Secrets of autumnal peony care, how to keepyoung peony. How to prepare a peony for winter: feeding, pruning,shelter

ATт, 11 окт 2016 Автор: Юлия Кривенко

It is believed that the peony is unpretentious garden
plants But he also needs some care.

Autumn peony requires more attention than in spring or summer.

Proper care during this period helps ensure bright flowering.
next season.

It is time to prepare the peony for the winter.

What you need to know about autumn peony care

In the fall, the plant needs additional nutrition, which
is the key to flowering in the future and also helps to accumulate
the required amount of nutrients for a good wintering. how
to prepare a peony for winter?

Feeding peony

All fertilizers are applied in the fall before the onset of frost, somewhere in
mid September or early October. But in the northern regions you need
look at the weather. Why fertilize peony in the fall? Root system
plants have some peculiarities, it actively grows
in the fall. Peony care during this period should be complete.

how правило, осенью вносят фосфорно-калийные подкормки, оставляя
nitrogen fertilizers for spring use. Using
such a feed scheme gives advantages:

• in the future season appear larger and better

• peony bloom will be full, more vivid and

• in response to the received dressing, the bush begins to grow actively,
increases in size.

Fertilizers are applied in several ways:

• in liquid form;

• dry.

If the weather is dry, it is better to make a liquid
plant root dressing. For this mineral fertilizer
dissolved in water, the resulting solution is watered bush. Consumption
the working mixture is 1 liter per plant, depending on
its size.

Rainy autumn dictates its own rules, and fertilizer is better
in dry form. The fact is that the use of liquid fertilizers
unduly. When the soil is over-wetted, the root system ceases
absorb nutrients from it. Come to the aid of dry
granulated dressings. They last longer, and minerals
dosed out. A handful of granules are scattered around the shrub,
slightly buried in the soil.

Peony care: autumn pruning

In order not advised neighbors in the cottage, but trimming peony should not
postpone until spring. Ее проводят in the fall. Trim above ground
Part of the shrub is better with the onset of the first frost. Sometimes,
it falls on the end of October or the beginning of November. But in all
regions in different ways.

Important! Earlier peony trimming weakens
a plant, it will not tolerate winter, which will affect the future

how правильно обрезать пион? Trim shoots
need at ground level, slightly buried tool in the soil. Whole
they take out the garbage from the site and burn it, this will avoid infection
land of various diseases. Place the cuts and bed sprinkled
wood ash.

how пересаживать пионы осенью

Autumn is the best time for breeding and transplanting pions. This
the procedure is carried out in late August – early September. Soil under
landing delenki prepared in advance. To do this, dig a hole
размером около 60 см. Root system пиона разрастается вширь,
what to consider when landing. Plant spacing
leave enough for their development. The best is considered
about 50 cm to 1 meter.

The first layer in the landing pit will be drainage. It is set up from
sand or broken bricks. The thickness of the drainage layer is up to 30
see Next, there is a layer of nutrient land with the addition of fertilizers. AT
As a top-dressing, they introduce humus, ash, compost, potassium sulfate,
superphosphate. The thickness of this layer does not exceed 30 cm. Then the hole
fill with soil and leave for a week. During this time, the earth
proyadёt, rambuet that fall is important for proper planting
rhizomes of pion.

Important! Deepen rhizomes when planting
Extremely discouraged, as a result of the flowerbed will be left without
colors. The bush will grow a lot of lush greenery, but will not give

It should also be remembered that in the first year after planting the peony is not
will bloom. But the plant should look healthy, and not
lethargic. Buds will appear when the maturity of the plant comes. But
if they are not in the third year of cultivation, then you need to look for mistakes.

Reproduction of peonies in autumn

Peonies are long-livers on a bed, so their transplant
is extremely rare. It is made once every ten years. For that
shrub time will grow and will require division. This is the most
The best way to reproduce pions.

However, the old rhizomes do not tolerate the transplant
plants are inferior to others in all qualities. Experienced Gardeners
advise to propagate shrubs after 4-5 years of cultivation.
The resulting young peonies meet all quality standards. Their
flowering is splendid, and the bushes are attractive outside
kind of.

Преступать к процедуре деления материнских кустов лучше in the fall.
how правило, размножают пион в сентябре. But не позднее, чем за
a month before the expected frosts.

how подготовить делянку к посадке?

In the fall, the mother bush is dug, gently taking it out
land. Rhizome shake off the ground and washed, trying not
damage growth buds. Old shoots pruned to the root.
The prepared rhizome is left to dry in the open
air until it is slightly soft. Such a root is divided
possible without much damage.

Getting to the division, rhizome well inspect. ATсе участки с
the voids are cut off, and the sections are washed with disinfectants. After
dividing the old root, it turns out several seedlings, each of
which has a well-developed growth buds. ATажно, чтобы делянки
were of the same size, since being too large is sick longer
transplants, and small ones die.

Peony is planted in the usual way, not forgetting the shelter
young landings.

Подготовка к зиме: shelter пионов

Pruning and dressing are not all peony care features.
in the fall. The plant needs a quality shelter, especially in
regions with harsh winters.

The depth of the growth of peony buds is at the level of 3-6
см от поверхности land. Therefore, with the onset of cold shrub
need to spud.

Next, planting is covered with mulch

• sawdust;

• spruce;

• peat;

• dry foliage;

• humus.

You can not use for shelter cut shoots of the pion.
They attract pests and are a breeding ground for
most bacteria.

Shelter for peony form a thickness of about 15-20 cm. It
allows you to save the plant from severe frosts and cold

Let’s sum up

Autumn peony care is not too complicated, it consists of
a number of required activities:

• top dressing;

• pruning;

• transplant as needed;

• shelter и мульчирование.

If all actions were performed correctly and on time, then about
safety peonies in the winter can not worry. To prevent
the appearance of fungal diseases will help spraying the soil and
shrub blue grape. ATажно помнить, что споры грибков
they winter in foliage, therefore they always maintain order in the flowerbed. Not
it is worth forgetting that in severe winters the snow will help further
утеплить клумбу, что пойдет только на пользу plants

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