Side effects of drugs to reduceweights

Препараты для снижения weights сегодня настолько доступны, что
пациенты зачастую «выписывают их себе сами»,  не
consulting with experts. Portal Medical Reviewer
Новые хроники, к.м.н., врач-эндокринолог  Наталья
Tanygina is confident that pharmacological drugs to reduce
weights стоит относиться очень осторожно и не забывать, что все они
have side effects.

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According to the doctor, in the arsenal of endocrinologists there are 3
groups of drugs:

сжигатели жирааноректики
(те, которые снижают аппетит) – блокаторы

We will tell the most controversial drugs from each group.

Fat burners

Один из самых сильных сжигателей жира – трийод
тиронин, гормон щитовидной железы.  This drug
very aggressive.  It speeds up the metabolism, frequency
heart rate, increases body temperature. Them 
пользуются культуристы для быстрого сброса weights перед
competitions. Complete with diuretics, it provides them
excellent muscle relief and lack of fat.  But if
look at the same bodybuilder in the “off season”, it is clear how easy
the weight driven back to him.

Сжигатель жира

With each new course of the drug load on the heart
увеличивается, оно начинает работать в  «сверхурочном» режиме.
If you sit on the hormone all the time, it will, of course, reduce the fatty
layer, but also life expectancy, too.

Decreased appetite – anorectics

There are several drugs with this effect. First of all,
this is fenfluramine or its trade name “Izolipan”. Right away
after the appearance of these tablets were bought up like hot cakes, and
a few years later it turned out that their reception was breaking the structure
heart valves and the drug was discontinued.

The drug Trimex is currently on the market. Him
While there is no widespread advertising, only a few scientific articles. Take
it is allowed no more than 3 months. Doctors use Trimex 
cautiously, because by the mechanism of action it is similar to the heart


Наиболее распространённый препарат для снижения аппетита  —
this is sibutramine, the trade name of Meridia, Goldline, Reduxine.
 it лекарство от аппетита  применяют с 1995 года.
The drug is effective, weight reduces. Главное, он способен
to shape eating behavior. For example, is able to wean on
night.  The stomach on the background of the drug is reduced, and
saturation comes earlier. After discontinuation of the drug effect
is saved, you just need to take care of yourself (it turns out much
easier than if you start to limit yourself to food without “Meridia”).

Meridia has many side effects: dry mouth, a violation
mood, pain in the heart, increased pressure. Known a lot
cases of development of psychosis, and sometimes schizophrenia on the background of taking
drug. Another “bonus”, not very dangerous, but unpleasant –
change the smell of sweat, for the worse, of course, not at all,
кстати, проходит после отмены drug. Dosage at “Meridia”
differ. There are 10 mg, side effects still can not hide, but
low efficiency. Moreover, many people on the background of the reception
this dose develops a strong “zhor” – the brain is forbidden to eat, but
impulse is not strong enough. The next dose is 15 mg tolerated
worse, but the zhora practically does not give. In the African countries of the USA
tested and a dose of 20 mg, side effects increased, and
positive – almost there. Now, however, and in Russia there are lovers
such experiments on yourself that I drink and risk
2 capsules of 10 mg.

Preparations preventing the absorption of food – blockers

Two types of drugs are officially used: fat blockers or
carbohydrate blockers.

Препарат орлистат, торговое название Ксеникал,
blocks fats. Its advertising is now spreading everywhere under
слоганом «ATремя худеть». The main
the advantage of Xenical is the lack of its absorption.
The tablet, or rather the blue capsule, works only in the intestines, not
affects the heart, brains and temperature, taken during the reception
food. The mood on him, of course, deteriorates: even though the stomach and
чувствует себя сытым, но мозг получает меньше calories и чувствует,
that he is “deceived.”  Since the drug is safe, it is widely
is common.


According to the company that manufactures it, by 2007, sold 28
million packs.  Правда, по мнению врачей,  эффект от
приема Ксеникала не очень сильный. Food
поведение он не меняет, и постепенно желудок начинает
increase the needs of the brain, and the patient does not interfere
increase the diet if the brain signals the lack of food.

Worse, after Xenical’s withdrawal, the amount of food eaten
останется прежним, а calories усвоится больше на 30 % (именно 30%
fat it delays). Together with fats worse digested
fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E), therefore, should be parallel
take vitamin preparations (in the US for such patients
developed even a special vitamin preparation). Well, one more
a spoon of tar. Fats that are not absorbed in the intestines, somewhere
must go. They flow from the rectum. Outwardly this
resembles sea buckthorn oil, only the smell is different.

