Salmon in a slow cooker – lepota! Recipes жареной,stewed, baked and steamed salmon in a slow cooker

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Salmon is a delicious fish with great taste.

It is very simple and easy to prepare, especially in the slow cooker.

A wonderful saucepan will not spoil the expensive product, quickly and
just make chic dishes.

Spoiled red fish?

Salmon in a slow cooker – general cooking principles

For cooking in a slow cooker, steaks from
salmon or fillet. Scraps, bones and other unusable parts can
put on the ear, which can also be cooked in a slow cooker. Fish
before cooking rubbed with spices, pickled in sauce or just
sprinkle with lemon juice. It is sour citrus that blends perfectly.
with salmon and will never be over.

In a slow cooker, you can cook fish in water or steamed, bake until
brown crust, stew in sauce or with vegetables. There are ways
cook salmon immediately with a side dish, which will further save
time and will relieve from unnecessary trouble. Things are easy – just get it

Salmon in a slow cooker

The recipe for salmon in a slow cooker. To fish
It turned out delicious, responsibly approach the choice of spices.


• 2 salmon steaks;

• 1 lemon;

• 1/2 tsp. pepper mixes;

• 1 scoop of balsamic vinegar .;

• salt.


1. Wash steaks, wipe dry with napkins.

2. Sprinkle the fish with salt and a mixture of peppers, rub hands.

3. Cut the lemon in half. From one part squeeze the juice and
поливаем fish. Leave for a quarter of an hour.

4. The second part is squeezed into the slow cooker, immediately
add water for soaring. Crusts can also be thrown. With them
get fragrant.

5. Returning to the fish. Turn over to the other side and
we rub hands to evenly distribute the remains of spices and
lemon juice.

6. Put the steaks in the tray.

7. Install the prepared multicooker on the saucepan.

8. Pour balsamic vinegar over the pieces.

9. Turn on the steam mode and cook for 30 minutes. If steaks
small, then you can shorten the time.

10. Spread salmon on plates, decorate with basil, served with
rice, vegetables.

Salmon in a slow cooker with carrots and onions

Recipe for a stew of salmon in a slow cooker. Desirable
use a bright carrot, then it will turn out very


• 450 grams of salmon;

• 50 ml of water;

• 3 tablespoons sour cream;

• 250 grams of carrots;

• 250 grams of onions;

• 1 spoon of lemon juice.


1. Sprinkle salmon pieces with lemon juice. You can salt.
Leave to pickle.

2. Rub the carrot, but not all. Put one thing in
the side.

3. Shred the onion with straws, all at once and lay in the slow cooker.
Add the carrot, pour in water and simmer in the appropriate mode
20 minutes.

4. Open the slow cooker, place the pieces over the vegetables
pickled salmon.

5. From above we coat the fish with sour cream.

6. Cut the left carrot into thin slices. Can
use the curly float, the dish will turn out even more spectacular.
Spread the carrot over the salmon, sprinkle with a pinch of salt.

7. Cooking on the same mode for another 20-25 minutes, focusing on
top pieces of carrots. They should be easily pierced with a fork.

Salmon in a slow cooker with potatoes

The recipe for a hearty meal for dinner, which is prepared very well
easy. We choose the composition of condiments for potatoes to your taste,
You can simply use the appropriate spice mix.


• 0.5 kg salmon;

• 0.5 kg of potatoes;

• 0.3 lemon;

• spices;

• 1 onion;

• 30 ml of any oil.


1. Cut the salmon in small pieces, salt and pour the juice
lemon. Squeezed half citrus is not thrown, and cut
thin plates with peel.

2. At the bottom of the multicooker pour oil.

3. Cut the peeled tubers into pieces, season with spices,
stir and stack into the bowl.

4. Shred rings onion, disassemble and fold over

5. Onion lay out the pieces of salmon, pickled in lemon
juice To taste the fish can be sprinkled with black pepper.

6. На семгу раскладываем ранее порезанные кусочки lemon.

7. Close the slow cooker, prepare the dish on the baking program.
40 minutes. Check the readiness of the potato puncture. If necessary,
add time.

Salmon in a two-in-one multicooker with rice

The fact that rice is the perfect side dish for salmon, they know
many. But few people know how to cook them together. Turns out this
very easy to do in a slow cooker.


• 1 cup rice;

• 1.5 glasses of water;

• 3 tablespoons of soy sauce;

• 1 onion;

• 30 ml of oil;

• 350 grams of salmon;

• 0.5 lemon;

• parsley, pepper.


1. We cut onion into large half-rings, put them in a saucepan from
Multicooker and lightly fry. For this it is better to use
Baking program.

