Spices for weight loss: from cinnamon tocardamom

spetsii-dlya-pohudeniya-reyting-predlozheniyIn history
humanity spices have played an important role since the days of the great
Paleolithic, when the most ancient inhabitants of our planet used
monotonous food, and in order to somehow enrich their diet began
season meat dishes with various herbs.

Over time, spices and spices have become an indispensable component.
each dish, and today their choice on the shelves
specialty stores are just limitless.

Recently it has become fashionable to use various kinds
spices in aromatherapy, which has a wonderful
property to smooth the effects of stressful situations. However, to
Unfortunately, not everyone knows that spices can be successfully used and
for weight loss.

Features receiving spices for weight loss

According to leading nutritionists, if you add spices or spices
for food, you can easily lose a couple of extra pounds,
however, it must be done correctly. But it is worth noting that
nothing complicated about it! The main thing is to use them in moderation.

With the help of spices, you can turn even the most tasteless food.
in the divine, magnificent and saturated. They will bring in any
a dish its unique flavor and aroma, for example, will give boiled
chicken fillet tastes like an appetizing fried chicken, and pork has a flavor
baked in foil, etc.

The ability of these herbs is surprising and enthralling, because with their
help in the body rapidly accelerates metabolic processes,
fat stores are burned, certain spices are able to suppress
appetite (simultaneously causing a feeling of fullness) and purifying the body
from toxins and slags.

Strongly sharp and smelling spices should not be consumed in the evening
time of day, as they are able to actively stimulate work
gastrointestinal tract, which can later lead to
increased appetite and disturbed quality of night sleep.

By the way, do not forget that in this case, spices are not
salt, sugar or vinegar, which we are accustomed to count them, and fragrant
vegetable components (herbs, roots, stalks, leaves), in
which contains a huge amount of beneficial vitamins and

And now let’s try to figure out which spices
are most effective in weight correction matters, and in which dishes from
best to add!


Spices for weight loss: eat tasty and thin!

Cinnamon. It is rightfully the No. 1 spice in matters of reducing excess
weight. This “title” cinnamon received due to the ability to clearly
regulate blood glucose (which does not allow the latter
transform into fat) and suppress your appetite with your scent.

To a large extent, the deposition of fat reserves occurs on the background
sharp drops in sugar level, but taking only a quarter of a teaspoon
spoons of cinnamon daily solves this problem completely and
allows you to improve the carbohydrate metabolism in the body 20 times
person It can be added to salads, flour products (famous
cinnamon buns), desserts, meat dishes, sauces, and, of course,
in tea, coffee and cappuccino.

Mint. It is considered one of the best herbs for gaining harmony
body, and its unique flavor contributes to the rapid suppression
appetite. Add peppermint to meat or vegetable dishes (for example,
it goes well with cucumbers), as well as in cocktails,
drinks or tea.

Vanilla. Maybe you don’t know, but vanilla is a spice that
comes from the magical world of aristocratic orchids inhabiting
open spaces of Mexico and blossoming only one day in a year. Vanilla
added exclusively to various kinds of goodies and sweets that
gives them even more refined and unique aroma. Nutritionists
recommend using vanilla to suppress the desire to eat something
sweet and “harmful”, such as chocolate, and its addition to
a small amount in the curd will make it lower-calorie
dessert. You can also use vanilla in the composition and other

Chervil. This spice is often used as a spice.
for salads, as well as while cooking meat, poultry and

Ginger. Another great tool for “safe”
losing weight Ginger has a spicy rhizome and is very
burning tastes. By adding it to the dish, you can
give it a taste of freshness and light sharpness.

Ginger has a unique ability to a large extent.
accelerate metabolic processes in the human body, reduce
the level of cholesterol in the blood and remove stagnant slags. More often
it is added to chicken, veal, vegetable stew, pate or
make him famous ginger tea.

Rosemary. With this beautiful plant you can decorate
before serving their dishes, especially for vegetables: for example,
stews, fried vegetables and sauces.


Basil. Belongs to the mint family, making it
indispensable as a seasoning for many dishes. He possesses
wonderful rich aroma, thanks to which the already
tasty dishes are simply unique.

Basil goes well with meat delicacies from pork,
beef, poultry, and also well suited to fruit and vegetable
dishes, pastries and even eggs. He is also the main
the ingredient of the famous piquant sauce called pesto,
which is served as a dietary seasoning for low-calorie

Sage. Like no other spice, is able to uncover
excellent taste of poultry dishes. He is also perfect
as a seasoning for meat.

