September 3: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthday on September 3.

Sun, Sep 04, 2016

Holidays September 3

Day of Solidarity in the fight against terrorism

Memorable date of Russia is established quite recently, in July 2005
of the year. The reason for its creation are tragic events in
Beslan, when about 300 were killed in a school captured by terrorists
pupils. Resist terrorism, prevent repetition
criminal madness – the main objectives of the memorial date, which
celebrated annually for several years. Terrorist organizations
go to the end without considering the value of their lives
members.Anti-worldwide anti-terrorism activity
the movement calls not to give terrorists the opportunity
show your strength under no circumstances
panic. Tragedy can happen to anyone, which is why
you need to try to acquire knowledge, to demonstrate tolerance to
to various nations and religions in order to deprive the criminals of the support and
reason to justify aggressive behavior.

Tunisia Independence Day

The struggle for the national independence of Tunisia has a rich
a story. After the Second World War, repression intensified.
the colonial authorities and the national independence movement gained
new round. In 1951, a resistance movement began in the country.
Requirements fellahs burning mansions and blowing up bridges
French colonialists, it was one – get out of the country. Collection
The harvest took place under the protection of the military – tanks, soldiers and officers.
The Independence Agreement was signed in 1956,
HabibBurgiba was elected prime minister, then a year later
elected president of the country.

National Army Day of Moldova

The country’s national security is largely determined
the state of her army. Moldova marks today the day of national
army, as a holiday not only for those who wear military uniforms, but also
all residents of the state. Participates in festive events
almost the whole country. The Army of Moldova cooperates with many
organizations for which it is important to strengthen peace and stability in
region and around the world. 24 between Russia and Moldova
agreements on a voluntary bilateral basis. Military departments
perform an exclusively peacekeeping mission, participates in
NATO’s Partnership for Peace program.

Folk calendar September 3

Thaddeus the Preacher

Thaddeus was an Apostle of the seventy disciples of Jesus, residing in
Syrian city of Edessa. Having heard the preaching of John the Baptist, he
He was baptized in Jordan, then became a disciple of Jesus. In recent years
he preached for a long time in Mesopotamia and Syria. To his merit
prescribe the conversion to Christianity of many people, including
former pagan priests, Prince Avgar, healed miraculous
way from leprosy. In the Phoenician city of Virita (today Beirut),
he founded the church. On Faddey flax is removed, and, remembering another
martyr – Vassa Alon, repeat the saying – “Bab Vasilisa about
flax riding. ” Laying flax in the meadows it is dried so that it becomes
flexible and soft. The weather that day tells about the next
four weeks – sunny Thaddeus will provide the same weather in
next month.

Historical events of September 3

3 сентября 1875 года – при участии российского
of the autocrat Alexander II there was a tab of the Historical Museum in
Moscow Today, the museum building is one of the symbols of the Russian
capital Cities. State Historical Museum is located on
Red Square, the facility is visited daily by thousands of tourists. AT
Currently, the museum fund is over 4 million, 373
thousand exhibits, it is the largest in the Russian Federation
and has a medal “Symbol of Science.”

3 сентября 1918 года – расстреляна Фанни
Каплан, совершившая покушение на AT.И.Ленина. Revolutionary was
opposed to the October Revolution and convinced that
Lenin’s actions will bring grief to Russia and significantly alienate the moment
introduction of socialism, which dreamed of the Social Democrats. AT момент
Kaplan’s crime was 28 years old, she knew perfectly well
what punishment threatens her for the attempt, but did not give up her
ideas and put life on the altar of the common cause. Today exist
the suggestion that Fanny might have been innocent of the assassination, it was
дело рук ATЧК.

3 сентября 1945 года – Советский Союз одержал
final victory over militaristic Japan for a while
This event was celebrated in the country as a national holiday.

3 сентября 1953 года – первым секретарем
The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Nikita Khrushchev, whose name is associated dethronement cult
Stalin, the famous thaw and endless corn fields.

3 сентября 1971 года – дата подписания договора
between the four powers (USSR, Britain, United States
America, France), which recorded the fact that West Berlin
not part of the Federal Republic of Germany, at the same time, the occupation

3 сентября 2000 года – создан самый красивый
modern music group (according to most
representatives of the strong half of humanity) –
украинско-российская группа ATИА Гра, состоящая из прекрасных
girls with figures of models and beautiful faces. Producing and
The band is supported by composer Konstantin Meladze.

Born September 3

Диана Пуатье (1499 – 1566 годы) – фаворитка
Henry II, the French king Ancient aristocratic roots
Diana and an excellent education soon brought her to court, and already at 13
years they were married to Louis de Breze, comte de Molvrier.
Her husband’s genealogy for young Diana was very attractive, she
thought she could perfectly arrange her future children and live
herself. The couple loved each other, in their family was harmony and harmony,
Two daughters were born, but at 31, Diana Poitier became a young widow.
She did not mourn until the end of her days, but she knew how to influence
people using their beauty and charm. When sentenced to death
her father, Diana, rushed to the feet of Francis I and begged for forgiveness.
29-year-old Diana saw the son of the king, who at that time was only 11
years old. A few years later Diana, possessing still beautiful
appearance, had a great influence on the prince. She stayed
the only love of Heinrich to the end of life. Louis henry
(1856 – 1924 годы) – американский архитектор,
creator of the first skyscraper in the world, Henry Sullivan, for the first time
developed the principles of high-rise building construction, became a pioneer
rationalism. His design development was a significant step.
in the history of architecture. Sullivan built his high-rise buildings himself,
painstakingly seeking solutions of new type buildings. His first
work – skyscraper Garant-building in Buffalo and the Chicago department store.
He later began working in tandem with George Grant Elmsley. Famous
Sullivan’s apprentice Frank Lloyd Wright was unable to combine engineering
talent and commercial vein, therefore not achieved significant
financial success. Сам Салливен умер в бедности.Фердинанд
(1875 – 1951 годы) – гениальный немецкий
Automotive Designer With 15 years of age, Porsche has already worked in a small
his father’s workshop and studied at a vocational school in nearby
town. AT 25 лет он изобрел первый автомобиль, назвав его
Lohner-Porsche, and received at the Paris exhibition Grand Prix. Glory and
money went hand in hand with the inventor, and already in 1906 it became
Technical Director of the Austro-Daimler in Vienna. For development
airships, engines for aircraft and cars Porsche awarded the Order
Kaiser. It is noteworthy that a person who has no higher
Education, could in the middle of his creative way to become an honorary
профессором ATенского технического университета. By the time when
in Stuttgart, the Porsche Design Bureau was established; he managed
participate in the development of the famous “Mercedes” S and SS. How on
the creator of technology for Hitler’s Germany, the inventor
persecution after the end of the second world war broke out, however
the famous designer was able to restore the documents and resume
производство.Сергей Довлатов (1941-1990 годы) –
Russian writer, philologist, journalistThe first works of Sergei
Donatovich was rejected even by magazines, at the direction of the KGB his full
the publication of the novel by the publishing house Eesti Raamat was destroyed.
Works published only emigrant editions, at the end
In the end, the writer emigrated to the USA, to New York, and got a job in
emigrant newspaper “New American”. Abroad was published 12
his books, written for 12 years of emigration, also his works
published the prestigious American magazine The New Yorker.

Nameday September 3

Именины в этот день отмечают: Фаддей, Марфа,
Pavel, Alexander, Ignat, Cornelius

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