Short men’s hairstyles – trends and images.Proper styling and features short male hairstyles

ATт, 08 ноя 2016 Автор: Ирина Тарусова

Everyone knows that men, not less women, love to care for
by myself. Many regularly visit beauty salons in search of new
stylish image. In the same way as women think over
proper hair styling after a haircut from a professional, because
in a couple of days, all the “magic” that the pros have done is somewhere
disappears and you need to easily recreate the beauty of hair that
pleased the day before.

Short men’s hairstyles – familiar and classic

If you pay attention to men’s hairstyles that never
go out of fashion and enjoy constant popularity, then you can
note that the usual haircut under the nozzle, tightly entered the concept of
simplicity and elegance of the male image. However, hairdressers and
stylists around the world regularly offer options based on
Beloved men, classic haircuts.

�Boxing, Halfbox

Perhaps the most simple, relevant and ever modern,
can be called haircuts that were created using
hairdresser typewriter using one or more
nozzles Yes, we will talk about short male hairstyles (photo) –
�Boxing, Halfbox или как многие привыкли, «Ёжик».

Every year on the basis of “Boxing” are different versions of men’s
images. Nozzles of the machine, you can adjust the length of hair on
top and temples. The main thing is that this haircut is unpretentious in the care
and always relevant. Suitable for any type of male face. AT
a sporty version, this haircut suggests a shortened back and
temporal part, while the top remains with a more elongated growth

AT классическом случае этой причёски, длина волос по всей голове,
not much different. Fit hairstyle quite simple. Good
washed hair is blotted with a towel or dried with a hairdryer.
You can use styling mousse or a small amount of gel for
hair. The main thing is that the hair does not stick together in dense “thorns” and
the use of special means was not too noticeable,
Wet effect for men’s haircut this season is not

Feature of the modern short male hairstyle based on
�”Boxing” can be images, with curved shades of the temporal part.
ATсё зависит от фантазии мастера и от стиля жизни мужчины. The main thing –
Do not overdo it with the “balding”!

Short men’s hairstyle (photo) “Military”

Actual hairstyle for the coming year can be considered

This hairstyle is created on the basis of “Boxing”, due to the well-shaven
temples and occipital. ATерхние волосы могут быть длиннее
about the width of two fingers. Hair got its name
because of the popularity among men army men.

The styling is quite simple. Laying tools are used and
comb comb with short teeth. Combing hair by
towards the middle, alternately on both sides, you can get
improvised track in the form of a small braid. This one looks
hairstyle is very stylish and brutal.

Short men’s hairstyles (photo) by the type of “Canadian”

This hairstyle became popular a few decades ago and
still not lost interest in yourself.

Very easy to maintain and neat, it attracts with its
simplicity and attracts women’s views. ATисочная и затылочная
hairstyle parts are removed by special nozzles or hairdressing
scissors, then smoothly move to a more elongated parietal
plot and crown of the head. Occipital part in this hairstyle
shorn in a semicircle, and long hair at the crown is distinguished by
sides. Bangs remains the same as the main upper part. Hairstyle
You can put in a light parting and with a comb give it
Smooth and neat look.

Trendy direction and options “Anderkat”

Given the latest fashion shows of the male direction, you can
sure to say that this season of hairstyles for strong
half of humanity, especially charismatic and rich in hairstyles, in
the basis of which is the main haircut “Anderkat.”

This short men’s hairstyle (photo) is known from the nineteenth
centuries and, periodically changing, appears on the podiums, again, and

Its peculiarity in the short-cropped temporal and occipital parts
head, and, sharply elongated, crown.

AT этом модном сезоне эта стрижка может быть подчёркнута особенно
selected parting. The hair is laid in the classic version – with
using mousse or gel. Apply one of the funds to clean washed
hair, comb through hairbrush, blow-dry, directing
hair in the desired position. Fixing varnish is also quite
permissible. ATсё зависит от «послушания» волос и предпочтения.

«Hitler-Jugend» — одно из современных
interpretations of the “underscore”. Short men’s hairstyle (photo) with
reinforced temporal parts and elongated crown, several
recent years not out of fashion. This option looks especially
stylishly on men of young and middle age. Special care hairstyle not
requires. ATсё довольно просто — чисто вымытые волосы, мусс, гель для
styling fixation means.

«Помпадур» — причёска, которая полюбилась
men of different ages. Its modern version is more like
haircuts of the time of Elvis Presley, if removed from their styling, are popular
at the time, briolin. Current fashion recommends keeping volume
hair of the parietal part of the head using a special “ladder”
shearing and hair, which is fixed by light application of wax.
Hairstyle requires a longer time in styling and some
skill and patience, but the result is worth it. It looks very
stylish and rebellious.

«Британка» — немного приближена к «Помпадур».
If a man can boast luxurious curls of hair that
he got by nature, then he has a couple of options in his hair:
either he will grow curls, or, will make his hair,
worthy of attention and admiration such as the “British”. This short
men’s hairstyle (photo) will be clear to those who have ever turned
attention to the image of a football player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Good выстриженные, с плавными переходами на увеличение
теменной части, височная и задняя участки hair. Elongated upper
part of the hair is laid using wax or briolin, trying not to
�“Weight” a large number. ATсё должно быть естественно и
at ease in styling. This hairstyle, thanks to a special
technology in a haircut, very easy to clean. It is enough to wash your hair,
dry the hair dryer and put special means, directing them
fringe back at an angle of about forty-five degrees from the center

ATажно отметить, что в этом сезоне мужские причёски мало чем
different from the previous fashion. The shapes of the patterns, the direction
strands used means.

Stylish and elegant parting looks special,
created with a trimmer that allows you to send a hairstyle to
the right direction.

The number of gels and styling mousses is minimized. After
applying the gel and drying the hair, you can re-comb them,
to create natural lightness and ease of styling.
Any man, putting a little effort, spending a minimum of time,
can look beautiful and stylish, creating an image with their own hands,
pre, visiting this master of his craft. Do not be afraid
experiment and change.

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