Running to burn fat

beg-dlya-szhiganiya-zhiraRunning for weight loss – extremely
popular type of workout. After all, you can conduct classes not only in
the gymnasium, putting the program on the track, but also in the nearest park,
outside the city or making circles around the perimeter of your own
nine-story buildings.

Running does not require additional equipment, special skills
and preparation; With rare exceptions, everyone can do it.

If you are determined to lose weight with jogging, you
you should know a few simple rules. By following them, your workouts
will become more effective, and those extra pounds will go away if not
instantly then quickly enough.

Please note that the advice given is to those who are using
running wants to lose weight rather than prepare, for example, for the annual
marathon. So, what is the correct running for burning

Running against fat: three rules for effective training

You do not need to be a mathematician to understand that the longer
workout, the more calories you burn. This, of course, so
but the human body is a much more complex system, so
it is worth while to forget the lessons of algebra and go to the physiology.

Rule one: run for a long time

Long-term workouts dramatically increase the metabolic rate,
allowing the body to burn fat, even after class.
It was experimentally proved that a long run, more than 90 minutes,
can affect your metabolism in such a way that fat will
burned in “automatic” mode for another week.

If you are not capable of an hour and a half “marathon”, increase
the duration of your classes from 30 to 45 minutes – your metabolism
will accelerate twice; and, being engaged 60 minutes, you “will accelerate” an exchange
substances fivefold.

Rule two: run fast

How intense are your workouts? You run on the track in
hall, park or stadium in the fresh air? Up the hill or even

How quickly depends on the listed parameters
your body will burn fat.

The most effective classes are:

  • running with obstacles;
  • sprint – when at a short distance you “lay out” at all
  • interval training.

Obstacle run and sprint are quite suitable for practicing on
outdoors, and interval training is more convenient to conduct on
track in the hall.

Their meaning is to alternate the speed of your run:
extremely high tempo-rest-again at a pace and so several times. TO
For example, after a five-minute warm-up at a speed of 5-7 km / h, you can
run 2-3 minutes very quickly (speed 13-15 km / h), after
allow yourself 2-3 minutes of rest (speed 6-8 km / h) and again 2-3
minutes at a pace. Total recommended to do from 4 to 7 sets.

Such a fat burning program improves considerably
metabolism: after its completion, the body continues actively
get rid of all the excess.

Even if you are accustomed to just run, once a week
spend one intensive lesson – in the hall or in the fresh air.
So you get the intended result much faster and, moreover,
develop endurance, which is useful to you in normal
of life.

Rule three: run often

TOак часто вы совершаете пробежку? Two to three classes per week
optimal for keeping fit, but not for fast
fat burning, especially if you exercise for a long time and your
the body is accustomed to certain loads.

TOак заставить его избавиться от лишнего? You should do this:
gradually increase the number of workouts, for example, by one
every 7-10 days. If you run 2 times a week now, start
run 3 and so on.

In conjunction with the previous (do not forget that one workout in
week you should make intensive), this rule will help you
lose weight in the most reasonable time.

Running to burn fat: индивидуальные программы

Now it’s time to move on to the run: you can choose one of
proposed training programs and start classes at your convenience

  • Program 1: interval running to burn fat – start
    workout at an easy pace, gradually increasing speed. TOогда
    you will find it difficult to talk – just try to pronounce
    out loud a couple of sentences, fix the indicator. It is convenient to do
    on the treadmill when the scoreboard is directly in front of you. Let’s say
    your speed was 10 km / h – this is the rate that will form the basis
    further studies. You need to perform 3 sets of running for 15 minutes,
    with a break of 2 minutes after each. 1 set – run with speed 10
    km / h (or how much did you get?)
  • Program 2: This training is suitable for those who can highlight
    lesson less than one hour. First, warm yourself well, after
    jog for half an hour. Then rest for 20 minutes, but
    not just sitting on the bench, but more actively: for example, do
    stretching exercises, and then again go to the 30-minute
    jogging. Why so? Because the first part of the workout
    removes fats into the bloodstream, and during the second part, their
    active burning.
  • Program 3: and again interval training – first
    warm yourself up, prepare your muscles for an intense run. it
    can be any exercise in pace or brisk walking uphill.
    After this, make the first set: run 30 seconds on your
    maximum speed, then rest for a minute and repeat
    intense set. Do at least 8 repetitions. Along with warm up
    such training takes no more than 20 minutes, but by effectiveness
    equal to the 45-minute run.

Do not stop – RUN!

If you are a beginner, start small: run at any pace. 2-3
once a week for 30-45 minutes, taking a break between classes is not
less than 24 hours. it поможет вам развить выносливость и дисциплину:
for burning fat is very important that the classes were regular.

Running elements or running can not be boring!

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