases when people use immediately
all known methods of bleaching at the same time. Such haste,
as a rule, does not give any positive effect, but even
on the contrary, it can seriously damage tooth enamel.

3. Use teeth whitening products sold in
pharmacies, you need with some frequency. More about them we
talk below. Also important when choosing a daily toothpaste.
stop at restoring or strengthening options, and
not with the effect of bleaching, as this type of paste can
use no more than once a week.

4. Abrasive substances that are present in almost all
home whitening options may harm tooth enamel,
therefore, you need to brush your teeth only with vertical

Preventing yellowing of tooth enamel

To avoid yellowing of tooth enamel, we recommend sticking to
basic rules for caring for the oral cavity. For example, teeth need
brush 2 times a day with a brush of medium hardness, after each
food intake rinse the oral cavity with saline. Also
pay attention to the following factors:

  • too frequent consumption of coloring products (chocolate, coffee,
    tea, tomatoes, blueberries, as well as products containing synthetic

  • smoking;

  • antihistamines;

  • tetracycline antibiotics.

Following these simple rules will help keep you
snow-white smile for many years. However, sooner or later
the problem of yellowing the teeth anyway comes back. therefore
We offer you the most popular methods of bleaching.
зубов на home.

The best way to whiten teeth at home условиях: что
need to?

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide является основополагающим компонентов большей
parts of ready-made gels, which are used to whiten enamel.
Peroxide perfectly whitens teeth at home without the use of expensive
finished products. Apply to remove yellowness on enamel 2
Ways: wipe and rinse.

Wiping teeth is as follows:

1) a cotton swab is wetted in hydrogen peroxide solution;

2) then moistened with a swab need to gently rub your teeth;

3) thoroughly rinse your mouth with water.

To rinse you need to take 1/3 cup of water and add to it.
25-27 drops of ready-made 3% peroxide, purchased at a pharmacy. After
peroxide treatment of teeth is a must rinse mouth
clean water cavity.

Basic theoretical information on peroxide bleaching

This method until now is the most popular and
effective way. Hydrogen peroxide делает одновременно 2
Actions: cleans plaque and discolors enamel.

In this process, the main role is played by free oxygen,
which easily interacts with atoms of other substances and
produces their oxidation. Atomic oxygen is the main
cause the destruction of various bacteria and toxins in the mouth

The use of peroxide for cleaning teeth – the basic component
most of the dental gels, whose main task –
lightening enamel. As a rule, in dental clinics
apply a concentrated peroxide solution (up to 38%),
allowing to lighten enamel by up to 15 tones. At home
conditions usually use a weaker solution – up to 10%,
the maximum value of which is 8 tones.

Activated carbon

Using coal as a bleaching agent is another
affordable and effective enough option by which
можно отбеливать зубы на home. Activated in the oral cavity
Coal performs 2 actions at once:

  • kills toxins and putrefactive bacteria;

  • as the abrasive removes plaque from enamel.

Before starting the procedure, the tablets must be crushed to the state
powder that can be used as a ready method or as
pasta additives. To apply the latter method, you need to take
a toothbrush, dip its bristles in water, and then in powder from coal,
who need to brush their teeth for 2-3 minutes.

Another option is to take a couple of activated pills.
coal and chew them well.

For preventive purposes, you need to whiten your teeth with coal 1
once a week.


Baking soda affects tooth enamel in abrasive abrasion
налета, и как антисептик для ротовой cavities. therefore очень частое
using soda as a means to clean your teeth can make
enamel is too thin and sensitive.

Soda прекрасно справляется с желтизной на зубах, которая
often occurs in smokers. Soda bleaching process
looks like this: take a toothbrush, soak it in water,
then sprinkle soda with wet bristles and rub in the teeth. By
After rinsing, rinse your mouth with clean water. Too
zealous is not worth it, as unpleasant
effects such as bleeding gums or allergic reactions
в виде покраснений внутри ротовой cavities.

In this case, more suitable and gentle way – soda
rinsing. To do this, take a glass of warm water (30–35ºC) and
dilute it 1 tsp. soda This solution can also be used.
with inflammation of the nasopharynx. Byлоскания с содой также производят
whitening effect, without destroying the enamel.

In any case, the use of soda as a bleaching agent for
teeth – the procedure is quite aggressive, so apply it on
permanent basis is not recommended.

Tea tree oil

This oil is an excellent natural antiseptic.
The productivity of such a method as a bleaching agent can
rate as average. Oil is able to restore the microflora
oral cavity and remove plaque. The effect of this method is not
will be visible immediately, as the process occurs gradually, but through
3–4 weeks the first real results will appear.

This method is distinctive because in addition to the whitening effect,
it can also remove bleeding gums and remove
inflammatory effect, so it can be called universal for
всей ротовой cavities.

Teeth whitening pencil

This method is the easiest and most affordable.
brushing your teeth. There is a peroxide gel in this pencil.
carbamide, which enters the enamel and binds the yellow pigment.
One use of such a pencil with gel is enough to
brighten the enamel on 6-9 tones.

Whitening gel in caps

You can also whiten your teeth with a cap that you need to wear.
on the surface of the teeth before bedtime. Before dressing caps need
fill with a special gel. The longer they will be on
teeth, the better the whitening effect will be.

Whitening Toothpaste

Such pastes can have a different effect on the enamel, to
for example:

  • dissolve plaque;

  • suppress the mineralization of the already existing plaque;

  • to prevent the emergence of a new plaque.

In the composition of most of the pastes with a whitening effect is present
baking soda and polishing abrasives, so regularly such pastes
it is not recommended to apply, as they can break and erase

How to choose from these methods is a purely individual matter.
However, before starting any of the procedures, it is recommended
consult with a specialist to determine
suitable dosage and period of use.

Stay always healthy and beautiful!

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