Summer fashion: what to wear to look likestylishly

The most dangerous time of the year for motorists and just men – you
think winter? No, they did not guess. Summer! Why? So calm here
walk or drive past shamelessly short dresses and tempting
looking out from under their feet? So before the accident quite close! AND
not only on the roadway. Eh, girls, what are you doing ?! Is it
can so with a weak floor to you?

In summer, wherever you look, half-naked bodies are everywhere with
traces of fresh beautiful tan. Young and especially experienced ladies
with all their might they try to outdo each other in the ability to draw attention to
your summer dress

As a rule, the question of what to wear in summer arises for those women
wardrobes which are crammed with clothing (hee hee, a joke of humor!). And
requests from these ladies are extremely fashionable, so their desire
to fill cabinets with new summer “content” becomes with each
Year very burdensome for these very cabinets.

Your summer wardrobe

ANDтак, для начала следует определиться, стоит ли расширять
dressing room for new products of the upcoming season or try
combine those things that are already in it. What to wear
next summer according to the advice of fashion designers?

  • Let’s start with the summer detail – short. ANDзлюбленные модницами
    shorts have one common distinguishing feature: torn bottom
    edges, as if someone in a hurry was finishing the whole collection for the last
    night. The most common colors for this piece of clothing are denim and
    the black. Razmerchik shorts as it is impossible to have a dangerous situation on
    roads: in fashion defiantly short things.

  • More closed clothes – pants – for the summer offer to choose
    straight, classic, with a high or low waist, or slightly
    shortened, or long to the ground. As you can see, changes are enough
    a little, so allocate for them a separate shelf in the closet already
    not necessary. The only favorite on the podium – wide trousers of any
    species (so that when walking the wind blew the legs).

  • As for feminine and especially loved by men skirts,
    summer will bring little disappointment last. In fashion models up to
    knees and maxi! Do not immediately despair like this: long skirts will
    from translucent fabric so let the imagination of men
    clears the whole coil. Also long and free,
    a lightweight skirt flying up from every breath of wind
    so mesmerizing. Remember, like Merlin Monroe? Very playful!

What are summer office wear?

Suits, skirts … Dresses !!! That’s what is both trendy and very
summer, and decently restrained. That is a kind of wagon for
women: in the feast, and in the working world.

Dresses will be this year for every taste: monochrome black,
white, orange, blue, purple, ethnics, prints (geometry and
flowers), as well as embroidery.

Agree, all this is great for a summer day at work,
filled with the workiness and dreams of vacationing at sea.

So we got to the sea! Beach dresses and dresses in nautical style
– something that you definitely need to take with you. If you do not fight the beach
people on the spot, then at least please yourself. But you can fight and
need swimsuits!

Fashionable summer bikini and closed swimsuits, monokini and knitted
�”Things” can be supplemented with belts (up to leather, fashion designers
allow), pareo and, of course, a breathtaking tan.

As for the shoes, the abundance of color proclaims its primacy.
First, shoes should be bright, and then comfortable :). Highly
An interesting decision of designers – shoes of several colors: blue and
beige, white and red, blue and green. Such sandals or
shoes fit the same colored outfits.

In honor of the designers geometric patterns, strip, checkered,
floral and animal print. Still remain relevant
straps, lacing, ribbons. In summer, you can safely, without fear of being
listed as the worst-dressed women in the city, worn as
platform shoes, and the ubiquitous “stiletto”.

Well, this summer will be like this, as restless as ever: for
women – in the care of fashion, for men – in constant thinking about
sailing past coquettes.

What to wear летом? Что носят летом?

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