“Secret Fruit” fragrant garden greens. whatneed to know about the benefits and dangers of dill seeds?

"Secret Fruit" fragrant garden greens. whatneed to know about the benefits and dangers of dill seeds?

Dill – one of the most common fragrant
spices. Vegetable and meat dishes, soups, salads, canned
blanks for the winter acquire a unique taste and smell when
adding fresh herbs or dried herbs to them. Especially bright
the flavor is given to the seeds of dill, which are actually his

But not only in cooking apply this popular seasoning.
The healing properties of the seeds were known even to the ancient doctors – himself
Avicenna used them as part of various recipes. Are applicable
now the healing properties of dill seeds, what is their use
and harm to the human body?

A bit of history

The homeland of dill is considered Asian countries, in a wild culture before
now found in Iran, the Himalayas, North Africa. how
garden greens are now cultivated literally in all countries
of the world. In the UK, the first mention of dill date III
century BC. And even then fragrant grass was used and how
seasoning, and as a medicinal herb.

Useful elements in the composition of the seeds of dill

Of the whole plant the most intense aroma and rich
possess the seeds or fruits of dill. This is due to the high
fat oil content – from 15 to 18%, which contains
mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids – petroselic, oleic,
palmitic and linoleic. In addition, seeds contain up to 15%
plant proteins.

All parts of the plant contain essential oil, giving a special
specific flavor. The leaves and stems of the plant have the richest

• flavonoids – have a beneficial effect on all organs
and human systems: antioxidant, immunomodulatory,
vasodilator, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, etc .;

• carbohydrates;

• nicotinic and ascorbic acids;

• carotene;

• riboflavin;

• trace elements (100 g of product -% of the daily requirement,
necessary for man): potassium (50%), calcium (152%), iron (91%),
phosphorus (35%), zinc (43%), manganese (92%), selenium (22%), copper

• vitamins A, C, B1, B2, B6.

Due to this rich composition of minerals and vitamins
leaves, stalks and fennel seeds are useful in a number of diseases
digestive and cardiovascular systems.

The benefits of dill seeds for humans

The unique chemical composition of seeds allows wide use
them in traditional medicine for the treatment and prevention of diseases
urinary, digestive, nervous systems.

Cardiovascular diseases

• Dill seed is useful for arrhythmias and atherosclerosis,
because it has a beneficial effect on the contractile function
cardiac muscle, thanks to which the work of the entire heart
– vascular system.

• Infusions from the leaves and seeds of dill help lower
pressure in patients with hypertension, as they expand blood
blood vessels, reducing the pressure of blood flow on the walls.

• For prophylactic angina, it is recommended
take an infusion of seeds, which is prepared in a ratio of 1 tea
spoon / 1 cup boiling water. The seed is poured boiling water and insist 1 hour,
then filter and take 1/2 cup 3 times a day.

Nervous system

• The sedative effects of dill seeds are well known. Before bedtime
relieve nervous excitement, give a good healthy sleep a bath with
infusion of fruits: 1 cup brewed in 1 liter of boiling water, insist 30
minutes, filter and add to a warm bath. Time spending
procedures – 20-30 minutes

• For insomnia, it is helpful to take an infusion of seeds in red wine:
50 g of fruit insist in 500 g of wine during the week, filter and
use before bedtime 50 ml.

• Breast babies who are active in the evening,
it is useful to put a small pillow filled with
fragrant dill seeds – the smell of essential oils will help faster
calm down and fall asleep.

Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

The green parts of the plant and the fruits have to work the organs of the digestive tract
numerous beneficial and curative effects – infusions and
decoctions take with flatulence as carminative, colic and
bloating in children, as well as choleretic, antiemetic and

The benefits of dill seeds for the digestive tract are due to the following

• bactericidal – the ability of fruits to fight processes
rotting in the stomach and intestines;

• the ability to create beneficial intestinal microflora, fight
with constipation and flatulence, remove toxins from the body;

• seeds help with gall bladder and canal disease, so
have a choleretic effect;

• dill seeds enhance the secretion of gastric juice, increase
appetite, effective in gastritis with low acidity.

The use of seeds in diseases of the kidneys and the genitourinary system

Fruits of dill have proven to be an excellent diuretic
remedy, a remedy against cystitis (thanks to
bactericidal action soothes inflammatory processes in
genitourinary system). Broths of seeds are used in jade and


Dill seeds are useful not only for babies, but and for nursing
moms – they effectively stimulate lactation, contribute to hot flashes
breast milk. To do this, 10 g of the fruits of dill pour a glass
boiling milk, insist 30 minutes, use 1/2 cup per 1
an hour before feeding.

During pregnancy, the seeds will help to cope with the swelling,
constipated, regulate normal sleep and blood pressure, but
necessarily after consulting with your doctor or

Respiratory system

Universal fruits have a pronounced bronchodilator
effect – contribute to the dilution of sputum and its removal from
bronchi and lungs.

Dill Seed Harm

Such a potent remedy, as the fruits of dill, can not
have contraindications. People with chronic hypotension (low
pressure) harmful to use seeds, as they lower
blood pressure and can trigger dizziness, decay
strength, weakness, and even a temporary decrease in visual acuity. Long lasting
use or too strong infusions are also harmful to the body and
cause the same negative reaction, weakness, lowering

We can not exclude the allergic reaction of the body, with
application of any decoctions or infusions must be carefully
follow the slightest changes in well-being.

The original recipe for youth

This decoction will provide the body with the most essential vitamins and
trace elements, cleanse the intestines of toxins, so it is considered
recipe for youth, health and longevity. Composition:

• ground dill seeds;

• ground dried peel of apples;

• dry leaves of currant, raspberry, hop.

All ingredients take 1 tablespoon, pour 1 liter of boiling water
and cook for 10 minutes on low heat. Then you need to cool,
strain and take a glass every morning on an empty stomach and in the evening
before bedtime.

Warm decoction of seeds is an excellent anti-inflammatory.
eye wash with infectious lesions or

Dill seeds can be purchased at pharmacies or procure
on their own. In addition to the use of culinary dishes they will serve
prevent many diseases, help cleanse the body,
saturate with essential microelements.

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