The benefits of boiled corn: can it lose weight?What is the composition of the product and can boiled corn harmto the body

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Corn or maize is a cereal that residents of Central and South
America began to grow more than 10,000 years ago. A little bit later
edible cobs appeared in the open spaces of Europe. And today
the day the grass has not lost its popularity, reckoning along with the wheat
and rice is one of the staple foods.

Corn cobs produce flour, which is used to
making bread and other pastries; cereals are made from cereals, cereals
freeze, canned, fried. One of the most
popular dishes is corn, because it is delicious,
nourishing and nutritious. The greatest lovers of such treats
are children. And therefore it is very important to know about the benefits and harms.
boiled corn.

Composition of boiled corn

The benefits of boiled cobs are due to its composition, thanks to
to which corn is considered a real “storehouse” of vitamins and
trace elements.

1. Vitamins of groups A, B, C, E, PP, K – normalize exchange
processes in the body, remove harmful toxins and toxins.

2. Useful minerals – calcium, copper, fluorine, iodine, manganese, zinc,

3. Gold – this precious metal, which is part of the maize,
possesses powerful antibacterial and bactericidal

4. Selenium – has the ability to split and display products
the breakdown of alcohol, so boiled corn cobs are very helpful
after a stormy feast.

5. Proteins, fats and carbohydrates necessary for full
the functioning of the body.

6. Glutamic acid – stimulates the active work of the brain
brain strengthens memory.

7. Pectins – prevent the development of cancer,
stop the growth of tumors.

8. Starch – is a natural muscle growth stimulator.
fabrics, which is very important for people involved in sports.

Due to its special composition, as well as the combination of proteins,
fats and carbohydrates boiled corn is very useful for

Boiled cobs – ideal for men and women,
who is closely watching their figure. 100 g of product
contains only 125 Kcal, so it can be eaten without harm to
waist. Cereal helps reduce appetite, and accordingly –
weight reduction. That is why boiled corn will be reliable
assistant for everyone to lose a few extra pounds.
The harm of boiled corn is that with a small weight
body it is better to give up.

The benefits of boiled corn

The benefits of boiled corn is an indisputable fact. Important to remember,
that even during heat treatment the corn cobs retain everything
useful vitamins and trace elements that can not be said about others
cereal crops.

In the process of growing cereals, many
chemical substances. And corn is no exception. But her cob
practically absorb chemicals, so maize refers to
organic cereals.

The main beneficial properties of boiled maize:

– maintains the required level of water-salt balance,
normalizes cholesterol and metabolic processes in the body;

– provides full brain function, strengthens
memory and reaction rate;

– normalizes the functioning of the cardiovascular system,
puts blood pressure in order;

– struggles with depressive states and apathy, improves

– fights various pathologies of the liver, kidneys and respiratory

– regular consumption of boiled corn is very useful for
smokers, as it perfectly cleans the lungs and bronchi from tar and
other toxic substances.

The benefits of boiled corn for the central nervous system are simply
invaluable. The grass has a mild sedative effect, eliminates
irritation, which is very important with constant stress and nervous

Boiled corn is recommended for epilepsy, gout,
malignant and benign tumors. Also the grass improves
the work of the digestive system, normalizes stool.

It will be useful for girls to learn that regular use
boiled corn has a positive effect on the skin,
accelerating the production of natural collagen. Mais strengthens nails and
hair making them strong and shiny. Selenium, which is part
cereal, reliably protects the body from aggressive effects
free radicals and also slows the aging process.

Corn for children and pregnant women

Boiled corn is very useful for growing baby
organism. Starch in its composition activates the growth of muscle mass,
normalizes the nervous system. Also maize improves
immunity, improves memory and attention. Children under 3 years old
Age is best to eat cornmeal porridge.

Do not forget about boiled corn and during pregnancy.
It perfectly eliminates the manifestations of toxicosis, increases the production
breast milk, relieves the expectant mother from puffiness and constipation.

Boiled cobs are beneficial and women experiencing the period
menopause. They reduce his symptoms by improving common

Boiled corn for weight loss

The beneficial properties of boiled cobs made them easy
indispensable for diet food. Maize is low
calorie and high energy value, so even
A small amount of food will allow you to fully fill. AT
The composition of the cereal includes a large number of easily digestible carbohydrates,
which speeds up the metabolism and does not turn into extra

Thanks to the rich content of sugars even under
a strict diet a person feels good, he remains active and
energetic. Eating a few cobs during the day can not
only clean the intestines and normalize the stool, but also speed up
metabolism, that is, start the process of “burning” fat.

Due to its high energy value, thermally
processed maize saturates and dulls the feeling for a long time
hunger. Therefore, a small corn cob is enough to
to charge the body with energy.

Boiled corn cobs can be consumed as
stand alone dish or add grains to various salads,
casseroles, omelets.

ATред вареной кукурузы

Boiled corn cobs have several drawbacks, about which
Be sure to remember before using them. After boiling in
cereal remains a large amount of vitamin K, which contributes
accelerate blood clotting. Therefore harm boiled corn
is that the dish is not recommended for people who have
tendency to thrombosis.

In addition, the harm of boiled corn may be as follows:

1. Propensity for allergic reactions or individual
intolerance maize.

2. The presence of gastritis in the acute stage, stomach ulcers or
duodenum, pancreatic pathology.

3. Eating boiled corn causes a high risk.
flatulence and bloating.

Despite all the many beneficial properties, boiled
cobs need to eat in moderation. The maximum allowable daily portion
составляет 200-250 г. AT таком количестве маис может сыграть роль
full dinner, saturating the human body with all necessary
vitamins, trace elements and nutrients.

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