Shorts for weight loss

shorti-dlya-pohudeniyaThermo shorts – also often called
sauna shorts or slimming shorts are quite a popular helper
in the fight against extra pounds, the meaning of which is that,
causing intense sweating, they give you the ability to quickly
lose weight

But still, although you can lose weight by using shorts to
losing weight, but this effect will be temporary, because
that its basis will be simply the mass of water, the amount
which you regain in the body very quickly after
end of training.

But understanding how this process works can help you.
formulate their own effective solutions for weight loss and
to decide whether you want to include shorts in your program for
weight loss on an ongoing basis.

Should I use shorts for weight loss?


Sweating представляет собой один из способов нашего
body maintain a constant body temperature. When in
As a result of exercise, a large number of
energy and increases your body temperature, your sweat
the glands react to this by releasing fluid to the surface

Under normal environmental conditions, the liquid evaporates and
lowers the temperature, but in a hot and humid environment, perspiration does not dry out
and the temperature may increase. Shorts for weight loss используют
the same principle – they do not allow the evaporation of sweat, forcing you
sweat more and more.


To lose weight seriously and for a long time, you need to burn more
the number of calories than you consume, and it is believed that the deficit in
7700 calories is equivalent to losing 1 kg. Calories снабжают
our body is fueled for full muscle work, internal organs
and many other body functions.

The use of shorts for weight loss, frequent trips to the sauna or wearing
rubber thermo suit does not significantly increase the amount
calories that you burn, but just make you more

Water weight

Any weight that is lost when using shorts for
slimming, presented in the form of water and electrolytes. Amount of water
which you lose will depend directly on how
you actively train.

For example, wrestlers, boxers, rowers and other athletes who
must be weighed before the start, often wear thermo suits
or shorts to quickly lose a few pounds that with
the same ease is then returned with the liquid drunk.

Alternative look at slimming shorts

As with slimming wraps, many people
It is believed that the effect of wearing short is built only on reducing
the amount of water in the body. However, this is not quite true!

Yes, most of our bodies are water, which
naturally has an effect on weight, but also at the same time as losing
fluids occur and reduce body fat. Process
fat burning and calorie consumption occurs due to
body thermoregulatory activity in other words
thanks to the efforts to eliminate water.

Shorts for weight loss. Possible risks

Of course, wearing shorts for weight loss can not make you
so sweat like using a thermo suit or hike in
sauna, but there is always a risk when you artificially strengthen
sweating function. And if you are in a warm and wet
environment, this risk is multiplied.

Dehydration can cause blurred mind and general weakness.
body and severe dehydration cause failure
internal organs and, as a result, death.

After in 1997 two wrestlers died as a result
wearing rubber suits for weight loss during exercise, in
several countries of the university sports association completely
banned their use.


Healthy weight loss is a process that does not require excessive
haste and perseverance, because the optimal rate of weight loss is
about 1-2 kg per week. But if you still decide what you need
use slimming shorts then try to avoid
dehydration and limit the level of motor activity.

And, of course, consult your doctor before starting.
any exercise program.

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