September 4: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays September 4th.

Sun, Sep 04, 2016

Holidays September 4

Nuclear Specialist Day

The development of the atomic bomb was controlled by two departments – the military and
nuclear industry. Prepare a nuclear bomb test
entrusted to the Special Section, as a result a special
polygon near Semipalatinsk, and at the end of August 1949 passed
first atomic bomb tests that were demonstrated by the US
the presence of atomic weapons. Over 45 years, more than 700 were held
tests, and in 1990 the last explosion thundered. Creature
hydrogen bomb associated with the name of Academician Sakharov, who
creating a weapon, he himself was horrified by his power and spoke out against all kinds
build up weapons. Habitual stereotypes shaken more
after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the world was horrified to see firsthand
what terrible consequences radiation brings with it. Nuclear today
weapons for Russia remain as part of targeted development programs
weapons complex, as well as the preservation of human resources.

Rescue Day in Armenia

Since 2008, rescuers have the opportunity to officially celebrate their
professional holiday. In Armenia, rescuers should be
constantly on the check, as the story keeps many natural
disasters in the republic, in which the participation of rescuers
the lives of many hundreds of people, especially in the north of the country, are safe. After
Spitak earthquake rescue service has been repeatedly
reinforced. This was useful during the war years of 1990, when rescuers
participated in the minefield clearance. Many country rescuers
гордится и чтит их в professional holiday.

Day of the Customs Service of Moldova

In 1991, as soon as independence was proclaimed
Moldova, immediately began the formation of the customs service of the state.
All customs systems at that time in Ungeni, Leuseni and the very
Chisinau came under the leadership of the Moldavian Republic. Customs
the service provides state security, simplifies the procedure
trade with other countries and creates an investment-friendly
microclimate. Since 1994, Moldova has become a member of the international
Customs Union.

Folk calendar September 4

Agafon the Ecumenical

The holy martyr Agathonique of Nicodemia suffered for the faith in 4
century. The history of the second part goes to the depths of pagan times.
the names of the church holiday – on this day on the threshing floor may
the devil appear to “work” with sheaves of straw, transfer and
plowing around. The owners try to guard their barn,
putting on a twisted sheepskin coat at night to frighten the goblin. In hand
you need to take a poker, outline a circle around the threshing floor and sit down inside. Myself
on its own the devil lives in the forest – protects his possessions, it is considered
assistant to good people, but can get lost in the forest of evil man.
In appearance, the devil looks like a person;
red sash, shoes mixed up. It can take the form
any acquaintance or even a relative. Sunny day on
Agathon the Ecumenical predicts clear weather for four

Historical events of September 4

4 сентября 1821 года — российский самодержец
Alexander I officially notified the world that Russia belongs
part of America’s borders from Alaska to Oregon. One more, no less
a significant maneuver of the Russian emperor was the closure of the waters of Alaska for
foreign sea ships.

4 сентября 1913 года — совершено Великое
geographical discovery. Thanks to navigator and surveyor
Boris Vilkitsky on Taimyr icebreakers (commander Vilkitsky) and
�”Vaigach (commander Novopashenny) were discovered the Land of Nicholas II and
Severnaya Zemlya Island (at the beginning of the 20th century – Tsesarevich Island
Alexey). Sensational expedition was planned, in tasks
seafarers included the study of the islands of the Arctic
ocean and laying the Northern Sea Route.

4 сентября 1942 года — читатели газеты
�“Krasnoarmeyskaya Pravda” first met the brave and
savvy hero of the work of the same name by Tvardovsky Vasily
Terkin. Adventures of a brave soldier inspired Soviet soldiers
to fight the enemy for three years while on the pages
periodical published a legendary poem.

4 сентября 1944 года — закончилась
Soviet-Finnish war, Suomi stopped fire at 7 am
positions of the Soviet Union and began to send parliamentarians to
stop the bombing from the Soviet side. However, our troops
�“Rested” only on September 5, then came the moment of responsible

4 сентября 1975 года — впервые на телеэкране
The now-popular intellectual program “What? Where?
When? ”, Created by Vladimir Voroshilov and Svetlana Stetsenko.
At first, the concept of the game was different from the one that exists.
today: two families competing with each other at home
answered questions, there were two rounds that were meant for
identify the winner. When mounted in the studio plot united.

4 сентября 1991 года — четвертому по
the size of the city of Russia, the main Ural administrative and
cultural center returned it the former name Ekaterinburg (since 1924
1991 – Sverdlovsk).

Born September 4

Франсуа Рене де Шатобриан (1768 — 1848 годы) —
French writer publicist Shatobriand did a wonderful
diplomatic career, served as ambassador to many countries and
headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. But in the memory of descendants, he
remained as the founder of romanticism, a writer, expressively
conveyed the feelings of heroes through the phenomena and state of nature. is he
combined several techniques, transferring the actions of their heroes to
historical epochs. Known are his novels “Martyrs”, “Apologies
Christianity. ” Afterдователи Шатобриана – Альфред де Виньи и Виктор
Hugo He highly appreciated the work of the writer and A.S. Pushkin.
Ричард Натаниэль Райт (1908 — 1960 годы) —
American writer The Black Writer built his career with
the very bottom he worked as a porter, messenger, clerk and
gained versatile experience. He spent all his youth in
conditions of discrimination, oppression of the working class in the years of great
depression, and in 1938 published his first collection of short stories –
�”Children of Uncle Tom.” is he получил премию журнала «Стори мэгэзин», и
finished work on the novel “Son of America”, and then its continuation
�”American hunger.” Евгений Лансере (1875 – 1946
years) – Russian artistIf you look at the family tree
Lancere, you can find artists, builders, painters and
architects. He has artistic abilities
early enough, no one doubted which profession to choose
young man. Four years he spent in private art
school, engaged in the circle, turned into a community over time
�”World of Art”. The direction of the artist is the world of book art,
history and culture of past centuries. Illustrations of the artist to the novel
Leo Tolstoy “Hadji Murad” refers to the golden fund of Russian
искусства.Эдуард Хиль (1934-2012 годы) – советский
singer for the first time the general public learned about the artist on
the Song Contest of the Second All-Russian Variety Artists Competition. is he
He became a laureate, and subsequently toured the country a lot with
folk and pop songs. Possessing a recognizable creative
manner, Edward became a real darling of the Soviet
public, participated in many festive concerts, Blue
lights and music programs on television. His songs
Motherland begins “,” The man came out of the house “, It was recently, this
it was a long time ago, “The Coward Doesn’t Play Hockey” sang the entire audience. Singer
was in great shape and gave concerts until the last.
Buried at the Smolensk cemetery. Kenzo tange
(1913 – 2005) – Japanese architect Tange spent his childhood in
Hiroshima, then graduated from Tokyo University of Architecture
specialty. It was a difficult period for Japan, the country was choking
from unemployment and curtailed peaceful construction. After капитуляции
Japan, he developed a draft memorial complex in Hiroshima
after a nuclear strike. is he много пишет об архитектуре и издает свой
work on the influence on the Japanese architecture of the national spirit and
aristocracy. Myselfый знаменательный труд Танге – комплекс к
The Olympics in Tokyo in 1964.

Nameday September 4

Name day is celebrated on this day: Felix, Alexander, Gabriel,
Makar, Ivan, Hilarion, Isaac, Alexei, Athanasius, Vasily, Michael,

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