Sea buckthorn – medicinal properties and application inmedicine

Wed, Jul 13, 2016

Sea buckthorn – general description

Облепиха — род невысоких кустарниковых
plants belonging to the Loch family. Shrub roots
deep, branching into many shoots. Sea buckthorn branches
prickly leaves located on them alternate, whole-linear,
like a willow. The lamina above is covered with greyish dots, and
bottom – stellate scales.

Flowers that develop before the leaves are crowded in nondescript
small inflorescences of the spike, bloom in April. After pollination
ripen spherical fruits – bright orange berries with pronounced
aroma and sour taste. Fruits are formed, as a rule, in the first
half autumn, forming a dense brush.

Sea buckthorn – types and places of growth

In total, there are three species of sea buckthorn in the natural environment, which
widely distributed in the countries of Eurasia. Cultural and medicinal
only two of them are important:

1. Sea buckthorn (sea buckthorn) – photophilous,
drought-resistant shrub dwells in the wild mainly
in Central Asia, Mongolia, China, in the Caucasus. Russian areas
sea ​​buckthorn buckthorn Southern Siberia and almost all European
part. Cultivated for the berries, which are widely used in
народной medicine, гомеопатии и для производства масла.
Traditional medicine also welcomes her.

2. Ivolist sea buckthorn – characterized by yellow fruits, growing.
the whole thickets in the Himalayas, in the Altai, the North Caucasus, in the Crimea.
On the territory of our country is rare in the east
Kaliningrad region and in Eastern Siberia. Sea buckthorn
prefers stony places along streams and river banks. Leaves
this species is used to make fragrant and healthy

Sea buckthorn – healing properties

In the entire northern hemisphere it is difficult to find a plant that
would have such versatile forms of practical application.
Sea buckthorn, especially its fruits, is a whole multivitamin complex,
concentrated in a huge amount of vitamin C and group B,
carotene, folic acid, tannins, riboflavin and

These substances and their properties allow the use of sea buckthorn in
as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, wound healing
means. The oil obtained from the berries, has a granulating
antispasmodic and antiseptic actions, and the leaves are used
with rheumatism. Sea buckthorn is the perfect complement to basic therapy.
against many diseases: gastrointestinal, gynecological,
ulcerative lesions, etc.

Sea buckthorn – dosage forms

Without a doubt, fruits are the main healing element.
sea ​​buckthorn Bark collected in spring and leaves are less commonly used.

Berries are harvested as they form, when they are
acquire juiciness and peculiar color. Assembling fruits is not a matter
lung because sea buckthorn is covered with unpleasant spines, therefore
It is recommended to cut the berries in special gloves. Should also
take care not to damage the film and not lose
valuable juice.

The fruits are consumed fresh, concentrated in sugar, boiled
компоты, варенье и etc. The special value of the berries and that they
able to maintain useful properties in frozen form. But
storing them in freezers is not recommended more than 6-9

Sea buckthorn – recipes of traditional medicine

– Oil at home: squeeze fruit juice, pulp
dry, chop, pour it with vegetable oil (your choice)
in the ratio of 1: 1 and insist, periodically stirring up, 21 days.
Then the oil is filtered and stored in the refrigerator. Apply externally
with hair loss, as anti-inflammatory, antiseptic
means. Also made from oil tampons for treatment
gynecological diseases.

– With rheumatism and diseases of the musculoskeletal system
готовят чай из свежих листьев sea ​​buckthorn

– Broth with upset digestive tract: table. spoonful of crushed leaves
and young shoots pour 200 grams. warm water, boil, keep
on fire for about 5 minutes. Then let cool, strain and drink everything. Decoction
drink 1-2 p. in a day.

– For gastritis and peptic ulcer, use prepared oil
inside the tea l. 2-4 раза in a day.

– For the treatment of infections VDP recommended inhalation based
sea ​​buckthorn oil for 15 minutes, the number of procedures – 5-8. With
pharyngitis and sore throat need to lubricate the sore throat wadded

Sea buckthorn – contraindications

With care fruits of sea buckthorn should be taken by persons
suffering from diseases of the liver and pancreas.


Evelyn 05/02/2016 I join the general opinion – I love
sea ​​buckthorn And jam from it, and just with sugar. And I have butter
Sea buckthorn is, however, purchased. I did not know what was possible and
Sea buckthorn leaves and bark use. But then it grows with us, and I
I also go to collect it. Kristina 05/02/2016 Well, I also wanted
Sea buckthorn jam))) So you just won’t eat this berry, but
here jam is just delicious))) And thanks to the huge content
vitamins in sea buckthorn, it is even nicer to eat, and besides, in it
long all useful substances remain. Pauline 05/02/2016 I
used sea buckthorn oil to treat gynecological
inflammation. In general, sea buckthorn is a great remedy for
various sores, inflammations, and very useful in the general decline
organism. Anastasia 05/02/2016 And I just love sea buckthorn
jam! And so it is, and morsik can be made – yummy! I do not
I use sea buckthorn especially for some diseases. I just
It has long been known how it is useful, and contains a lot of vitamins.
Margarita 05/02/2016 Well, about sea buckthorn and its healing properties can
talk for a long time. Since childhood I was told what it is
wonderful berry. We even went to collect it, we are not far from
Houses, these sea buckthorn gardens. Collect it, though not very

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