Sweet tooth diets: chocolate, banana,caramel, grape and honey

those who, having decided to lose five to ten extra kilos,
strengthened in his quest that does not make a single step in
away from the intended! But most of us are weak and very
Vulnerable women do not have the kind of willpower that would allow
give up sweets and buns!

How to lose weight sweet tooth, if there are so many temptations?

Women who decide to lose weight due to a diet,
based on the reduction or elimination of sweets and baking,
more than others are at risk to break and return to the previous mode
power supply. Much more effective is the diet that does not prohibit
completely abandon the “harmful” delicacies, “Kremlin”,
�”Low-calorie” – they allow you to indulge yourself a little

Sweet tooths that get great pleasure from absorption
sweet, include it in your metabolism, as they have
high serotonin levels are produced, without which they
may feel miserable.

According to research, some people are much more sensitive.
tolerate the rejection of sweet, carbohydrate deficiency cause them
a sharp drop in mood, which usually gets worse in the second
half a day It is in this particular that lies that unwise
a desire that drives us in search of something sweet
before bedtime. In addition, by the evening the psychological drops significantly.
protection that keeps us from breaking down – we are tired of working days,
problems and just tired. Reception of other types of food does not satisfy
this thirst. In addition, serotonin is included in the ovulatory process,
therefore the lack of sweet on certain days of the monthly cycle
cause an irresistible desire to immediately fix
the situation. So how to be how to lose weight sweet tooth, which is difficult
deal with this sweet tooth?

There is a way out of this situation – there are several special
diets for sweet teeth, such as chocolate, banana, caramel,
honey and grape.

Immediately make a reservation: they are all short-lived and tough, but not
make you suffer from a complete lack of carbohydrates, and sweet teeth
tolerated fairly easily.

  1. Chocolate diet involves eating 90 grams of dark
    chocolate, divided into three meals, during which
    chocolate is eaten and a large amount of green tea is drunk,
    coffee without sugar (can be with skim milk). Total amount
    liquid should be approximately one and a half liters.
  2. A banana diet allows you to eat three bananas a day and drink
    as many glasses of milk, it lasts only three days and each of
    they “takes” a kilogram of excess weight. Milk can be replaced by the same.
    the amount of low-fat yogurt.
  3. Sweet tooth, who decided to lose weight, will have the liking and caramel
    diet – in one day you can eat 75 g of candy (fruit drops).
    Psychologists advise eating them during bouts of hunger, sensations
    loss of strength or mood. A more gentle diet option involves
    balanced meals for up to four days and then take candy
    instead of remaining meals. With such a “sweet life” you can
    lose up to 5 kg in a week.
  4. You can compensate for the lack of sweet grapes
    diets that saturate with carbohydrates and keep good
    mood: on the first day you need to eat 0.5 kg, in the second -1.5 kg, in
    third -2 kg. Estimated daily portion is divided into five receptions.
    and is used with two liters of liquid (green and herbal tea,
    mineral water).
  5. If you follow the honey diet you need to every meal
    add a teaspoon of honey (three meals). And the whole
    the main ration to plan so that in its structure
    low-fat dairy products and vegetables (except
    potatoes). You can eat sour juices, berries and citrus,
    especially lemon. Portions should be made small, not more than 200 g. For
    three days lost up to 3 kg.

After the victory over the extra pounds do not need immediately
go back to your normal diet – try
stick to the right foods and not to lean on the sweet!

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