Seeds and weight gain: is there a relationship?

Sunflower seeds are a tasty product that is sometimes difficult to refuse.
even for the sake of figure. But maybe you should not exclude seeds from
your diet, especially since nutritionists say that seeds,
certainly useful. If you want to understand this important issue
– read on.

Seeds and weight gain: is there a relationship?


  • The composition and properties of seeds
  • Is it possible to get fat from the seeds?
  • Features of use
  • Contraindications
  • Other varieties of seeds

The composition and properties of seeds

If you believe the research scientists, then in sunflower seeds (and
also seeds of other plants) contains a lot of nutrients.
How are they useful for losing weight? First of all, the fact that it is:

  • vegetable proteins – for losing weight, especially sitting
    on the diet is the main trump card;
  • various fatty acids that dissolve cholesterol
    plaques on the walls of blood vessels and blood flow from this
  • Omega-3 and Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which
    normalize the metabolism of fats in the body;
  • small amount of carbohydrates;
  • many magnesium, zinc, vitamins of group B, A, E, iron.

That is, for a person who watches his weight all
The benefits of the product are obvious. And yet, why is there an opinion
what from seeds get fat?

Is it possible to get fat from the seeds?

Caloric content of seeds (fried) in a purified form approximately
600kkal / 100g. A glass of peeled seeds contains about 170
gram. That is, the calories in it will be more than a thousand. For comparison
six hundred calories contained in one hundred grams:

  • sausages;
  • chocolate;
  • cheburek.

But not everyone can eat a full glass of peeled seeds.
Prepackaged product, as a rule, with husks and weight in it much
less. If you even decide to eat once a different seed,
unlikely to gain weight. But if you are constantly nibbling seeds,
as with the abuse of any product, even the most useful
(like apples and carrots) you can add a few extra

Features of use

For the seeds to be useful, not for harm, they need
right there. It would seem that everyone knows how to do it – click and
enjoy But nutritionists say that seeds can be
use in a variety of ways – both harmful and

Употребление семечек

Seeds can be eaten in various forms: raw or germinated;
dried (in not peeled form); fried in butter with salt;
baked in pastry; in sweet desserts (like

Raw (germinated) seeds

It is most useful to eat sprouted raw sunflower seeds, and if
more precisely, their seedlings. Then all the vitamins, minerals and other
usefulness of the body absorbed completely by 100%. Technology
sprouting is simple. On a saucer of water laid out seeds,
closed with foil. Before the emergence of sprouts, as a rule, passes
several days (depending on the time of year, as well as on the quality
seed). After sprouts appear about one and a half or two
centimeters they can be eaten (previously, of course,
removing the husk).

They can be dried, threshed, dried. Such
seedlings are very tasty. You can use them with kefir,
tea and various dishes. If there is such a product one tea
spoon twice a day, the metabolism will improve, energy
will increase, the extra weight will not be postponed, and beauty is also very much on


Regular seeds in the husk, which are used as “means
leisure time “while watching TV or just to be distracted, such
use (as germinated), of course do not carry. They will rather be
relaxation (meditative) effect. If you use them a little and
infrequently, you will not gain excess weight.

Fried in butter with salt

In addition, acquired from street vendors, are a threat
not only a figure, but also health. In such a product can be
carcinogens from exaggerated oil, and dirt. Especially,
the calorie content of such seeds is very high, as it adds frying
on oil.

As an addition to baking

Often in flour (bread) products add seeds. it
enriches the product, makes it tastier and if baking is done on
based on vegetable oil (not butter or margarine) and without
eggs, does not give a large calorie. Seeds in such products are very
are tasty.


Another product based on seeds (or nuts) is kozinaki.
Mixed with honey syrup is a tasty and healthy delicacy. AT
It, of course, has enough calories, but also to eat a large amount
such a product is difficult. And yet while losing weight from
Kozinak is better to refuse.


Such a useful delicacy has enough
contraindications and restrictions. And this is not only a penchant for

Seeds are contraindicated for people suffering from:

  • stomach diseases – gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer,
  • individual intolerance, as well as allergies to

Семечки подсолнечника

With care should be used seeds for those who

  • the fragility of tooth enamel, gum disease;
  • problems with vocal cords;
  • bloating.

Other varieties of seeds

In addition to the most popular sunflower seeds, there are
others. They are not so common in nutrition than sunflower, but
no less tasty and healthy.

Seeds can be:

  1. Pumpkin white seeds

Богатые белками, витаминами группы AT. Полезны для женской и
male genitalia, improve the condition of the blood. Besides
famous for being excreted from the body of various parasites (worms and
etc.). AT день без ущерба для фигуры можно съесть примерно
half a cup (in unpurified form) of such seeds. You can fry them
add to baking.

  1. Flax seeds

Very useful for the body, contain many phytoestrogens,
Vitamins, Omega-3 Polyunsaturated Acids, 6. Usually
used in the form of a hammer, as an additive for cereals, baking,
diet cocktails with lactic products. AT день можно
use 1-2 teaspoons of ground flax seeds.

  1. Sesame seeds

A rich source of copper and manganese, which is very favorable as
sedative for the nervous system. Reduce the amount of
холестерина в крови, содержат клетчатку, витамины группы AT, чистят
liver. AT течение дня можно съесть не более двух столовых ложек
such seeds.

  1. Cumin seeds

Such семечки в чистом виде не едят. They are mostly
used as seasoning. Like all previous ones, they have their own
benefit – improve digestion, cleanse the liver, tone up, accelerate
metabolism. It is recommended to use no more than one small
spoons per day (in the form of seasoning).

The nutritionist tells about the benefits of sunflower seeds:
useful and harmful in seeds, how much can you eat seeds in
the day what will happen if you abuse this “food”.

Thus, all the seeds are definitely useful. Not only
подсолнечные, а и тыквенные и многие others. The main thing is how much you
eat this product and in what form. Any product at
improper use can be harmful to health and
for the figure. ATсё хорошо в меру!

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