The best varieties of apple trees in a brief review.The main characteristics of the best seasonal varieties of apple trees

Ср, 04 апр 2018 Автор: Юлия Андреева

Apple culture is one of the most popular in Russia.
It is unpretentious, the life of apple trees can reach one hundred
years old. Proper care ensures the annual yield, the fruits possess
varied tastes and very healthy.

Before you buy apple seedlings, you need to examine
The following information:

1. Is the selected variety suitable for cultivation in a specific
climate zone.

2. The onset of fruiting.

3. Yield.

4. Litiness.

5. Resistance to diseases.

6. Taste.

Regarding the ripening period and the ability to endure long
the shelf life of the variety is divided into summer, autumn and winter.

The best varieties of apple trees in the summer

These varieties of apple trees can be tasted, starting from the end of July.
Their shelf life is short, up to 1.5 months. It is important to bear in mind that
Most varieties are sensitive to transportation.


It ripens between mid-August and mid-September.
The standard weight of the fruit is 100 g, but sometimes it reaches 200 g.
The apple itself is light yellow with a pink tinge. The color of the pulp is white,
the apple is juicy, has a sweet and sour taste and a delicate caramel
aroma. Melba является одним из лучших сортов яблонь, благодаря
your amazing taste. Possesses sufficient resistance to
frost. Well tolerated transportation, and also stored by
natural wax coating. Fruits, starting with the sixth year.
Gives up to 85 kg of apples from a tree. It can be grown in many
Regions of Russia: North-West, Central Black Earth
Central. Not suitable for cultivation climate of the Urals and
Far East.


By the end of August, you can harvest. For fetus medunits
The average size is characteristic, it varies from 90 to 100 g. Color
apples are greenish-yellow with barely noticeable reddish stripes,
the flesh is creamy yellow. Tastes sweet apple with honey
smack, very juicy. Differs in what can be stored
long enough, up to three months. From an adult tree you can
collect up to 180 kg of apples. Usually begins to bear fruit in the fifth year.
This variety of apple can withstand temperatures down to minus 30 degrees.
Resistant to scab. Usually grows in central Russia, but
it is also planted in the Urals and the Far East.


In late August, the harvest of this variety is ready for harvest. Fruit color
light yellow, with ruddy side and red stripes, thin skin.
The flesh is creamy, firm, juicy. The fruit is sweet and sour,
the aroma is somewhat reminiscent of the smell of the Antonovka variety. Apple view
presentable. Feature of the variety is fragility,
transportation is not the best idea. For the most part of it
make juices, preserves, jams. Orlov имеет большую
устойчивость к парше, а также к frost. Shows high
yield – up to 100 kg per tree. Begins to bear fruit after 3-4
of the year. Distributed in central Russia, as well as in the Central

The best varieties of apple trees in the autumn period

Rush to the end of August, the beginning of September. Shelf life in
average reaches three months.

Orlovsky pioneer

By the end of August, you can begin to harvest. Fruit
Orlovsky pioneer usually medium-sized with ribbed
surface, weight varies between 100-200 g. Color
has a light yellow with ruddy side. Pulp of a greenish shade,
the taste is sweet and sour, the aroma is not pronounced. Collection takes place with
late August to November inclusive. Starts to harvest from 5
of the year. The yield of a single tree – 75 kg, grown in
Central Russia. Resistant to scab. Transportable. Hardy.
The appearance of the fruit is beautiful.

Marat Busurin

You can begin to harvest in early September. This grade
differs in size of fruits, to 250 g. Color of the ripened fruit
light, marble shade with wide red stripes, peel
glossy. The flesh is juicy, white and fragrant, the apple tastes like
sweet and sour. One tree gives 100-120 kg of apples. Start
fruiting falls on the fourth year of life. Stored for a long time
transportable. The variety is resistant to frost, with strong immunity,
has an excellent presentation. Mostly planted in
Central region of Russia.

Cinnamon new

Ripens by mid-September. Characterized by medium fruit
about 130 g. Has a greenish yellow or light yellow.
color with a reddish blush on the surface. The color of the pulp is cream,
medium-density texture, juicy apple with a sweet and sour taste. AT
The aroma contains notes of cinnamon and honey. Resistance to scab and
winter hardiness is high. Attractive appearance. Starts
bear fruit from the sixth year and brings about 150 kg from the tree. By
most of the common on the territory of Central and Northern
regions of Russia.

Streefling (apple striped)

This variety matures at the very beginning of September. Fruit достаточно
large, reach 120 g. The color is yellowish with a pink tinge,
creamy flesh, the fruit tastes sweet with pronounced sourness,
the aroma is spicy. This is a high-yielding variety. Gives first fruits through
5-6 years old. ATзрослое дерево может давать урожай до 350 кг. Resistant to
defeat scab. Very well kept. This variety grows in
Northern and Central regions of Russia.

The best varieties of apple trees in winter

These varieties ripen slowly, during ripening (after removal)
They become even more fragrant and fortified. They can
survive until the next harvest without losing their beneficial
characteristics. Their transportability is wonderful. Winter Harvest
Apple varieties are beginning to gather in late September.


Ripens by early October. Fruit size – medium, weighing up to
180 g. The ripened fruit has a rich red color. Highly
attractive in appearance. It has snow-white flesh, crisp and
juicy. Sweet with a caramel aftertaste. Differs high
yield, begins to bear fruit usually in the fourth year,
adult tree brings up to 180 kg. This winter variety
frost resistant, tolerates drought. Distributed in
Central and Ural regions of Russia.

North Synapse

Ripens in October. Fruit данного сорта сравнительно небольшие,
their average weight is 120 g. Painted in green with brown
blush, the density of the pulp is medium, it is of a mint shade and sweet
with spicy sour. The variety has excellent taste. Gives
steadily large crop, begins to bear fruit around the sixth
year, usually from an adult tree collect up to 170 kg. It is winter hardy
grade. Area of ​​distribution: Central region, Southern region,
Byволжье, ATосточная Сибирь.

Antonovka ordinary

Reaches ripeness in the second half of September. Usually has
large fruits, an average of 300 g. Color is yellow. The flesh is white
dense, amid sweetness, sourness is pronounced. Variety has
with its unique taste and aroma – fresh, tart. But only
Already for one this feature may be included in the list of the best varieties in
apple trees. A single tree can produce up to 350 kg. Fruit
starts at the seventh year. This is a variety with good immunity. Is growing
mainly in the Northwest and Central Region

The species described above can rightfully be considered the best varieties.
apple trees for near-perfect performance.

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