Slimming menu with Cambridge cocktailsnutrition”

Slimming всегда связано с ограничением питания, а значит с
nutritional deficiencies. As you know, if our body
something is missing, he responds with appetite, trying to get
the very nutrients that provoke us to eat

It turns out a vicious circle: first a strict diet, and then a breakdown,
after which you gain even more.

What to do? Как составить меню так, чтобы есть мало, но
at the same time getting everything you need? Do it yourself

But professional nutritionists have their own secrets. One of them
– Cambridge food. This is the name of the world famous series.
diet products with a minimum calorie, but with
containing large amounts of vitamins and microelements, and
most importantly, proteins that are so necessary for losing weight.

Slimming menu with Cambridge cocktailsnutrition"

В  одном батончике содержится 14 граммов белка,
практически,  как в целой порции говяжьего

Cambridge food comes in non-nutritive cereals, soups,
bars and well-known to all powdered cocktails.

In fact, the shape of the products is made just for a change,
because they all have almost the same composition – with a very
high in protein and vitamins in both the best
multivitamin complexes.

Slimming menu with Cambridge cocktailsnutrition"

Для примера: в  одной порции любого Кембриджского продукта,
whether it is porridge or a bar, contains at least 14 grams of protein,
практически, как в целой порции говяжьего steak What is the difference? BUT
in that, having eaten a portion of meat, besides protein, you will also get quite a lot
fat that losing weight is completely unnecessary. BUT с батончиком
calorie and fat content will be minimal.

This does not mean that in order to lose weight, you need to completely
go to Cambridge cereals, cocktails, bars, but reduce
calorie intake, adding them to the menu is very useful.

�”Can be advised to use the products of the Cambridge food
as ancillary when we need to get a minimum of calories but
нормально поесть, – говорит диетолог Татьяна BUTлексеевна
Solodyazhnikov. —  Например, можно использовать их как один
full meal – instead of breakfast or instead of dinner. Or
substitute these foods for both breakfast and dinner, leaving one
A full meal of traditional food.

It’s nice to give Cambridge food this way: do
 green vegetable salad and drink with it for example
Cambridge cocktail. You will get good protein, rich
vitamins, non-nutritive food intake.

Slimming menu with Cambridge cocktailsnutrition"

BUT батончики можно использовать для перекусов. For example, on
work, when there is no time to eat, or if you’re always in
relocations. Many linger at work, tired, dining already
closed for a few hours do not eat anything, and then come home
hungry, and piling on food. So, to prevent such
breaks between meals so that blood sugar does not fall, you can
have a snack with non-calorie bars of Cambridge food.

Or взять с собой на работу кефир. Stir the powder in it
cocktail and drink. It will be a full meal.
High protein, vitamin and non-nutritive.

If you want to spend a fasting day, then you can sit
on the Cambridge diet completely. It turns out that in a day you
eat about 450 kcal. Но лучше,  все-таки,  дополнять
эти приемы пищи зелеными  овощами, даже во время такого вот
fasting day. It will be more comfortable. For example menu
one day for those who want to use cambridge products
food once a day

Завтрак Салат из зеленых овощей.
Cambridge cocktail or soup, or porridge. A cup of green tea without


Vegetable salad. Skinless chicken breast slice with brown rice
(Brown rice is also called “Health” or brown rice) If
you feel that there will be a big break between lunch and dinner, you can
have a bite of any Cambridge food.


In the evening you can make an ordinary dinner. Cook salad type
Greek, but instead of feta cheese you can add, for example, marine
cocktail – a mixture of seafood. Here is a wonderful dinner
non-nutritive and high protein.

I gave this menu for an example. Safer and more efficient to enter
Cambridge food in your diet under the supervision of a physician. We live in
that time when nutritionists is enough.

It is better to come and consult at least once than to do
all random and make mistakes that will cost you
disappointment. “

Cambridge food can be bought in specialized pharmacies and
from distributors.

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