Salad from pepper – the best recipes. How toand make delicious pepper salads.

Mon, Aug 29, 2016

Pepper salads – general principles and methods of cooking

Fresh pepper salad is always very beautiful and tasty.
dish, no matter what other products are used to
making it. In addition, they are also very useful, because
Bulgarian pepper is rich in vitamins and minerals.
substances. The one who eats a day just 30-40 grams. this bright
vegetable, provides itself with a daily rate of vitamin C and A. Also
pepper helps fight depression and avitaminosis,
cardiovascular diseases and overweight.

In cooking, pepper is one of the most sought after vegetables.
thanks to juicy pulp, excellent taste and unique aroma.
Pepper marinate, canned, fried, stewed, stuffed with vegetables or
meat, it is also used in the preparation of various sauces,
lecho, stews, soups, etc. But it is most useful to use pepper in
fresh form, for example, in salads or snacks.

Do you know that the color of food is important for appetite,
Feelings and moods of a person? Try to bring in your life
more bright colors, take a pepper that can be orange,
red, yellow, green, and cook it beautifully
delicious and healthy salad in one of our recipes.

Pepper Salads – Food Preparation

Having selected for the salad the most juicy and meaty pepper, it should
cut along in half and peel off the stalk and seeds, and
then cut in the way that follows from the salad recipe.

All other components of the salad (usually vegetables) also
peeled, washed and cut in a form that
provided by the recipe.

Pepper Salads – the best recipes

Recipe 1: Salad of sweet pepper and canned

This is a very beautiful and healthy salad, a real pantry.
vitamins and fiber. To make the salad especially tasty and
fragrant, it should be sustained before use a few
hours in the fridge.


500 gr. консервированной beans;2 красных болгарских перца;2
yellow or green bell peppers; 1 green hot chili pepper, 1
red onion; 1 lime juice; 1 lemon juice; 50 gr. olive
oils; a small bunch of fresh parsley; to taste salt, ground black

Cooking method

1. Cut the bell peppers and chili peppers into cubes. Finely
chop the onion. Green chop chopped.

2. In a large bowl, beat olive oil, lime juice and

3. Mix the beans, all prepared peppers, onions, herbs,
Season everything with salt and pepper, mix well again. Before
Serving for about 3 hours
the fridge.

Recipe 2: Salad of bell peppers with tomatoes

This is a very light, juicy and colorful vegetable salad that is not
will only cheer you up with its bright appearance, but it will also fill
your energy thanks to the large amount of vitamins contained
in him.


2 bell peppers (preferably different colors); 2
tomatoes; some green onion feathers; several lettuce leaves;
a small bunch of parsley; 1 tbsp. l olive масла;по вкусу

Cooking method:

1. Shred pepper and green onions, chop finely greens
parsley, tomatoes, cut into small slices.

2. Mix vegetables together, fill with oil, salt, and our salad

Recipe 3: Grilled Pepper Salad

Salad of baked bell peppers – soft and fragrant,
having a delicate vegetable flavor. If not grill, then cook peppers
You can in the oven, baking them on the pan for about 20 minutes.


1 kg of Bulgarian pepper (yellow and green); 2 cloves of garlic; 40
gr. подсолнечного масла (лучше olive);1 Art. l white wine
уксуса;небольшой пучок петрушки;по вкусу salt.

Cooking method:

1. After washing and cleaning the peppers from the seeds, we cut them into halves,
gently press down and place on a well-heated grill.

2. Cook the peppers on the grill until soft and ruddy peel.

3. Placing the finished peppers in a plastic bag, let them cool and
free them from the skin. Then gently tear into strips.

four. Chop the garlic, chop the parsley.

5. Gently mix the peppers in the bowl with garlic, salt,
vegetable oil, vinegar and parsley, and served on

Recipe 4: Pepper Salad with Sesame

Thanks to the savory combination of vegetables with soy sauce and its
sweetish notes that are set off by roasted sesame seeds, this dish
It has a completely unique and exotic taste.


2 onions; 5 sweet peppers; 4 моркови;1 ч. l lemon juice; 2
Art. l sesame oil; 1 ч. l sesame; a pinch of sugar; to taste
soy sauce, salt, garlic powder.

Cooking method:

1. Rub on a coarse grated peeled carrot and fry it in
heated oil until half ready.

2. Cut onion into half rings and fry until
transparency, then mix it with carrots, brown sugar,
lemon juice, some soy sauce and garlic powder.

3. Fry the sesame until golden brown, add it to the vegetables,
mix everything up.

four. Cut the peeled pepper into strips, fry it until
evaporation of the liquid, then, adding oil, fry about 7 more
minutes on low heat with constant stirring.

5. Mix peppers with previously prepared vegetables, season
all spices and leftover soy sauce.

6. Охладив салат в течение нескольких часов, подаем на стоl

Salad made from pepper – useful tips from experienced chefs

To make the salad really tasty, it’s important to choose
good peppers They should be elastic, juicy, without wrinkles on

Pepper salad oil must always be fresh.
Ideal if this is first-pressed olive oil; however, and
fragrant sunflower oil will also be relevant in it.

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