The best varieties of strawberries for the dacha. Overviewbest strawberry (strawberry) varieties with high yields

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Orchard strawberries, or strawberries as they are called gardeners,
It has been cultivated throughout the world since the 18th century. First grade of this
The popular berry was bred by crossing two
plants: virgin and chilean strawberries. Hybrid berries were
larger than wild strawberries, so a new plant is quickly
spread in Europe and Asia.

Three subgroups of strawberry varieties (strawberries)

Today in the world there are more than 4,000 varieties of strawberries. The best
of them have high yields, resistant to fungal
diseases and adapted to difficult climatic conditions.
Breeders brought plants with high resistance to frost.

Strawberry varieties are divided into three large subgroups:

– varieties of single fruiting;

– remontant varieties;

– varieties of “neutral day”.

Plants from the group of single fruiting most
unpretentious, but give one harvest per season. The mass of berries is
from 30 g to 120 g depending on the variety. From one adult bush
You can collect from 800 g to 2 kg of berries.

Remontant varieties are most common in Asian countries. These
varieties bear fruit twice a season.

“Neutral Day” varieties are most popular in countries with warm
climate. The mass of berries reaches 80 g, but fruiting continues with
end of May to the end of September, and in some varieties – year-round.
The “neutral day” strawberry is very demanding on the composition of the soil and
climatic conditions.

Strawberry varieties are widespread in Russia
single fruiting, bred in Europe and Japan. They give
good harvest of tasty and large berries in the summer and withstand strong
frost in the winter.

The best сорта немецкой селекции

The best strawberry varieties of the German selection include the variety
�”Comrade winner.” It belongs to the one-time subgroup.
fruiting Variety – medium early, yield from one bush
makes 800 g, the mass of a berry – 40-80 g. Strawberry is sweet, bright
of red color. The bush forms a lot of whiskers, therefore it is necessary
often pruning them.

The best сорта клубники: фото сорта «Камрад

The advantage of a grade is high frost resistance. is he
perfect for growing in central Russia. AT
the first year after planting forms two flower stalks, on each of
which bloom up to 10 buds, in the second year of such flower stalks
maybe six.

AT отличие от других сортов клубники, которые три-пять лет дают
good harvest, and then the quality of the berries deteriorates, “Kamrad
winner” может расти на одном месте восемь лет подряд, не теряя

�”Humi Grande” – another variety of strawberries, which will take a decent
place on your site. Bush srednerosly, sprawling, berries
weighing from 35 to 60 g. A distinctive feature of the variety is precocity.
Berries ripen among the first among large-fruited varieties. ATкус
their sweet and sour. The shape is irregular, slightly flattened from the bottom.
Strawberry was bred for growing in home gardens,
therefore does not have a high transportability.

Strawberry “Humi Grande” photo

Fruiting is stretched in time. From one bush can be collected
up to 2 kg of strawberries. Many fruits are deformed, there are also doubles.
berries. Flower stalks under the weight of large berries fall to the ground, therefore
it is very important to harvest in time. It is advisable to grow this
variety on covering material.

Overview лучших сортов клубники испанской селекции

Tudla strawberry variety photo

The Tudla strawberry variety in Spain is the most commercial.
The average mass of berries – 100 g. Strawberry dark cherry color,
the correct form, it is very transportable and maintains long
transportation. Due to its properties, it is ideal for
frosts, as it does not lose its shape and taste.

�”Juan” – another variety of Spanish selection, which stands
note. Ягоды светло-of red color. From one bush
You can collect up to 1.5 kg of strawberries. Fruiting stretched in
of time.

Photos of strawberries varieties “Juan”

A distinctive feature of the variety – it is bred for cultivation in any
climatic conditions. The plant has a high
frost resistance and resistance to high temperatures not
loves water stagnation.

Already in the first year after planting, the plant will give you abundant
harvest. At one place a variety can grow up to six years, while
the quality of the berries does not deteriorate.

Varieties of strawberry garden English selection

�”Lord” – a variety of strawberries, which is well established in
Central Russia and in a cold climate. The term ripening berries –
late, from one bush can collect up to 2 kg of strawberries, a lot of berries
makes 45-60 g, taste – sweet, pulp – dense.

The best сорта клубники: фото сорта «Лорд»

The plant is resistant to fungal and viral diseases, berries
practically not affected by pests. Shrubs give little mustache: one
plant – two or three shoots. Thanks to this, the plantation does not grow,
and because of the high survival rate of outlets, the variety is very easy
to multiply.

New promising high-yielding variety of English strawberries
селекции — «ATеликобритания». The ripening period of strawberries is late.
The mass of berries is 80-120 г. Sort ценится за отличные вкусовые
quality. Large berries of dark cherry color to remind
wild strawberry, pulp – dense and juicy.

Фото ягод земляники садовой сорта «ATеликобритания»

The bush is powerful, forms strong stalks and has large carved
dark green leaves. Rosettes plants root well,
but the number of whiskers is small.

Dutch selection varieties

One of the best varieties of strawberries – “Gigantella Maxim”. This is a grade
Dutch selection. The average weight of berries is 70 g, weight
первых ягод может достигать 120 г. Fruiting stretched in
of time.

Strawberries do not lose their taste during long
storage and after deep freezing, and also great for
conservation. After heat treatment, strawberries remain

Photo of strawberry “Gigantella Maxim”

Plants of this variety have high frost resistance and
suitable for growing in cold climates. Variety “Gigantella
Maxim “is unpretentious to the composition of the soil and gives a good harvest on

The color of the leaves is bright, almost lime. Bush tall.
Annual plant in height reaches 50 cm, and in diameter – 60 cm.
AT отличие от других сортов садовой земляники «Гигантелла Максим» —
very lush plant with corrugated leaves.

Dutch variety Primella is valued for transportability,
unusual taste and aroma. Bright red strawberries smell
forest strawberry, and in her taste there are notes of pineapple. Weight
berries – 65-100 g. Variety refers to the medium early fruiting about
of the month.

Photos varieties “Primella”

Plants are drought resistant and are not prone to spotting. Sort
suitable for cultivation in both southern and northern regions
Russia. It takes root on any soil, excluding strongly acidified

The best сорта клубники из Японии

New для стран СНГ сорт клубники «Цунаки» относительно недавно
was imported from Japan. A distinctive feature of the variety is
long enough ripening berries, but at the first sign
ripeness they become very sweet. Due to high content
sugar strawberries are great for making jam and

The ripening period is late. The mass of berries is 100-120 г, с
one bush can collect up to 2 kg of crop at the first fruiting.
At the second fruiting, round fruits of regular shape are formed.
Plants of this variety need fertile soil with high
content of humus and potassium-containing substances. Bushes
frost resistant, so good winter in cold climates.

Sort «Чамора Туруси» хорошо показал себя в теплом климате.
It has a long fruiting period, which
starts from July.

Sort клубники «Чамора Туруси»

AT теплом климате урожайность составляет до 3 кг с одного куста,
and in central Russia, it falls to 1.5 kg. Weight ягоды
makes 80-110 g, taste – sweet with a subtle shade of wood
strawberries. The pulp is dense, the strawberry perfectly tolerates
transportation. Sort — поздний.

Plants need careful care at the initial stage of growth. AT
soil contribute a large amount of phosphate and potash fertilizers.
Sprawling bush, in the first year forms one flower with
several berries. In the third year after landing the amount
peduncles increased to 8-12.

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