Scissors to the side: why my wife can not be cuta husband

Scissors to the side: why my wife can not be cut a husband

Human hair carries not only genetic
information, also energy. For hair specialists in the field
Esoteric can tell about a man almost everything, starting with
fate and the past, ending with the supposed future, inclinations towards
diseases. Strands of hair are used in many magical
rituals, you can bring damage, the evil eye, get rid of

Since ancient times, people are anxious about their hair and
everything connected with them. There are many different
will accept and superstition. For example, cropped hair should not have been
be seen by others, they are usually wrapped tightly, and
then just throw it away. In Russia, women and girls did not go on
street with her hair down. With braid weaving was generally associated
many beliefs.

We will consider in detail the signs of why the wife can not cut his
a husband. Does this action really bring discord to the family or lead
to other negative influences?

Folk omens

Hair has long been considered the source of human vital energy.
There is a belief that you need to get a haircut at least once a month, you can
just slightly trim the tips. What is the reason? At the tips
hair accumulates the negative we have received, so you need to
get rid.

When a hairdresser does a haircut, he takes the accumulated
negative on yourself. If a relative cuts hair, all is bad and
stays in the family, harms. Therefore, there was a sign
запрещающая жене стричь своего a husband.

What are the possible consequences:

  • When a woman cuts hair to a man, she involuntarily
    shortens his life cycle.
    The power in the hair
    decreases, taking with them health, energy. A man can get sick.
    The legend of the mighty Samson and his wife Dalila comes to mind. She is
    I learned the secret of his power, enclosed in his hair, cut them. Samson
    captured, because along with his hair, he lost all power.
  • By many generations it has been noted that after
    жена стригла a husband, в их семье наступал разлад, начинались частые
    quarrels, the husband could change the betrothed.
    Accurate explanation of this
    no phenomenon. Maybe the husband didn’t like the haircut, his
    the mood deteriorated and the family often cursed. However, signs and
    superstitions appear precisely according to the observations of several
  • If a man does not go to the hairdresser, but asks
    cut the hair of his wife, it turns out that the family saved
    There is a superstition that such savings lead to
    decrease in family affluence.

Attitudes toward such signs are twofold. On the one hand, our ancestors
it’s not just that they came to similar conclusions, on the other hand there are no
accurate evidence of the relationship between hair cutting and disorder in

Opinion esoteric

Scissors to the side: why my wife can not be cut a husband

According to the esoteric teaching in the family gradually occurs.
unification of biofields of spouses, they become one in
energy plan. The unity becomes stronger with time.
Therefore, even the slightest violation of a single biofield can lead to
Serious discord in the family, spoil the relationship, even brings to

Trimming the hair to her husband, the wife invades and
destroys his personal biofield, cuts off what has accumulated in his hair
information. It turns out that it deprives positive energy
только a husband, но и себя.

Esoteric men are unanimous in the opinion that the wife is not recommended to cut
своего a husband. Disorder in the family begins at the energy level,
such consequences are very difficult to neutralize. Even if you don’t
superstitious, better not to tempt fate, not to risk family
гармонией – отвести a husband в парикмахерскую.

Mandatory Rules

Если все же принято решение подстричь a husband самостоятельно, лучше
follow the obligatory rules. Esoteric think that you can
try to avoid the negative effects of omens by observing
several conditions:

  • The spouse must be in good spirits, not have
    никаких обид на a husband, только хорошее настроение и позитив. So
    Thus, own bad energy will not switch to
  • The best time for a haircut is morning or afternoon, ideal days:
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday. These days of the week are considered masculine,
    best suited for similar procedures.
  • Scissors are first rinsed under running water, so they
    cleaned energetically. Then they cut the air above their heads.
    a husband, это нужно сделать три раза. We repeat these actions and after
    carrying haircut.
  • Also, esoteric recommend to focus on the lunar
    the calendar. For example, in the full moon it is better to refrain from the procedure –
    hair will begin to split, lose their beauty, the haircut itself, rather
    everything, it will turn out unsuccessful. The ideal time is the rising moon. After
    haircuts on this day the hair will grow faster, become more
    strong. On the waning moon, you can also cut your hair, this
    neutral period. Hair will grow gradually, haircut
    will persist for a longer time.

As you can see, these rules are very simple to comply with. They
help to avoid the negative effects of omens.

Biblical motifs

Scissors to the side: why my wife can not be cut a husband

Slightly earlier we remembered Samson and his wife Dalila. This is very
An interesting and instructive legend related to male hair and
wife, trimmed them.

The main plot is that all male power and
мощь Samson заключались в его волосах, он никогда их не

Samson could win the lion with his bare hands, was famous for the incredible
by force. Enemies sent to him Delilah, she became his wife. When
она узнала тайну a husband, усыпила его зельем и отстригла все его
hair braided in seven braids.

By the way, here we also see a special relationship to weaving braids on
head. Итак, враги схватили Samson, ослепили и заточили в

Over time, his hair began to grow, he saved his strength and, in
in the end, he escaped from captivity, brought down on himself and his enemies
the tower. Samson died, was buried next to his father.

This Old Testament legend also gave rise to the belief that his wife
нельзя стричь своего a husband, это приведет к болезням, серьезным
недугам, сократит жизнь betrothed.

С волосами связано много will accept and superstition. it
suggests that it is better to listen to them and not
to risk. Especially when it comes to the lives and health of loved ones

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