Swimming for weight loss: your swim tosuccess

plavanie-dlya-pohudeniyaAxiom of effective reduction
overweight says that body weight will only decrease
when you burn more calories daily than you consume.

The best option to increase this difference besides
a certain diet – diet – according to American
overweight specialists are performing, by
at least one hour of moderate exercise
intensity five times a week.

One of the most useful and incredibly effective exercises for
losing weight is swimming.

Плавание – это не только веселое времяпровождение, но и
way to complex impact on your whole body because during
travel time involved almost all major muscle groups
body. Regular swimming classes for weight loss will help give
tone your muscles, develop strength and flexibility.


Swimming for weight loss. Calorie consumption

One kilogram of stored fat contains the equivalent of 7700
calories, so to lose excess weight you need to create
calorie deficit.

Exercise, especially cardio, that is, those
that make your heart beat faster and use more
body muscles are recommended first to help you
burn more calories daily.

Hour swimming at an average pace for a person weighing 60 kg. gives
able to consume about 430 calories.

The benefits of swimming for weight loss

  • Provides good aerobic cardiovascular performance
    system. Water exercises on the effects on the body are similar to
    other aerobic activities such as cycling and
    intense running
  • Tones the muscles: water provides 12-14% more
    resistance than air is therefore a good substitute for power
    training In addition, active movement of the arms and legs during
    swimming helps build muscle mass and improve overall
    композицию body.
  • Maintains flexibility: the pool improves joint flexibility
    easier than using ground exercises, especially the neck, shoulders,
    thighs. Largely due to the repetitive alternate movements,
    which your body does when you swim.
  • Improves joint mobility: in water you are 90% lighter than
    суше, что и gives нам возможность плавать. Water supports the body with
    head to toe, providing a full workout, so even
    if your joints are sore, you will not experience problems during
    swimming time. Swimming pool can be perfect
    for people who are overweight, pregnant
    chronic back pain or joint pain.
  • Stimulates muscle growth: although swimming is not considered effective
    activities to increase bone mass and reduce the risk of developing
    osteoporosis but on the other hand provides a stimulus for muscular
    growth due to water resistance. Strong muscles mean improvement.
    joint mobility, which in turn helps to reduce
    risk of falls and fractures. If you need to strengthen bones, walk
    al fresco can be a good addition.
  • Helps with weight loss: training in water burns from 350 to
    450 calories per hour. Combined with a healthy diet, swimming
    helps reduce fat tissue and increase muscle mass.
    Compare walking down the street, 135 calories are burned every 30 minutes, and
    water walking, burned 240 calories in half an hour.
  • Reduces stress: the pool is good not only for the body, but also for
    нервной system. Soothing aspects of water help you reduce
    alarm level and remove unnecessary tension. Well, actually
    like any physical exercise, swimming reduces blood levels
    the amount of the stress hormone cortisol.

Swimming for weight loss. How to start?

plavanie-dlya-pohudeniyaProblem 1: Swim is boring

SOLUTION: Instead of swimming in a circle, diversify
workout. Vertical movement in the pool more efficiently
strengthens muscles, providing 75% more resistance than
just swimming.

You can also try the following options:

Аквааэробика: этот тип упражнений включает в себя общее
body movement to music in shallow or deep water.

More informative in the article: “Water aerobics will help
lose weight!

Прогулки по воде / бег: включает в себя шаги и движения
arms from waist to chest. You can make movements with different
water level, thereby adjusting the intensity of the workout.

Problem 2: My eyes turn red and hurt

SOLUTION: This effect is associated with chlorinated water. Purchase
comfortable swimming glasses will solve your problem. And your eyes will be
thank you for that. There are dozens of different brands and styles.

plavanie-dlya-pohudeniyaProblem 3: Wet Hair

SOLUTION: Secure your hair at the top of your head or buy
bathing cap. Although the cap does not completely delay the whole
water, but still it helps keep hair dry and

Chlorine has a negative effect on the skin and hair, making them
dull and dry.

Problem 4: I’m choking after the first lap

SOLUTION: Newcomers to the pool, as a rule, swim in high
pace one or two laps quickly exhaled and forced to finish
workout. To get more or less lengthy training,
start alternating swimming and rest – swim for 30 seconds,
and then rest for 30 seconds.

Gradually increase the amount of time you spend.
on swimming until you can swim for 20-30 minutes without

Problem 5: I can’t swim

SOLUTION: Many swimming pools offer swimming lessons for
different age groups, as well as a variety of water sports,
who do not require the ability to swim. Learn to swim and hone
your skill, because, the more technically you are swimming, the
The best result you get from your workout.

Here are a few different swimming styles, each of which can
give an opportunity for a good workout in the pool.

Slimming swimming styles

Breaststroke. With this style, the swimmer’s hands move in sync together.
forward from the chest. At the same time, the legs are bent at the knees and then,
straightening, perform a push from the water.

Brass is undoubtedly the slowest style because
the fact that the return trajectories of the movement of hands occur under water,
and the legs work with a small respite. But at the same time, breaststroke
quite complicated from the technical side, although it does not require
excessive physical exertion. So, it can be recommended
in the early stages of swimming for weight loss.

Crawl. The fastest swimming style. Swimmer commits
alternating hand strokes, and at this time the legs are constantly moving
according to the principle of scissors. Krol is also often called free
style, due to the fact that if the swimming style is not defined, then
swimmer always chooses crawl.

Due to greater speed and pace in relation to other styles
swimming the crawl contributes to greater energy consumption, therefore
recommended for use in the later stages when your muscles
more or less get used to physical activity.

Butterfly. During the swim, the swimmer’s left and right body parts
must perform simultaneous, symmetrical movements. Hands
swimmer makes a synchronous stroke of a given trajectory, and legs
perform simultaneous undulating movement.

Butterfly is the most energy-consuming and difficult swimming style,
therefore, it is very difficult for a beginner to perform movements without disturbing
style technique. Butterfly can be used in your program
slimming swimming, but only after you master the styles
breaststroke and crawl.

Does swimming help lose weight? Video answer

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