The benefits and harm of fish congrio. What do we know aboutcomposition, cooking methods, benefits and dangers of congrio fish?

Пн, 05 мар 2018 Автор: Алёна Рассабина

A huge number of people like seafood. Alone
prefer the well-known and affordable products of the seas, and others
like something special. It is the second category that applies
congrio fish Unallocated but versatile and simple to
cooking delicacy few know. So what can be said about
shrimp fish, its benefits and harm?

Fish Congrio: Description

Congrio, conger eel, American mistaken, king clip,
shrimp fish – all these names belong to the same fish. Nautical
Eel lives mainly in the seas of New Zealand and Australia.

The length of the congrio can reach one and a half meters. Shrimp fish
has a tail that is very similar to eel. Adult congrio
covered with mucous layer. The long body of the sea eel has a pinkish
shade and smooth skin. By taste this marine
the inmate is like shrimp.

The composition and caloric content of fish congrio

The calorie content of congrio fish is approximately 100 kilocalories.
per 100 grams of product. However, losing weight people include shrimp
fish in your diet is not worth it. The fact is that a large component
Congrio fish are fats and proteins. That is, with a passive image
life, the consumption of this seafood can negatively affect
human figure.

Studying the composition of this marine delicacy, you can come to the conclusion
that its benefits are due to the high content of the following

– Vitamin A

– Vitamin B12

– Vitamin D

– Minerals

– Amino acids

– Fatty acid

Vitamins found in shrimp fish are positive.
affect the general condition of the human body: strengthen the immune system
system, prevent a number of diseases, stimulate exchange

Amino acids are designed to prevent the destruction of muscle fibers
and body cells. Thanks to amino acids, the body’s cells
constantly updated due to the emergence of new colonies.

Fatty acids are necessary for all organs and organ systems.
Most noticeably, their effect on the cardiovascular,
nervous and genital systems.

Seafood needs to be included in your diet precisely because
mineral content. Congrio fish contains great
the amount of these chemical compounds that contribute
normalization of water balance in the tissues, maintaining muscle texture and
bones, stabilize the human hormone system.

Useful properties of fish congrio

Shrimp fish, как и любой морепродукт, очень полезна, но не
everyone knows about it. An unusual delicacy for our country can
help solve many health problems, carry out prevention
diseases and improve the general condition of the person. So what
useful properties of famous fish congrio?

– High content in the composition of beneficial vitamins and

– Reduces the risk of developing diabetes

– Activates the production of gastric juice

– Stimulates the body’s metabolic processes

– Improves liver function

– Stimulates the formation of new cells and tissues in the body

– Improves the reproductive system

– Positively affects the human nervous system

– Activates brain thought processes

After examining the beneficial properties of shrimp fish, you can conclude
that its use will not only please with its taste,
but will bring a lot of benefits.

What harm can a congrio fish do to human health?

Congrio fish is practically not dangerous and has no contraindications.
The only threat lies in individual intolerance. This
the risk increases due to the fact that the congrio is not familiar to residents
our country and does not live on the territory of Russia. That is why
reaction of the organism to the foreign “guest” of your table
unpredictable. Nutritionists of our country have not yet studied the effect
such a delicacy on the body. It is recommended to eat some fish and
track your condition.

Shrimp fish может нанести вред только в случае её
improper storage at work and at home. Also
congrio fish consumption, which is
lived in polluted waters. To prevent shrimp fish from inflicting
damage to health should pay attention to reputation
manufacturer, store and know the rules for choosing a good fish

What is the combination of congrio fish in cooking?

Shrimp fish is often called “universal.” Such
the name has its roots, because the fish congrio can serve
with almost all kinds of side dishes, sauces, dressings and

Congrio frozen fish is best baked in the oven.
However, regardless of the processing of the fish, be it frying, stewing,
steaming, shrimp fish retains all their healthy
properties and taste.

Housewives often serve an unusual delicacy with potatoes and
various cereals. Such a congrio fish dish option enhances
its nutritional value. If you want to get from shrimp
fish maximum benefit, it is recommended to cook and serve sea
dweller with vegetables as fresh as and boiled.

How to choose a congrio fish?

As mentioned above – congrio fish should be chosen “wisely”,
as if the acquired delicacy dwelled in polluted waters
or improperly stored, it can cause serious harm
health: severe food intoxication of the body and indigestion.

Good advice: it is better not to buy whole shrimp fish,
if its length is not 50 cm. Such small fish,
are often a hoax for a previously unseen congrio
buyer. Often, shrimp fish is replaced by similar marine
inmates or grown artificially by adding to her diet
nutritional chemical impurities and additives. Such a fish will not please its
the owner of neither benefit nor taste.

It is necessary to say in advance that the real whole carcass fish congrio
big enough and long – reaches one and a half meters.
Recommended stores chop shrimp fish and sell
frozen pieces. Congrio may be subject to any
heat treatment, so freezing in no way
affects the changes in beneficial properties and taste.

Congrio Fish Cooking Options

Congrio, one of the few fish that are exposed to any
heat treatment, while retaining its beneficial properties and
taste qualities. Shrimp fish может украшать как праздничные
tables, and served for the daily dinner. This sea
inhabitant can be consumed daily. Congrio fish is not exactly
get bored, because of it you can cook a lot of different dishes
in ways. Shrimp fish can be:

– Fry

– Cook

– Smoke

– Stew

– steam cook

– bake

– Stuff

Shrimp fish make excellent snacks, soups, salads,
Supplements for side dishes. Also, рыба конгрио популярна на просторах
Japanese cuisine. Restaurants of such a profile are mined, relatively
fresh, shrimp fish, and offer on its basis sushi, rolls and

In conclusion, we can say that congrio fish is a great
universal product that can be used within
own fantasy. Unfortunately, the representative of the marine
the world is poorly known in our country, but it should try

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