Scientists: predisposition to obesity – farnot a myth

Fri, 13 Feb 2015

A recent study of geneticists, again aimed at
a study of the nature of obesity showed that the disease
tightly linked to the human genome.

DNA samples of 300 thousand people were analyzed with the aim of
detecting the distribution of fat deposits in the body.

It turned out: the human genome has more than 140 zones that determine
development of various aspects of obesity. Modern technologies
analysis made it possible to identify previously unknown biological
paths that control not only body mass, but also distribution
fat deposits.

It turned out that the common phrase “predisposition to obesity” –
далеко not a myth. Overweight is “controlled” by many genes, which
complicates the fight against this serious disease, making it difficult to create
medicines that would suit all people suffering from excessive
weight. Currently, scientists are trying to understand how
“obesity genes” are functioning.

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