Stylish gray November manicure – greatoption for autumn

With the onset of autumn the master of the art of art offers to change the bright
Manicure paints on more restrained and dark. This season one
Of the trendy colors for autumn manicure is gray. It’s color
stones and metal, so many associate it with hardness,
rigor and stability. Gray, beautifully designed nails,
They look elegant and restrained, while they can always be decorated
additional elements of decor.

Features and compatibility

Gray manicure combines sustained elegance and
ease. It is great for going to the office, but decorating
nails additional decor, manicure quickly turns from
business in smart. On the basis of gray manicure, you can create a design
which will be appropriate in any life situation.

Gray lacquer looks great on both short nails and on

Gray has many shades and blends easily with others.
flowers. Light tones look good with muffled, delicate
flowers, and dark – with saturated.

Light shades of gray

Today, naturalness is in fashion, so along with nude
shades, light, “dusty” shades of gray are popular
colors. On their basis, you can create a beautiful autumn manicure.

  • Matt. Gray matte manicure is quite popular.
    It looks elegant and stylish, gives it originality
    matte, velvety coating. This design does not violate the rules.
    dress code, while it does not look inconspicuous.
  • Gradient. Gradient made in gray tones has a rather
    noble look. Usually at the base of the nail plate use
    deep saturated color, and to the free edge it smoothly turns into
    ashy tint. This design will suit owners of long
    nails. Gray gradient looks nice in glossy
    performance and frosted. It can be located not only in length
    nail, but also horizontally or diagonally.
  • Steel. The effect of steel coating nails is achieved by
    silver lacquer and rub. Despite the bright tone, thanks
    In the rub, such a manicure will attract the attention of others. Nails
    reflect light and shine with metallic highlights.
  • Ash french Using contrasting shades of gray, you can
    create stunning french manicure for fall. As
    the main color is light ash lacquer, and the smile
    создается лаком графитового, почти черного colors. For more
    the originality of the main part of the nail can be made matte and smile
  • Reverse french Moon manicure (reverse french), created from
    contrasting shades of gray, looks very impressive. Cover
    the main part of the nail dull “pripylenny” shade of gray,
    moonulu draw dark. The shape of the hole can be made convex
    or concave, in the form of a thin strip passing along the edge at the base
    the nail. Originality manicure adds hole, decorated in the form of

Rich shades of gray

In this autumn-winter season, designers are actively using, not
only a bright palette of gray color, no less demanded
deep and deep shades such as tin, graphite or
wet asphalt color. By applying these colors as well as combining them with
various elements of decor, you can create many options
оформления nails.

  • Graphite gloss. Gray with a slight warm tint of graphite
    very suitable for creating autumn nail art, no matter
    gloss or matte varnish made manicure. This design will be
    уместен на ногтях любой формы и длины nails.
  • Picture. You can add beautiful dark monotonous manicure
    silver or white painting. Pattern can decorate all the nails
    or just one or two. This design is more suitable
    обладательницам длинных nails.
  • Rhinestones. Incredibly beautiful and noble against a dark gray background.
    Manicure look rhinestones. Rhinestone decoration is appropriate for
    evening out or holiday event. Look great
    Rhinestones on the background of nail color wet asphalt. Design options
    may be different: vertical strip, pyramid, solid or
    single clutch
  • Geometry. Against the background of gray manicure parallel parallel
    and intersecting lines created with a special silver
    adhesive tape. Geometric shapes can be performed by any
    тоном серого colors. When creating them, you can use them immediately.
    several shades. This design attracts with its unusual and
  • Broken glass. Extravagant appearance has a smoky background
    nail cover imitation of broken glass, created from silver
    nail foil. Such a neyl-art will approach to the specifically selected
    dress for the evening out.
  • Peas. Simple and easy to look peas, made light
    лаком на темном фоне nails. To create such a design is not difficult, but
    he looks very stylish. Peas can be applied to all nails or
    only selectively. Pea nail art goes well with
    youth style.

Despite the misconceptions, gray never looks dull.
It serves as an excellent basis for creating original and stylish
nail art.

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