Stuttering – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Thu, Mar 24, 2016

Заикание представляет собой довольно сложное
neurotic disorder that occurs due to nervous
overvoltage or strong fright. In 90% of cases, this species
The disease occurs at an early age, when the child is only
masters the speech. By the way, it is worth noting the fact that boys are not
looking to have a more stable nervous system, stutter
3-4 times more often than girls. In some cases, after
relatively strong shocks stuttering appears in adults

An interesting fact is that stuttering manifests itself in people not in every
case. For example, according to statistics, about 93% of people stutter
mostly when talking to people. Many stuttering people
do not stutter at all when they are alone with themselves or when
talking with animals, knowing that no one will hear them. Also
stuttering may not occur when talking to small children
singing time, whispering and other situations.

Stuttering – causes

With the identification of the causes of stuttering is quite a difficult situation.
This phenomenon is actively studied by psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists and
other doctors. Each doctor has his own point of view.
regarding the causes of stuttering and methods of its treatment.
The list of various reasons is very extensive. Stuttering can
arise like an unloved child who is deficient
communication, and the spoiled boy, who all the time was
surrounded by warmth and care. This phenomenon may occur after
serious stress, overwork or fright experienced by a child
until he learned to talk. Also нужно
take into account the impact of horror films, constant family scandals,
hard childish pranks, as well as other shocks.

Stuttering – symptoms

Stuttering often involves the frequent repetition of words or
extended pronunciation of speech sounds. A certain group of people
who suffers stuttering, feels stress or just
�”Gasp” when trying to speak. In some cases, speech
can tritely stop or just block. Only
after some effort a person has the ability to finish
the phrase.

Stuttering – diagnosis

At first glance, it seems that diagnosing stuttering is very
simply, because the hesitations clearly break the coherence of speech. But some
stuttering characteristics are not always easy to find.
the listener. It is not surprising that the professional diagnosis of this
phenomenon requires certain skills.

As for the diagnosis of young children, it is in most
case is able to predict whether stuttering will occur in
the future. For older children held
diagnostic assessment consisting of tests, interviews and observations,
designed to assess the overall severity of the disease. All
information that was obtained during the assessment, in the future
used to develop a specific treatment program.

Заикание – treatment

Although stuttering and cured, it is worth noting the fact that completely
only 5-8% of patients can be cured. In some cases, stuttering
can be held independently under favorable circumstances.
In a huge degree, recovery is facilitated by sports,
thereby strengthening the human nervous system, as well as
expanding circle of communication, which is important.

As a treatment, various kinds of speech and
breathing exercises that help stabilize the pace
speech. These include breathing exercises, dancing, singing,
chanting poetry and other exercises.

In very rare situations, hypnosis is used, but it is suitable.
exclusively for adults. With this method, the patient can
instill confidence in himself, after which he ceases to stutter.
However, some side effects may occur: worsening
memory, headache, insomnia. This procedure is strictly
prohibited for children.

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