Russian woman in the list of the most influential business womenof the world

Sat, Sep 24, 2016

And fortunately we are not talking about the wife of the former mayor Luzhkov
earned its billions by corruption and fled together
with her husband Alps from Russian justice.

In this case, the representative of a civilized Russian
business Olga Pleshakova, holding the post of general director
airline “Transaero”, entered the top 50 most influential
бизнес-леди of the world. Rating 2012 were representatives
Fortune magazine, Russian woman located in it in 49th place.

Similar achievements at the Russian representatives of the beautiful
in business, for example, from 2005 to 2008,
the coveted list was Gulzhan Moldazhanova – CEO
of Basic Element Holding, which specializes in
energy, engineering, mining metallurgy, financial,
construction and aviation industries.

Every year, Fortune Magazine makes two lists of influential
women, one of whom consists exclusively of American women, the second
— их представительниц остальных стран of the world.

In 2012, the leader of the list, in which the influential
business lady from all over the world, became the Brazilian Maria Das Gracas
Foster is the head of oil-producing Petrobras. Mary took
important post only this year, it is not surprising that her first name
listed in the ranking of the most successful. Cynthia Carroll – Head
British mining Aglo American, lost in 2012
palm, dropping from first to third position.
Westpac Australian Banking Corporation President Gail Kelly
proved to be more consistent, as in 2011, having stopped
one step away from the title of the most influential business woman in the world.

In the top 50 of Fortune magazine, the largest number of representatives
Britain, France, China, there are also women from Germany, Norway,
Holland, Switzerland, Romania, Singapore, India, Hong Kong,
Saudi Arabia, Israel, South Africa and Russia.

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