Strawberries in syrup for the winter: with sugar, lemonacid gelatin. Recipes консервированной клубники в сиропе наwinter

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Summer strawberry is a real culinary wonder.

If the harvest is big, I want to preserve its fragrant scarlet flesh,
in the cold season to enjoy the strawberry flavor in your favorite
sweet dishes.

From strawberries make jam, jams, mashed potatoes, jellies, compotes,
freeze. But one of the most popular preservation options
вкусной ягоды — клубника в сиропе на winter.

Thick sugar syrup allows you to keep the shape of strawberries
wonderful aroma and nice color. The contents of the jars can be eaten
just like that or used to make sweet cakes,
decorations of cakes, creamy desserts, ice cream. The syrup will become
an excellent substitute for honey: it is very tasty to serve to pancakes and
pancakes, add to porridge, make refreshing juice, soak

Клубника в сиропе на winter — общие принципы приготовления

The recipe uses two main components: strawberries and
sugar syrup. Berry need to sort, spoiled to postpone.
In small portions, rinse in a basin with cold water and put in
a colander so that excess moisture is gone. It remains to remove the stalk – and
strawberries ready to be dipped in syrup.

There are two ways to make sugar syrup: with water and without
her The first one is faster, because you don’t have to wait for the strawberries to start.
the juice. Different ways of harvesting berries: strawberries can
canned directly in syrup or filled with fresh

Для заготовки клубники в сиропе на winter лучше использовать
small jars – no more than 700 ml. They are easier to store, and
the contents can be used immediately or within a few
days Banks must be sterilized in hot water, lids
boil in boiling water.

The finished product can be corked with metal or nylon
lids. In the first case, the banks need to cool, turning down
covers and wrapped with an old blanket. Keep them in the cold
place In the second case, the product is cooled in the usual way, not
turning over and stored in the refrigerator.

Frozen strawberries in syrup are sent to the freezer
the camera.

Клубника в сиропе на winter «Медово-сахарная»

An amazing treat can be prepared according to this recipe.
Fragrant berries literally melt in your mouth. The proportions are approximate.
You can vary the amount of sugar and water depending on how
how much strawberries are prepared for canning and how is it packed in
banks: tight or loose. When cooking syrup are usually used
such proportions: per liter of water and a half kilogram of sugar


• 3 kg of strawberries;

• 2.5 liters of water;

• 3.7 kg of sugar;

• 2 tsp. citric acid.

Cooking method:

In sterilized jars tightly lay the strawberries. Try
fill with small berries all intervals.

Boil sugar syrup: pour sugar into the pan, add water
and, stirring with a wooden spatula or spoon, bring up

When continuous bubbles appear, reduce the fire and
minimum boil the sugar for five minutes.

A minute before the end of cooking syrup pour citric acid,

If a syrup appears on the syrup, it should be removed.

Hot syrup very carefully pour strawberries in jars.

Cover the bottom of a wide saucepan with an old towel, set
jars, pour warm water over the hangers and sterilize from the moment
boiling water in a saucepan for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on
size glass containers.

Screw the caps and cool.

Клубника в сиропе на winter «Сладкая моя»

A simple recipe for winter strawberries in syrup. Its feature is
long cooking time. It will take about a day to
complete the process, although you will only have to work at the beginning and in
end of cooking. Berries will remain whole and very beautiful. Water
not used. The amount of sugar can be varied to your


two kilograms of strawberries;

one or one and a half kilograms of sugar (who loves how).

Cooking method:

Spread strawberries in a large and wide cooking pot
layers, pouring each layer of sugar.

The top layer must be covered very abundantly so that the berries
almost never guessed under sugar topping.

Put strawberries in the fridge for 12 hours. You can periodically
shake the container to immerse the berries in the juice, and
You can not do this.

When enough juice stands out, proceed to the main part.

Banks sterilized and filled with berries.

Pour syrup.

Sterilize the jars as described in the first recipe.

Cork, cool and send to storage.

Клубника в сиропе на winter «Принцесса»

Этот рецепт клубники в сиропе на winter предполагает использование
instant gelatin. After the syrup hardens,
consistency, it will resemble a light jelly.


