Rustling silks and mists … Models of dresses fromsilks

«Разодета в silks и бархат» — старинное описание роскошно одетой
women. Indeed, silk has always been considered a symbol of wealth and
luxury, and silk clothing was not available to everyone.

Модели платьев из silks

Natural silk and in our days – not a cheap pleasure.
ATпрочем, искусственные silks, изготовленные по современным
technologies look no worse, and sometimes only an expert can
see the difference. But still nothing compares to the magic
свойством натурального silks освежать тело в летнюю жару и
warm when cool.


Silk dress – wardrobe zest

Silk dresses play an important role in fashionable ladies wardrobe.
They are feminine, elegant, always look very elegant and
sexually. Very often it is evening dresses, but it is quite possible and
everyday options – for office, for walking, etc.

Модели платьев из silks достаточно разнообразны, тем не менее,
Many designers strive to make the best use of special
properties of this fabric and prefer free flowing
styles The upper part of the dress can be anything but silk
the skirt is most effective when it is not too narrow and
falls soft folds, flows. The length is not

A similar approach can be applied to cut the sleeves of the dress:
loose, flying, wing-like wings – this is very
suitable option for silk matter.

Of course, you can meet straight, tight-fitting silk dresses,
which will look no less delightful. However, with such
styles need to be careful if the figure can not be called perfect

Narrow cut in combination with “flare” fabric (and we all know
how beautifully silk shimmers in the light) can visually quite
significantly increase the volume. Meanwhile, long, loose silk
Skirts perfectly hide some full hips and imperfections

Overview of fashion models

Какие модели платьев из silks предлагают известные модные дома в
your pret-a-porter collections?

House Emanuel Ungaro has always been known for his love of silk. AT
The latest collection also includes silk mini-dresses, and
amazingly feminine models are more authentic: skirts flying and
flow, high cuts open legs. These dresses top
resembles a Greek chiton: sleeveless, soft build, deep
V-neckline, waist intercepted by a belt.

Luxurious silk dresses are often found in Emilio Pucci. AND
this time in the spirit of the gipsy collection are presented
several amazing models. Very feminine dress looks
with long, ankle-length skirt and sleeveless bodice
with a small collar-collar.

Fabric with abstract pattern in white and red colors attached
exotic touch. Another option is deliciously erotic: black
top on the straps with a deep cut and transparent inserts, Basca
and flowing, flared down long skirt with an abstract
ornament in black and yellow and gray tones.

No less spectacular scarlet patterned mini-dress with a V-shaped
neckline, also extended downwards. The sleeves with
long flying tails.

House Maison Martin Margiela included in the direct spring collection,
long silk dress with open shoulders and strapless,
intercepted at the waist in such a way that the belt is hidden
overhanging top. Silver lilac shade fabric
looks very gentle.

Another dress of the same color asymmetrically: one shoulder open
(on it only a thin strap), on the other hand – a narrow sleeve
three quarters ATерх платья украшен необычной драпировкой и легкими
ruffles, and the bottom is also asymmetrical: right is ankle-length, on the left
– to the knee.

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