Scientists: women have a geneticpredisposition to treason

Tue, Feb 17, 2015

The relationship of genotype and the presence of various deviations in
scientists have been interested in the human body for more than one year. Recently
Australian specialists were able to prove that gene transformation
AVPR1A in women significantly increases their likelihood

Scientists conducted an anonymous study, participants
which became 7 thousand people. Of these, 400 were allocated
at least once cheated on his lover. It turned out that among
of these people, the AVPR1A gene was significantly more common than other

Geneticists state: although men’s DNA also contains the AVPR1A gene,
he, unlike women, does not have any on male behavior
influence. While scientists can not argue that the betrayal is responsible
it is this section of DNA. Perhaps the cause of infidelity is
the consequence of a whole complex of factors – genetic, social and

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