Tatyana Ovsienko told how she waitedcivil husband from prison

Sun, 07 Sep 2014

Recently Tatyana Ovsienko’s common-law husband Alexander Merkulov (in
certain circles known as Sasha the Wonder) was released from prison. Everything
while the investigation was going on, Merkulov spent in the SIZO.

Tatyana remembers the last three years with a shudder. Behind bars
her beloved lost health, now he is trying to restore it.
During the separation, the singer almost lost her money to
existence: she had to give up to 20 concerts every month,
to pay lawyers. Moreover, she was forced to
sell an apartment.

On June 5, the court declared Merkulov innocent on the case of registered
the murder of a businessman Sergei Vasiliev. And now Alexander and Tatiana
actively preparing for the wedding.

Only close people will be invited to the celebration:
adopted son Ovsienko Igor, singer Lolita Milyavskaya and a couple
most loyal friends.

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