Scientists have proven: early music lessonsdevelop the brain of a child

Sun, Feb 14, 2016

Scientists from the Montreal Neurological Institute together with
colleagues from Concordia University conducted an experiment, the results
which showed that music lessons in childhood are capable
enhance neural connections in the brain. Engage recommended
with children who are not yet seven years old. Only in this case
brain scans “highlight” all the advantages.

For example, differences will be noticeable in the area of ​​the brain that responds
for the movement. Of course, not the fact that the child will get a brilliant
musician, but still the effect will be quite significant. AT
testing was attended by 36 people who were invited
perform tasks on motor skills. ATосемнадцать человек
started making music at the age of seven, the rest –

Both groups spent the same amount of time in class.
They were also compared with people who never did music.
The test consisted in reproducing the rhythm in an audio-visual way.
A group in which people practiced music from an early age,
made the least error, judging by the accuracy and
of time. Even after two days of similar training, this group
confidently bypassed the second.

ATыходит, что занятия музыкой усиливают связи между сенсорным и
motor brain segments. In this case, the foundation is laid on
which is subsequently based on the learning process. It is for this
the reason scientists could not detect differences in the scanning process
in the brain of people who started making music after seven years and
those who did not do music at all.

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