Sandwich diet for weight loss

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Dry food is not uncommon among modern
youth Young people refuse to look after their health,
preferring high-calorie sandwiches to delicious homemade borscht.
What to say about youth, even if people are not always aged
have time to eat properly because of the inconvenient work schedule.

Fortunately, a new diet based on nutrition
sandwiches. What is the benefit of a sandwich diet and does it harm
Is this method of nutritional health even more? About this and not only
we discuss in the following article.

Sandwich diet

Of course, eating only sandwiches, as they say, to
good will not. But this article is not about this.

Nutritionists have introduced a new method of losing weight, based on
daily use of sandwiches.  It goes without saying that
the menu for each day will not be particularly different from each other. Is it
that, will be replaced by the ingredients located on top of

Thanks to this diet, you will not consume more per day.
1500 kilocalories. Fiber contained in bread favorably
will affect your hair, nails and skin. It will also improve performance.
organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

If you have been sticking to this diet for a long time or only
decided to conduct a similar experiment on your body,
provide you with information about the sandwich diet. AT
In any case, in order to properly stick to it, you will have to
familiarize yourself with the basic rules, which are more detailed
you in the following paragraph.

Sandwich Diet Rules

AT данной диете, прежде всего, необходимо выбрать «основу»
for the future of the sandwich. Речь идет, конечно же, о bread. Most
dietary bread would be preferable, but experts in the field
dietetics claim that ordinary white can come up, the main thing
use it in moderation.

Directly to making the right diet sandwich
we’ll be back a bit later, but for now let’s look at what
продукты должны быть полностью исключены
из меню
на ближайшую неделю соблюдения диеты. Among

  • butter;
  • smoked meat;
  • fried food;
  • sweets;
  • pork.

Also, the above sandwich diet has its own
противопоказания. Diet is strictly prohibited:

  • a minor;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of renal and hepatic failure;
  • with an ulcer.

With full readiness to follow a sandwich diet for
weeks, you must adhere to the following

  • rich and rye bread is not recommended for use;
  • for making sandwiches, it is advisable to use only
    Rye bread;
  • stuffing can be – chicken breast, peanut butter, cottage cheese
    and vegetables;
  • the average daily consumption of bread – half a kilogram;
  • the weight of each piece of bread for a sandwich should be no more
    20 grams;
  • the most preferred ingredients for a sandwich are cheese,
    meat and fish;
  • the maximum number of sandwiches per day is 7;
  • a break between eating sandwiches – 3 hours;
  • Wash down with sandwiches recommended coffee, tea and mineral
  • the weight of the ingredients put on the bread should vary between
    50 and 80 grams.

When you exit the diet, you should carefully prepare your body
to new nutritional adjustments. Start recommended with boiled
potatoes, oatmeal, vegetables, fruits, crackers, greens and cooked
fish and meat. Also gradually, during the week, enter into the diet
rice and pasta.

In order not to get better, daily consuming a considerable amount
bread, should be given considerable time to physical exertion.
Of course, we are talking about simple exercises, in the form of squats,
tilts, foot swings and swing press. Also do not forget about
morning exercises.

Menu for the week

It’s no secret that eating “forbidden food” calms
person Consequently, eating a sandwich diet is beneficial.
will affect your emotional background.

Based on the information on the most preferred fillings for
sandwiches, an approximate menu for the week you can make
independently alternating daily ingredients located on

Рассмотрим приблизительное меню на неделю для диеты
sandwich maker:


  • Breakfast: whole grain bread with cheese and herbs, unsweetened tea with
  • Lunch: with thinly sliced ​​tomato slices;
  • Supper: sandwich with ham with orange juice.


  • spread some melted cheese on bread and put it on top
    a tomato;
  • sprinkle the bread with melted cheese and salmon with herbs and on top
    drink pomegranate juice;
  • with chicken and savory peppers, a glass of low-fat


  • ham toast, carrot juice;
  • dietary loaf with melted cheese and herbs;
  • with cucumbers and sprats, unsweetened black tea.


  • dietary loaf with cottage cheese and raisins drink apple
  • with boiled egg and low-fat mayonnaise;
  • with tuna, 200 ml of ryazhenka.


  • with sour cream and avocado;
  • with cottage cheese and citrus, orange juice;
  • with boiled chicken and greens.


  • with cucumbers and tomatoes and low mayonnaise percent
    fat content;
  • with cheese and ham, berry jelly;
  • with curd and dried fruits, herbal tea.


  • toast with melted cheese, weak black coffee;
  • with tomatoes and herbs;
  • bread with boiled egg, low fat kefir.

AT один из дней можно даже приготовить бутерброды в духовой печи.
The so-called “hot sandwiches” with ham and cheese will fall on
taste everything and serve as a good dish for the menu.

Traditional medicine is not at all against such a flour diet. According to
nutritionists, the menu for the week can consist of any ingredients.
The main thing is not to exceed calories.

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