• kilogram of strawberries;

• eight hundred grams of sugar;

• half a glass of water;

• two tablespoons of instant gelatin

Cooking method:

Prepared berries lay out in a wide container.

Separately, pour sugar into the pan with warm water and heat on
medium heat with frequent stirring until the grains are
go away

Boil the syrup over low heat for five minutes, removing the froth.

Pour the berries with hot transparent syrup and leave for an hour on
two. All this time under the influence of hot melted sugar
juice will be released, and gradually the whole strawberry will be in liquid

It must be completely cooled, after which skimmer removed

Bring the syrup to boiling, boil for 5 minutes, return the berries to
pan and cool everything.

After two hours, repeat the process.

When the syrup is cold, remove the berries and decompose them into sterilized
banks so as to occupy two thirds of the volume.

Gelatin pour hot water and warm to powder completely

Pour gelatin solution into syrup, heat over medium heat, do not
allowing boiling.

When the first boiling bubbles appear, pour berries and syrup into
cork immediately.

If you store the jars at room temperature, gelatin does not

Strawberries frozen in the “Snow Queen” syrup

Отличный способ заготовить ягоду — заморозить ее в syrup Are needed
reliable plastic containers that are conveniently stored in


• Strawberry;

• litere of water;

• four hundred grams of sugar;

• half a spoonful of citric acid (or a tablespoon of fresh
lemon juice).

Cooking method:

Boil syrup from water, sugar and citric acid, cool.

Berries put in prepared containers.

Pour the cooled syrup.

Send in the freezer.

Frozen strawberries in Vitaminka syrup without lemon

Another recipe for frozen strawberries in syrup that is cooked
без citric acid. Perfectly preserved the taste of the berries and all her
vitamins. You can use such strawberries in a variety of sweet


• a pound of strawberries;

• 150 ml of water;

• three hundred grams of sugar.

Cooking method:

Cut the dried strawberries into slices.

Put the berries in a prepared plastic container.

From water and sugar, boil and cool the syrup.

Pour syrup over strawberry slices.

Close the container tightly, if possible, and send to
хранение в морозильную the camera.

Клубника в сиропе на winter «Летняя сказка»

Простой способ заготовки клубники в сиропе на winter. Cook
the product will come in three runs, but the syrup will be thick, tasty
and it can be used for pastry purposes.


• two kilograms of strawberries;

• two kilograms of sugar.

Cooking method:

Washed prepared berries sprinkled with sugar, stacking them
in layers.

Leave in a warm place for 3-4 hours to give strawberries
the juice.

Sterilize jars and lids over hot steam or in a brass

Drain the strawberry juice in the pan, and the berries spread in a clean
банки и прикрыть lids.

Boil the syrup for five minutes, cool.

Repeat the cooking syrup three more times. Each time he will
become increasingly thick and beautiful.

After the last boil over with the syrup, cool down the berry, cork
cans and sterilized in hot water for 3-5 minutes depending on
volume of glass packaging (half-liter or liter).

Клубника в сиропе на winter — хитрости и полезные советы

  • There is a very simple way to calculate the amount of water and sugar for
    cooking syrup to any number of strawberries. This way
    great for the first recipe. So, you need to tight, to the very
    top filled with strawberries available glass containers. Pour into banks
    water just above the middle. Then drain the water and measure the volume (you can
    do this usually per liter). Per liter of water – one and a half kilograms
    сахара и полчайной ложки citric acid.

  • After sterilization, the strawberry becomes smaller in size
    поэтому банки нужно заполнять свежей ягодой как можно плотher

  • Sterilize the banks in the water need for time: half a liter and
    seven hundred – ten minutes, litrovki and polutorlitrovki – fifteen

  • When sterilizing, a cloth is necessarily put on the bottom of the pan or
    wooden backing. Otherwise during the boiling jar
    may hit the walls and burst.

  • Frozen berries are very tender, their structure is easy
    destroy by improper defrosting. This should be done carefully
    placing the container with the berries in the fridge. Properly thawed
    strawberries retain their shape and vitamins, and their taste will not be different
    from fresh. You can eat it just like that, and prepare it on the basis of a syrup
    various drinks.

  • Клубнику в сиропе, заготовленную на winter, можно добавлять в
    cottage cheese mousses, homemade yogurts, various desserts, muffins and
    прочую baking

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