Smell of garlic from your mouth – how to get rid quickly andforever available methods. Effective remedies for freshbreathing

Пт, 20 май 2016 Автор: Римма Сергеева

Many of us love to pamper ourselves with fragrant dishes, richly
seasoned with garlic.

For such gastronomic preferences have to pay
unpleasant smell from the mouth.

Today you will learn what to do with the smell of garlic from the mouth – how
get rid of him.

Smell of garlic from the mouth – how to get rid of: hygiene of the cavity

Modern cuisine is hard to imagine without fragrant garlic.
The plant is abundant in vitamins and trace elements, capable of
to add zest to the simplest dish. However, garlic contains
various sulfur compounds that enter into chemical
reaction with bacteria which in turn leads to a foul-smelling
запаху изо mouth. Consider effective ways to help
deal with this problem.

Hygiene products

The most effective and simple way to get rid of bad
smell is considered to be the use of available hygiene products:

• toothpaste and brush;

• dental floss;

• бальзама-ополаскивателя для полости mouth.

После тщательного полоскания mouth водой застрявшие в зубах
pieces of garlic will help remove toothpaste and brush. Leftover food
creating odor, easily removes dental floss. Also recommended
воспользоваться ополаскиватель для mouth. Means possessing
antimicrobial and disinfectant action, copes with
foreign odors, as well as excellent refreshment and
tones up.

Запах чеснока изо mouth — как избавиться: эффективные и доступные

Vegetables and fruits

Bring back fresh breath and the possibility of unhindered communication.
with other people help vegetables such as potatoes and carrots.
A few spoons of these odor-absorbing vegetables and you can
позабыть о противном запахе изо mouth.

Also, the ability to “absorb” the smell of garlic have mushrooms and
citrus fruits. Especially copes with this
task is lemon. A little chewing his zest, you will become the owner
приятного breathing.

Alcoholic drinks

A stack of vodka is one of the most unusual ways to get rid of.
from the smell of garlic. The fact is that alcohol kills all germs and,
accordingly, the smell after garlic also disappears. If you
still decide to use this method, it is very important not
overdo. After all, then you have to find a way to get rid of
more unpleasant smell.

Plentiful Drink

It is believed that you can get rid of the smell of garlic, if you drink
plenty of pure water. Plentiful Drink не только очистит
breathing, but also benefit the whole body. Also specialists
It is recommended to try to drink one glass of water. In their words, such
drinking is refreshing.


Быстро избавиться от зловония изо mouth поможет любая зелень:

• dill,

• parsley,

• cilantro,

• mint.

You just need to take a small bunch of greenery and rinse it under
water Then it should be eaten, chewing slowly. Use
greens can be in any form. If it’s hard for you to eat it in its pure form,
then you can make her favorite vegetable salad or just brew
tea. These methods help to eliminate other bad smells, including
including from alcohol.

Chewing gum

Chewables are great for fighting for fresh breath.
sugar free gum with xylitol and cinnamon. Chewing gum increases
the amount of saliva secreted, which allows for a rather quick flush
unpleasant smell. After chewing for a few minutes, your breath will become
fresh and clean.

Black tea and dairy products

От неприятного запаха изо mouth после недавно съеденного блюда с
чесноком поможет избавиться горячий крепкий tea. Enhance action
drink can be, if you add a small slice of lemon and
mint leaf

Any dairy will be excellent protection against an unpleasant smell
foods drunk before meals. Стакан молока, йогуmouth, ряженки
or kefir will provide reliable protection against the stench.

Spices and coffee beans

Such aromatic spices as cloves, cardamom and cinnamon,
perfectly help to mask the smell of garlic. Must put
a small amount of seasoning for the cheek and suck some time.
The strong, burning taste of spices is not pleasant to everyone, but in order to
cope with the smell, you can a little and suffer.

Свежие зерна кофе — это волшебное средство from the smell of garlic.
It is necessary to chew only one grain to refresh your breath.

The nuts

An excellent alternative to spices are nuts.
It is noteworthy that to combat the smell of garlic are suitable not only
walnuts, but also pine nuts and almonds. Chewing a few
tasty nuts, you will not only please the body with beneficial
substances, but also get rid of self-doubt.

Activated carbon

This tool has the unique ability to absorb harmful
substances and remove them from the body. Coal needs some time
hold in your mouth. From the heavy smell will not remain a trace.
The only drawback of this method is the staining of the tongue,
teeth and gums in black.

Запах чеснока изо mouth — как избавиться с помощью

Gargle oiled

For this method it is better to use any natural oil.
cold pressed without any additives. Oil rinse
has long been used by Indian medicine for healing. It
allows not only to draw out toxins from the body, but also ideally
clean the mouth.

Take one tablespoon of oil and start rinsing your mouth.
The product, mixed with saliva, will acquire the consistency of milk and
will get a little viscous. The duration of the procedure is 10
minutes Then just spit the butter in the sink and rinse out your mouth.
теплой water

Полоскание mouth горчицей

Burning seasoning great fights the bad smell of
garlic, if you rinse your mouth. Need to take one teaspoon
mustard and dilute it in a little water. Received
fluid should be thoroughly rinsed mouth. This
the procedure is not pleasant but unpleasant smell problem
decides perfectly well.

Теперь вы знаете, как бороться с запахом чеснока изо mouth, как
get rid of unpleasant aroma in affordable ways. Choose
the most acceptable option for yourself and do not deprive yourself of pleasure
feast on garlic.

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