Royal color – what to wear maroonbag? –

When choosing burgundy accessories, you need to be prepared for what you
begin to be perceived as an unusual person and having the original
taste. For many, burgundy is retro color, but fashion designers
claim that burgundy can be very modern, the main thing
be able to properly combine it with things of other colors. If you
choose maroon bag, for example, then you definitely need
think carefully about your basic wardrobe.

What to wear burgundy bag?

The burgundy color is clearly not for everyone – there is only one type of women
which he goes without reservation. These are girls of “winter type” with
very light transparent skin with expressive dark eyes
with bright shine and dark hair (brunettes and dark brown-haired women).

Any burgundy accessory makes natural colors manifest with
new power and makes them even brighter. But in order to transform
started, you need to accessory located somewhere near the face,
therefore, a burgundy-colored handbag just needs to be supplemented
burgundy scarf, large bordeaux brooch or large flower
from the fabric of the same color.

Since burgundy color can not be called simple, then talk about it
it would be desirable, first of all, how about color for an evening dress. If a
your burgundy clutch literally drives you crazy with your texture, then
You can choose the outfit just for him: get a strict black
dress with bare shoulders, short, just above the knees. Put on under
black pantyhose, and throw a burgundy tippet on his shoulders or
a scarf a collar from the thinnest cashmere. We are sure that at the evening reception
there will be no one who would look more elegant than you!

  • If a носить шарфики – не ваш стиль, то можете смело дополнять
    Union black dress and burgundy handbag shoes burgundy or
    a belt of the same shade. Remember that texture is important – if the bag
    leather and accessories should be made of leather –
    a belt, a hoop in your hair or shoes, if the bag is made of cloth, then
    accessories must be textile.
  • With burgundy suede handbag will be very good
    Look velvet flowers, velvet scarf of the same shade
    velvet cap, maroon suede ankle boots, boots or
  • Refresh the burgundy color, which sometimes has not too
    positive shades, can things sand tones – against the background of sand
    a maroon dress, coat or trench coat, small handbag and
    burgundy scarf will look extremely impressive! On this principle
    contrast can be built combination of burgundy color with mustard,
    beige, green.
  • Since the burgundy color of the accessory often needs a “company”
    the same shade, then burgundy purse can be worn to the burgundy purse
    pantyhose, and even paint lips burgundy lipstick! But such options
    go only to very brave girls who have good taste and
    calculate the smallest details, from shade to the shape of the bag.

Since burgundy color itself can be tiring if its
too much, we would not recommend to prefer large
bags of this complex shade (well, except that a very stylish light
Bordeaux). Way it will be a small bag for each day or elegant
clutch without unnecessary jewelry. These things can be easily combined with
other accessories of this shade, without being afraid to overload the picture
dark tones, while large bags of this color are always
look rude.

Perhaps the most stylish option for a burgundy bag is
pure white dress or coat with a burgundy belt and burgundy lipstick.
Or another option – a white pea coat, white high boots,
burgundy bag and burgundy scarf. White color perfectly shade
impeccable complexion, burgundy scarf fill the eyes and radiance
strengthen the color of the lips and hair. Remember that dark-skinned burgundy color is not
Goes, he makes them older and is able to emphasize all wrinkles.

As you can see, it’s not so easy to choose with what to wear a maroon bag,
because this accessory often involves a cardinal change

с чем носить бордовую сумку?...

с чем носить бордовую сумку?...

с чем носить бордовую сумку?...

с чем носить бордовую сумку?...

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