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Constipation is a huge problem that affects every day
millions of people. Dysbacteriosis and disorders in young children,
metabolic changes in older people and abnormal
nutrition in people of young and middle age. All this leads to
complications that at first glance do not touch the intestines.
Lethargy, fatigue, irritability, unhealthy color
Persons, acne and acne are all consequences of constipation.

Natural laxative

Helping get rid of a problem like constipation can help.
natural laxative. Which can be prepared at home,
however, it will have a sparing effect and give a soft effect.

Natural laxative в зависимости от компонентов,
can produce an effective action from a single dose or from
systematic application. It is worth considering how often it happens
constipation – constantly, or is it a single phenomenon in consequence
stress, overeating, diet, or cold / illness.

Самое эффективное слабительное средство быстрого actions

Most natural laxatives for constipation have
cumulative effect. Even the best cleanser.
bowel, will work only after a few hours. Only
exit in an emergency – enema.

Enema, as a natural laxative, is shown when
constipation last more than three days, and no other means have
not able to reach the occlusion site. Enema solution recipe
home environment is very simple. Boil one liter of water, add
In it one full tablespoon of chamomile, or marigold. Let him
broth cool to a temperature not hot to the touch. Strain it
through gauze, or bandage. After that, enter the decoction through the anal
hole with a syringe, or Esmarkh mugs. Tip
grease or nozzles pre-grease with a greasy cream or
sunflower oil.

Другим средством быстрого actions можно считать само масло –
with constipation as a last resort, you can drink 50-100g of sunflower
oils, or pumpkin seed oils. Do not expect a soft effect.
bowel cleansing, but reviews of such a tool say that it
one of the fastest.

Natural laxative для похудения

During the diet, women are sometimes as passionate about the desire as possible
to lose weight faster, that they are contrary to the principles of healthy eating,
giving up fat in the diet. Thus provoked violation
peristalsis in the duodenum and colon, which leads to
blockage of feces, bloating and other disorders
functions of the gastrointestinal tract. strict protein diets, drying and
other emergency methods of losing weight, it is not strange harm
health. Excessive fascination with counting calories without complying
protein / fat / carbohydrate balance – all this leads our body to
decline, forcing to run to the pharmacy and blush from the word “constipation”.

Another equally common extreme is trying to lose weight.
with laxatives. It would be worth writing large
Letters that excessive laxative infatuation hurts
body, especially if a laxative is used without
of necessity. You do not clean the intestines, you only dehydrate
the body, simultaneously washing out what is not necessary to wash out, namely
intestinal mucous and microflora.

Natural laxative для похудения может стать
part of your diet. Enough to include in your daily diet.
any dried fruit, add milk, and safe, and most importantly
delicious recipe for losing weight ready. Many diets offer on
завтрак овсянку. Cook it in milk by adding
, уже через пару дней вы забудете, что такое
constipation. This natural laxative is the best remedy capable
have a safe and painless effect. Instead of prunes
Dried apricots are perfect – you can alternate them. So simple
products become effective.

If you do not like boiled oatmeal, or not a fan
breakfast in general, you can make a smoothie and take it with you for
snack. 50 g of oatmeal pour water overnight and in the morning
whisk with dried fruit in a blender after diluting with milk
to the desired volume.

It is worth noting that this recipe is well suited for constipation during
pregnancy, for the elderly, as well as for children.

To cleanse the intestines at home

Cleansing the bowel at home should be carried out
клетчаткой, которая действует как щетка  не вредит кишечнику.
Fiber tends to swell along with feces
output all unnecessary. Laxative to cleanse the bowels
natural can be prepared by yourself, it will
natural origin and show mild Effect.

Cellulose can be found in the pharmacy, and you can prepare it
on their own. It is made of wheat, milk thistle or flax. For
home cooking seeds of the above plants
Must grind in a blender or in a coffee grinder. Wheat
it is necessary to sift, leaving only the rough parts, by the way, its still
better to buy at the pharmacy in finished form.

The greatest effect is given by flax seeds. They are rich in Omega-3 and 9,
vitamins of group B. Flax seeds can be drunk, previously
having infused, and it is possible in a dry form washing down with a large amount of water. For
infusion a teaspoon of seeds pour warm purified water and leave
for the night. In the morning drink on an empty stomach. Сухие семена лучше пить for the night.
Especially gentle action occurs due to flax, which is swelling
acquires the consistency of jelly, which envelops all that is
in the intestines, and painlessly removes.

It is better to start this cleaning at the weekend, because it is difficult to
First guess the dosage (maybe you need more or
less than a teaspoon of dry seeds), so the effect can be
a little unexpected.

The best non-addictive products.

Any natural laxative is not addictive,
unlike pharmacy drugs. I would like to note once again that
правильное и сбалансированное питание, включающее в себя,
vegetables, fruits, oils and cereals will help you cope with such
проблемой, как constipation.

If the problem still makes itself known from time to time, then
the best non-addictive laxatives are of course
same, dairy products. Not for nothing in Soviet times in everyday
рацион входил кефир. Nowadays great
variety of fermented milk products – from kefir and ryazhenka, to
yoghurt and tan, makes it possible to maintain your body in
full order, and it is not the same thing. Besides, these are all
Products are not addictive, which is very important.

What should children take for constipation?

What are the laxatives for constipation natural for

Children’s stomach is not adapted for the assimilation of most
products should therefore be treated with caution.
what the child eats. With constipation in the first years of life means
should be as soft and natural as possible. Babe up to a year is better
just getting laxative with mother’s milk. Tip for nursing –
try to start to drink a laxative on your own – baby
its action will be partially transmitted. For example, eat pure
prunes, or fresh plums. If there is no effect, take the child to
to the doctor.

Kids after a year can be perceived as a laxative
plum puree, or diluted plum juice. For профилактики
add prunes or other dried fruits in small quantities
in porridge.

Effective remedy for pregnant women

In pregnancy, constipation is often psychological.
character If your doctor at the time of the consultation offered you
use any natural laxative, try
выбрать то, которое окажет наиболее щадящий Effect. Besides
above, you can try to eat seeds –
fried or better yet dried, they contain enough
the amount of fat for normal bowel work. Proved that 60
g of sunflower seeds are the daily norm required for
ensure the normal functioning of all organs. Besides,
семена подсолнечника, это не только натуральное
laxative, but also a storehouse of folic acid, other
vitamins and trace elements that are so necessary during
of pregnancy. Another natural laxative for pregnant women
средство – семена тыквы, они также богаты
vitamins and minerals.

What is advised for seniors?

Nutritional advice is also relevant for the elderly, but with
For years, our body is slower and requires intervention
more cardinal drugs.

When dealing with constipation in bedridden patients, it is best to use
A complex approach. Act simultaneously through food, and through
folk recipes consisting of herbal ingredients. Exists
a certain kind of herbs capable of working like natural
laxative. If you do not know how to choose from the herbs you need and
suitable, then help in choosing may be in the pharmacy. But better
still not zealous.

Natural laxative для пожилых, на основе трав
это сенадексин. Его изготавливают на
основе травы Сенны
, которая имеет отличный слабительный
Effect. Finding dry grass itself is not always easy, therefore, as
extreme case pills are also suitable.

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