Sandra Bullock has found a new love

Fri, May 30, 2014

After a divorce from her husband in 2010, Sandra Bullock is very long
was one Ex-husband actress Jesse Jameson cheated on her right and
left than deeply offended Sandra, forcing her to lose for a while
trust in men. And now, it seems, Bullock is ready to give
male sex is another chance. According to available information, 49-year-old
the actress is dating her longtime friend Chris Evans, still
admitted several years ago that Sandra loves all her
a life.

According to an insider, Sandra and Chris constantly flirt with each other.
friend, attending social events are constantly

There is no doubt that Sandra is in love with Evans. Besides,
Chris really loves children, which is for Sandra, who is raising a foster child.
son, it is extremely important.

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