Tachycardia – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Tue, 03 May 2016

Тахикардия – это термин, который обозначает
heart palpitations of any origin. As a rule, the frequency
heart rate exceeding 100 beats per minute is considered
tachycardia. The rhythm at the same time remains correct (constant
the duration of the intervals between heartbeats).
A state when an attack of tachycardia begins suddenly and also
unexpectedly ends, bears the name paroxysmal

Tachycardia – causes

There are quite a few causes provoking tachycardia. TO
These include:

– Diseases of the cardiovascular system. Very often tachycardia
is a consequence of diseases such as hypertension, defects
сердца, ишемия, инфаркты.- TOофеин. Overuse
caffeine-containing beverages are more likely to cause
tachycardia. This is explained by the impact that coffee has on
the work of the cardiovascular and central nervous systems. –
Diseases of the thyroid gland. Any endocrine disruption,
especially the thyroid gland, very often provoke enough
strong tachycardia. – Infectious diseases. Diverse
infectious diseases, in particular, causing fever
тела, тоже являются причиной развития tachycardia. This is due
common disturbance in the functioning of the cardiovascular and other
systems of the body that resulted from the disease. –
Pregnancy. Processes in the body of the future mother often also
могут привести к tachycardia. The danger of this condition is for mom and
The future baby should be evaluated by the attending gynecologist.

Tachycardia may appear due to natural, normal
body reactions to emotional and physical stress, smoking,
increase in body temperature and alcohol consumption.

Tachycardia – symptoms

Symptoms of tachycardia – dizziness, palpitations, general
weakness, feeling of loss of consciousness, feeling of lack of air.

Tachycardia – diagnosis

The doctor diagnoses tachycardia based on medical symptoms
examination of the patient, a number of tests and examinations. General tests consist
from the following studies:

– Электрокардиография (ЭTOГ). Is the main method
диагностики tachycardia. По ЭTOГ определяют тип тахикардии и
identify how cardiac disorders affect heart palpitations
rhythm – Holter monitor. This study is
continuous registration of the electrocardiogram (24 hours or more),
which helps the doctor to get a full symptomatic picture
diseases. – Electrophysiological study. With his help
identify the source causing problems in the conductive heart

The cardiologist, depending on the symptoms, may prescribe and
other additional studies to diagnose the main
заболевание, способствующее tachycardia.

Тахикардия – treatment и профилактика

Treatment for tachycardia is focused on preventing attacks.
tachycardias in the future, reducing heart rate and
minimization of complications. В ряде случаев treatment не требуется –
enough to relax, calm down, change your lifestyle. If a
пациенту требуется медикаментозное treatment, то назначить препараты
can only doctor, after conducting the appropriate examination. Worth
to remember that tachycardia that occurs for no apparent reason should be
reason for immediate medical attention.

Prevention of tachycardia is reduced to a constant and attentive
health monitoring, and for heart diseases
timely consultation of the cardiologist. Will help
prevent tachycardia attacks adherence to labor,
good rest, quitting smoking, avoiding stressful situations
and excitement. Whenever possible, it is worth refusing alcohol, fat and
spicy food.

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