2. Cut the salmon into several pieces, sprinkle with lemon,
we salt

3. Wash rice several times until flowing water
will not become completely transparent.

4. Add to the onion soy sauce, pepper, after a minute
lay out rice. Level the layer.

5. Add hot water, do not mix.

6. We spread on top pieces of salmon.

7. Close the slow cooker.

8. Switch to the program “Pilaf”.

9. After the signal, open the slow cooker, take out the fish. Garnish from
rice stir and give a little stand.

Baked salmon in a slow cooker

Recipe for baked fish in a slow cooker, for which you will need
any spice mix for fish. If nothing like this, then you can
just mix a pinch of pepper with dry basil and dill, grind
in a mortar.


• 2-3 pieces of salmon;

• salt;

• 1 tsp of spices;

• 0.5 lemon;

• 2 spoons of butter.


1. Wash the pieces of salmon, rub with salt and cooked

2. Top squeeze the lemon, leave to soak the juice for minutes
by ten.

3. Pour oil into the slow cooker, lay out the pieces of fish.

4. Put the program “Baking” and cook salmon 25 minutes.

5. Check for readiness, remove.

6. We lay on plates, we decorate with vegetables and greens, we put
сверху кружок lemon.

Salmon in a slow cooker with sour cream and cheese

A variant of amazing salmon, for which you will need fillets. Cheese
it is desirable for the sauce to use solid so that it is good


• 0.4 kg salmon fillet;

• 100 grams of sour cream;

• 3 tablespoons of olive oil;

• 60 grams of cheese;

• 2 sprigs of dill;

• spices.


1. Cut the fillet into small strips, the width is not more than two

2. Pour oil into the saucepan from the multicooker, set the mode
bakery products.

3. Fry the salmon pieces on each side for 10 minutes.
Переворачиваем аккуратно, стараемся не повредить нежную fish.

4. Rub cheese finely, mix with sour cream. Similarly, you can
use cow cream with fat content of at least 15%.

5. Add spices to the sauce. In addition to salt, put pepper, you can
squeeze some lemon juice. Stir.

6. Pour sour cream sauce with cheese and fried pieces

7. Close the slow cooker and cook for about ten minutes.

8. At the end of the fish sprinkle with cut dill.

Salmon in the Original Multicooker with Orange Sauce

This is just one of the ways how to cook deliciously.
fish. Salmon turns out just amazing, while making it
very simple.


• 3 steaks;

• lemon;

• salt and pepper;

• 2 oranges;

• 1 spoon of mustard.


1. Wash and dry the steaks, fold into a convenient bowl,
so that the fish settled in one row.

2. We survive from one orange juice, it is possible directly with pulp.

3. Выжимаем туда же lemon juice.

4. Add mustard, salt and pepper.

5. Fill the sauce with steaks and leave to marinate. Desirable
not less than a quarter of an hour. Can иногда переворачивать.

6. Lubricate the bottom of the multicooker.

7. We cut the remaining orange in half, then across to
turned out neat slices. We spread in the slow cooker.

8. On oranges lay salmon.

9. Top pour the marinade, which lay the fish.

10. Close the slow cooker and prepare an amazing fish on mode.
baking half an hour. Served with the same sauce.

Salmon in a slow cooker with vegetables

Recipe appetizing salmon in a slow cooker with vegetables: onions,
carrots, tomatoes. Optionally, you can add some more,
for example, Bulgarian pepper or a little zucchini.


• 4 salmon steaks;

• 3 spoons of butter;

• 4 carrots;

• 3 tomatoes;

• 2 onions;

• spices;

• 2-4 tablespoons of flour.


1. Cut the steaks into two parts to make long
the pieces. We rub with spices, then we roll in flour.

2. Turn on the baking mode, heat the oil and fry the fish with
two sides. It is not necessary to bring to readiness, enough
easy crust.

3. Take out the salmon on a platter.

4. Cut the onion into strips. Putting in a bowl after salmon and
fry a little.

5. Add a carrot to it, continue frying vegetables.

6. When the vegetables are lightly browned, add the chopped
diced tomatoes. It is desirable to remove the skin. For this you can
pour the boiling water over the tomatoes or put it in hot water for a few seconds
water, then quench.

7. Pass vegetables with tomatoes, season with spices,
Stir and level the layer.

8. On top lay out the previously fried fish.

9. Pour half a glass of boiling water.

10. Close and simmer the fish on a vegetable cushion for 20-25 minutes. Mode
rearranged to extinguish.

Salmon in a slow cooker – tips and tricks

• If you want to fry the salmon until golden brown, it is desirable
bread the fish in flour. Pieces are laid only in
heated oil. Otherwise, the fish may soften, let
juice and will lose an attractive look.

• No Lemon? Can использовать ароматный сок апельсина или
grapefruit, for the acid, add a powder of lemon. Great fit
for salmon and apple juice, it is advisable to cook it from green fruit.
Can заправлять рыбу бальзамическим или яблочным уксусом.

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