In addition to simple leakage, there may be various options.
The manufacturer has compiled a classification of the methods of separation is not
metabolized fat: bloating, flatulence, loose stools,
oily stools, frequent stools, and, most unpleasant,
 fecal incontinence.

Люди, принимающие Ксеникал, обычно либо сталкиваются с его
эффектами и прекращают приём, либо продолжают пить препарат,
не обращая на них внимание, либо столкнувшись с побочными
эффектами, начинают ограничивать потребление продуктов,
which these effects cause.  Limiting fat intake
food, they reduce weight, and taking Xenical, still increase
dietary activities.  One of the most useful
эффектов  Ксеникала – обучение человека, который его
takes If a person ate something fat, Xenical immediately
�”Say.” This is useful for those people who still do not know by heart.
таблицу caloriesности продуктов. More news: going to meet
the wishes of the first and second groups according to my classification, the firm
began the release of Xenical in a lower dose, 60 mg instead of 120. By
According to studies, it has fewer side effects, but about
efficiency is shyly silent.


A drug that blocks the absorption of carbohydrates, vegetable. it
component of bean pods. In Russia, it is produced under the name
Блокатор calories фаза 2, американская компания
Nature’s sunshine calls it Fet Grabberz (the difference is mainly in
price), there is another version of a similar action, but “synthetic” –
acarbose (“Glukobay”), it is even used for mild
diabetes mellitus. It detains 30% of the consumed carbohydrates. AT
the intestines are also not absorbed, and all the side effects
due to the release of undigested carbohydrates. it в основном
abdominal distention and flatulence, frequent stools.
Nobody has yet made classifications on this issue, therefore
the data is scattered. The drug is also taken with meals. Him
the action is similar to that of Xenical – the drug works while its
accept. Однако,  обмен углеводов от обмена жиров
different, and if you use less of them, there are chances to improve the exchange
substances that will allow not so quickly to return the dumped weight, as on

ATот оценки, которые Наталья Таныгина дала каждому из
listed drugs on the basis of its own
experience.  The number is the number of 10 patients in whom
manifested a specified effect.

Меридия Снижение weights: 9-10 Хорошая
переносимость: 3-5 Удержание weights: 5-7 Кому может помочь: 
тем, кто не в состоянии ограничивать себя в еде, тем, кто
испытывает необходимость есть на night. Suitable for young people
who do not suffer from sleep disorders. Меридию лучше
не пробовать тем, кому свойственны возбудимость,
short temper, who suffers from insomnia, hypertension,
болями в сердце, язвой 12-перстной кишки.

Ксеникал Снижение weights: 2-3 Хорошая
tolerance: 8-9, except for the above effects,
related by spontaneous stool discharge. Удержание weights: 1-2
Кому может помочь:  пациентам, которые
способны ограничивать себя в еде, соблюдать режим приёма
пищи,  и тем, кто предпочитает мясные продукты. ATозраст и
concomitant diseases are almost irrelevant.
Contraindications who is better препарат не пробовать:  Людям с
severe gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, colitis. Those who do not have
�”Free” access to the toilet (for example, drivers), it is better to start
take on vacation or on weekends.

Глюкобай, блокатор calories

Снижение weights: 2-3 Хорошая переносимость: 9-10, т.к. nothing is
вытекает из прямой кишки Удержание weights: 3-4. The effect is more pronounced
than Xenical, because drug affects the exchange process

Кому может помочь: Пациентам, которые ограничивают себя в
еде, соблюдают режим приёма пищи, предпочитают сладкое, хлеб,
porridge, pasta – i.e. carbohydrates. ATозраст и сопутствующие заболевания
practically do not matter. Contraindications who is better
препарат не пробовать:  людям с выраженным гастритом, язвенной
disease, colitis.

Science does not stand still, and now went on sale a new
drug with the easily pronounced name rimonabant (“Acomplia” or
�”Zimulti”, produced by the French company “sanofi-aventis”).
The drug belongs to the easily pronounced group of selective
antagonist endocannabinoid receptors (cannabis – hemp).
Here it turns out, as can be seen from the name of the group, hemp is vice versa.
– there is no desire and no mood. And no so much
that during the administration of the drug, several suicides were noted.

AT Штатах препарат к употреблению не разрешили,
причем, сразу после того, как совет Американской
The Association of Drugs and Food (FDA) recommended not
approve a drug for use, the day market value
manufacturing company fell by 5.8 billion euros.

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