Bay leaf. Sounds like a noble laurel. Most
common spice, because today it is found in the kitchen
almost every housewife and is used for cooking
first courses (rarely second ones), during canning and marinating
vegetables for the winter.

It is best to add bay leaf at the final stage.
cooking because of its slightly astringent taste and too much
rich aroma. It also represents the beautiful
means in the fight against deferred salts, removes from the body
human slags and toxins.

Carnation More often всего эту специю используют в качестве пряности к
marinades, but cloves are especially good in fish broth, meat
mince, as well as in some types of pate.

Black pepper. Another common spice application
which knows no bounds. Its reception allows you to actively accelerate all
metabolic processes in humans, thanks to its
spicy taste. Black pepper is perfect for the first dishes
salads, vegetables, meat, fish and even its cooking benefits
learned to use at 100%!

Red pepper. It has several different names: Chilean,
cayenne pepper, pepperoni and others. Like black pepper, he
It has an excellent property to improve metabolism, while
This increases the intensity of burning fat.

Due to the presence in the composition of a special component of capsaicin, its
reception has a significant thermal effect and accelerates the processes
digestion, resulting in fats and carbohydrates do not have time
transform into fatty tissue. You can add red pepper in
any dishes, according to your desire and taste preferences. Fragrant
pepper. The next on our list of spices for weight loss is fragrant
pepper. This is an incredibly odorous spice that will be used in
приготовлении множества различных интересных dishes.

Dill and parsley. The following spices have a whole range of
superior qualities, they include a huge amount of
vitamins and minerals that our body needs
pronounced diuretic effect, with the help of which the whole is removed
swelling of the face.

The quality of digestion is also well improved, the food is completely
digested and digested faster. You can add them to any
dishes (fresh or dried), but dill and parsley are best
combined with vegetables, eggs, beef, pork, cheese and
cottage cheese.

Turmeric. This is not only a great spice for the kitchen, but it also
found application in medicine. Due to the presence in its composition
special substance curcumin she has a good
anti-inflammatory and even anti-tumor effect.

As for losing weight, then here turmeric does not graze the back!
Scientists have determined that this spice can reduce growth
adipose tissue in the human body and improve digestion.
It is best to add it to salads, vegetable dishes and cottage cheese

Curry. This is a spice set that consists of the following.
ingredients: cinnamon, three types of pepper (black, red and
душистого), имбиря, cardamom, кориандра, гвоздики, ажгона,
nutmeg and turmeric. All this together allows
feel all the delights of her unsurpassed taste, which, moreover,
является прекрасным средством для снижения appetite.

Marjoram. To some extent is a relative of sage,
therefore it is added to the same dishes as he. Very good
combined with cabbage, greens and marinade. It has a warming
effect for the body, improves digestion and even normalizes
menstrual cycle in women. Doctors recommend the use of marjoram
people suffering from diabetes, with rheumatism, diseases
kidney, gallbladder or after a heart attack.

Mustard. It is an integral part of the kitchen of every hostess. Her
the usual look is a mixture of dry mustard with vinegar and other
spices. In ancient times, her powder was learned to apply when
colds and as an antiseptic, now mustard
added to many dishes in the form of seasoning.


Thyme or thyme. With it, people have learned to get rid of
bloating and gas, and the systematic use of this spice in
greatly enhances human immunity and contributes to
active weight loss. More often всего чабрец добавляют к тыкве, бобам и
various root crops. He also goes well with dishes from
beef, lamb, pork and poultry.

Oregano This seasoning is originally from Italy. It was there that learned
use it as a spice to many dishes
Mediterranean cuisine. Oregano is a natural
antibacterial agent that protects the human body from
various infections and parasites. Improves digestion and
goes well with vegetables, beans, eggs and sausage.

Ginseng. It can be used both in the form of spices, and in
natural form. However, first of all it is necessary
consult with a specialist who will help you
establish the exact amount of ginseng, so as not to overdo it.

Cardamom. And completes our list of spices for slimming cardamom,
which, like many others, comes from India. He possesses
unique ability to effectively burn accumulated in the body
fats. Для результата добавляйте зерна cardamom в кофе или чай.

So, we have learned with you what spices are and what is better with them
combine. Experiment, create, diversify your kitchen, and
it will help you not only change your usual diet, but also
lose a few pounds without any titanic effort.

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